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THe best hostels around the world

Finding a great hostel in an uncommon destination is every budget traveler’s dream come true.

All travelers love undiscovered destinations, right?! Once you have seen all the big cities like New York City, Paris, Tokyo, or the wonders of Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu the tireless traveler begins to looks for more unique and off the beaten path destinations to explore.

We sure do, which is why we’re writing this list of great off the beaten path destinations. And the fabulous hostels found therein.

We are Anna & Matt, the girl and guy behind HostelGeeks, an independent travel brand putting together the worlds most amazing hostels; the 5 Star Hostels. We are not a booking site, merely a gateway to help you discover unique and outstanding hostels all around the world.We teamed up with our friends from Just a Pack to give you some inspiration to visit lesser known or uncommon destinations that also contain awesome hostels. We have stayed in each of the hostels described below, and absolutely loved them.

Hopefully these destinations might even make it on to your bucket list.

Safe travels!

Mountain Hostel Tarter – The Best Hostel in Andorra


Andorra, ladies and gentlemen! Have you ever heard of it?

We wouldn’t blame you if you have not. Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, tucked snuggly in between France and Spain. Andorra might be tiny, but it has its very own 5 Star Hostel. Surrounded by endless green, white, and rocky nature, Mountain Hostel Tarter is the perfect place for the active traveler seeking to explore a criminally under-visited country.

In summer you can hit up Andorra for all sorts of outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing and cycling. And, you know it, the winter time is for snowboarding, skiing, and lazing out n front of a fireplace with a book and a glass of fine French wine.

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Superbude – The Best Hostel in Hamburg


Traveling to Germany? This means Berlin, for sure. Or Munich…for Oktoberfest! Up in the north, you will find the hip city of Hamburg. Hamburg, luckily enough for all of us who visit it, is home to Superbude St. Pauli hostel.

If you want to get an idea of the German lifestyle, then THIS is THE hostel you need to stay in when visiting Hamburg! The hostel really cares about providing its guest with interactive local experiences. They organize endless cool activities. For instance, when was the last time you listened to an acoustic concert whilst enjoying breakfast? Speaking of breakfast: real Nutella and waffles are waiting for you!

We_Bologna – The  Best Hostel in Bologna


We bet you have heard of Bologna as a city, right!? Although the city is quite known by name, not many travelers decide to stop here.

Bologna has a bit of a middle child complex. Located between the two tourist hot-spots of Venice and Florence, it is difficult for Bologna to shine through and compete with its more popular siblings.

Let us tell you something. Ready? Ok, here goes. Bologna is stunning! It’s also a foodie traveler’s paradise, with more places you can stuff delicious food into your face than we could count. And it’s loaded with cool things to explore, without the touristic hustle that inflicts some other Italian cities.

The We_Bologna Hostel is located right outside the center and near the main station. A beautiful oasis to slow down after a day exploring Bologna.

Montacute – The Best Hostel in Tasmania


Heart-shaped Tasmania is a beautiful destination most Europeans may have heard of, but do they actually visit? Australia’s main continent is easier to travel around. However, we highly recommend heading over to Tasmania. You can stay in Hobart at Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse, a boutique hostel with a heart of gold.

The coolest part about the hostel is its dynamic ambiance. No fixed events are actually planned out. The guests and owners enjoy spontaneity and often arrange some BBQs and get-togethers!

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Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof – The Best Hostel in Interlaken


Come on couch-potato – Interlaken will get your heart racing! The sports people around us know this village for sure. This tiny village in the heart of Switzerland is the European sports capital. You can do basically every adventure activity you can think of here.

The Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof is the place to stay at in Interlaken. A super friendly hostel for the tranquil traveler looking for the extra adrenaline-kick during the day.

Fun Fact: Every single one in the team actually did the sports activities in person. If you don’t know which sport you wanna try out, just ask someone from the team!

