Beautiful Cityscapes – A Snow Day in Prague

A snow day in Prague

While it’s a gorgeous city all year round there is something truly special about a snow day in Prague. “With luck, it might even snow for us”, says Haruki Murakami in his book . Was he talking about Prague? Probably. Because if you ARE lucky, it will snow when you visit the City of a Hundred Spires…. Read More

6 Incredible Countries You Need to Visit in 2017

top travel destinations 2017

Are you planning to travel in 2017 but haven’t yet decided where to go? Let us help! In the past three years we have traveled through 30 countries on 4 continents. And you know what? We have enjoyed virtually every minute of our travels, in all 30 countries. Each place we visited left a distinct impression on us,… Read More

Why You Should Definitely Consider Traveling in Off-Season

Less Crowds in off season

Want to know what makes off-season travel a great idea? There are a lot of ways to make travel cheaper. We have written a whole slew of budget travel articles to help you get the most bang out of your travel budget buck, but one of the absolute best ways to save money while traveling is to… Read More

Tips for Riding the New York City Subway System

Home to one of the largest subway system in the world, New York City has its own set of rules even when it comes to public transportation. The subway is, almost always, the fastest and most efficient way of getting around New York City. Eight hundred and forty-two miles of tracks, carrying millions of people… Read More

Historic Highlands – The UNESCO Sites of Vysočina

UNESCO Sites of Vysocina Czech Republic

A tantalizing mix of history, culture, and natural beauty await in the Vysočina region of the Czech Republic. The rolling hills of Vysočina, which means highlands in Czech, are dotted with forests and ponds; peppered with charming towns and verdant fields of grass and wheat. The region epitomizes the essence of the word idyllic. Scattered into the… Read More

The Most Unusual Countries for Skiing Holidays

Ski resorts

When you think of booking a skiing holiday, you probably automatically think of destinations like Austria, Switzerland and France. Or you might opt to holiday at home and head for a Scottish resort. But why not consider one of the more unusual countries with skiing facilities? These have the benefits of being less crowded, cheaper… Read More

The One Thing All Female Travelers Should Pack, Period!

What Every Female Traveler Should Pack

I vividly remember the day I realized being a female traveler is very, very different than being a male traveler. It was a few months after we left NYC and were traveling around Central America. We were in a tiny surf town called El Tunco in El Salvador when the chocolate cravings, light cramping, and what I can only describe… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hostels in Brussels

Looking for the best hostels in Brussels? Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is filled to the brim with beautiful architecture, trendy cafes, tasty restaurants, quirky shops, excellent bars, and of course stellar beer. Finding reasons to visit Brussels takes almost no effort at all and you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy the time you spend… Read More