Happynest Hostel – The Best Hostel in Chiang Rai


Also located in the far north of Thailand is Chiang Rai. If you have heard of Chiang Rai is is probably because you have seen photos of the incredible White Temple found in the city. This stunning temple defies all words, and simply MUST be seen in person

Most travelers make a crucial mistake when popping by: they don’t stay overnight. Good for you, good for us. They miss out on an authentic Thai city with one of the most awesome Hostels in the world; the Happynest Hostel. It takes just one glance to fall in love.

CUBE Hostel – The Best Hostel in Leuven


Everybody knows Brussels and Bruges in Belgium. Ever heard of Leuven? It is only a few km away from Brussels, and it is a fantastic European hidden gem. When around, you should stop by for a night or two. The CUBE Hostel is well-known for its chill-out vibes.


Ani & Haakien – The Best Hostel in Rotterdam


RotterBAM! Sorry, we just had to. Rotterdam is a super cool destination for every hipster-lover and architect student. The city has the biggest port in Europe, and this reflects to the local art and design scene.

In Rotterdam, you can check out Ani&Haakien Hostel. The only 5 Star Hostel in town comes with a quirky, cool Character, lush green garden, and a cat. The cat has the coolest name ever: Suzy La Cubanita! (you can find her on Instagram with her own tag #suzylacubanita)

Hello I’m Local – The Best Hostel in Haarlem


No, we are not talking about New York City.

The less famous “Harlem” Haarlem is a small town next to uber popular Amsterdam. In Haarlem is as Dutch as a hostel can be. In fact, it is the “most local boutique hostel in the world”.

Hello I’m Local boasts a gorgeous boutique design. Putting the design aside the unique authentic character of the hostel is the tip of the iceberg! The entire establishment has a bit of an ironic humor to it, which we love. If you are looking for the best hostel in Haarlem, look no further.

Seagulls Garret –  The Best Hostel in Riga


Have you ever considered Riga as a travel destination? You should! Whether it is summer or winter, we think it is a great city to spend a few days in. The Seagulls Garret Hostel has one of the very few roof top terraces in the city, as well as an in-house bar and plenty of common areas.

With Inn – The Best Hostel in Kaohsiung


The biggest industrial city in Taiwan, and absolutely worth it to stop by!

The With Inn Hostel is a super small hostel with a big heart. Explore the new Kaohsiung City which has been going through a lot of reconstruction to open up for the world. Coming back home to WithInn Hostel, you can join cool events such as cook with fellow guests, and share dishes taiwan tapas-style.

Paradise Beach – The Best Hostel in Ischia


What can we say about Ischia, you ask? Ischia is the island located in front of Naples, Italy. It’s pretty much a  small slice of paradise. Take a bike, ride around and enjoy this cool Mediterranean island. The food on the island is amazing, so you’ll need to peddle around to keep your belly from ballooning!

The best hostel in Ischia, and the one we totally recommend staying in, is Paradise Beach Backpackers. It’s a gorgeous hostel that is an ideal place to crash for a few days for the social traveler. With plenty of common space around the pool chatting up fellow backpackers and budget travelers is as easy as can be. The gorgeous views from the terrace are certainly easy on the eyes as well.

So visit Ischia for the island vibes, views, and cuisine, and when you do stay in Paradise Beach Backpackers!

Backstay – The Best Hostel in Ghent


Over the past few years, Ghent in Belgium has established itself as the new hipster capital of Europe. Ghent lays a bit off the beaten path in Belgium, and is less touristic. The city oozes a cozy vibe, but it is only a matter of time before this hidden gem starts attracting tourists en masse.

In Ghent you can stay at Backstay Hostel, the so-called newspaper hostel. Their house has a colorful history as the former editorial offices of a local newspaper. Each room is named after an international newspaper. So, what do you pick? Zeit Online, The Guardian, or better the New York Times?

Explore the World, One Hostel at a Time

So there you guys have it. Thirteen fabulous hostels in thirteen unique destinations. The world is absolutely filled with beauty, crammed with interesting places to explore.  And with each passing year there are more cool hostels to make exploring those places more affordable, more enlightening, and more fun.

Do you know any awesome hostels in an uncommon destination? Please do share! We would love to hear from you!

Anna & Matt

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