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The Best Prague Cafes – Caffeinated For a Cause

Looking for a cup of socially conscious coffee in one of the best cafes in Prague?

Really good coffee is becoming easier to find in Prague these days, but what about coffee supporting a good cause?

When it comes to being socially and environmentally conscious, no amount of chic decor or whimsical foam art, no matter how intriguing, will do the trick (though we have to admit we like those things too). To make it in this article, a cafe has to offer the perfect trio: great coffee, an inviting atmosphere, and a positive social and/or environmental impact.

Fortunately Prague is home to loads of cafes run by social organizations and non-profits, offering employment opportunities to disadvantaged groups of people and raising awareness about social and environmental issues.

So, next time you’re in Prague and want to use your caffeine break to give a little boost to society, here’s where to go.

Here are the best Prague cafes with a Social and Eco Conscious

Best cafes in prague

Kavarna Mezi Radky (Cafe between the lines)

Kavarna Mezi Radky, located just a few tram stops from the center, is a cozy cafe that’s part of a project offering vocational training and employment for people with disabilities. The non-profit behind the cafe also operates a Czech-based fairtrade and organic coffee roaster called Fair Bio Pražírna, employing people with disabilities.

Stacked from ceiling to floor with books, this cafe is a perfect place for working, reading or meeting friends while supporting a good cause.

Location: Štefánikova 40, Prague 5 (near the Arbesovo Namesti tram stop)

Cafe in the Skautsky Institut (Czech Scouts Institute)

Skaut Institut Cafe in Prague
PC: Jan Volejníček

Hidden just a few steps from Prague’s famous Astronomical clock, on Male Namesti, is the Czech Scouts Institute, including its cute cafe. Founded in 1999, the Czech Scouts Institute organizes a variety of cultural and educational events, aimed to help young people build pro-social and self-sufficiency skills.

Location: Staroměstské nám. 1, Prague 1 (between the astronomical clock and Male namesti)

Cafe Cesta Domů (Cafe Way Home)

best eco-friendly cafes in prague
PC: Magdaléna Junger

Hidden on a side street not far from Namesti Republiky square, Cafe Cesta Domů is operated by the non-profit organization Cesta Domu, which works to improve quality of care for the terminally ill and dying in the Czech Republic.

The cafe serves coffee from local fairtrade and organic roaster Fair Bio Pražírna as well as quiches and soups, always with an option for vegetarians. The space is also often used to host cultural and awareness-raising events.

Location: Soukenická 15, Prague 1

Tichá Kavárna (Silent café)

Silent Cafe offers employment to those who are hard of hearing, though all are welcome. Bakers with hearing impairment prepare delicious cafes, pies and quiches every day. The space is also used for cultural and educational events, including exhibitions from deaf artists.

Location: Burešova 12, Prague 8 (near metro station Ladvi, on the Red Line)

Cafe na Pul Cesty (Halfway Cafe)

Cafe na pul cesty provides job and social skills training for people suffering from mental illness. You can even order a “coffee with purpose,” the proceeds of which will be donated to projects supporting the rehabilitation of people with schizophrenia.

The cafe is run by the Czech organization Green Doors, which operates a number of projects offering social rehabilitation to people with mental illness.

Location: Central park in Pankrac, Prague 4 (not far from the Pankrac metro stop, on the red line)

Cafe Therapy

This old-school cafe near to Wenceslas Square supports recovering addicts. Profits of the business are donated to SANANIM, an NGO working in the area of the prevention, treatment and re-socialization of addicts.

With a standard Czech menu, it’s a good place to try a vegetarian beer snack such as pickled hermelin or fried cheese, along with some local beer, of course.

Location: Školská 30, Prague 1 (near the Vodickova tram stop, or the Mustek central metro station)

Garden Cafe Taussig

Not only does it have a central location and nice area for outdoor seating in the warmer months, Garden Cafe Taussig also provides employment and training for people with mental disabilities. The menu consists of a range of basic beverages and snacks, making it a good spot to rest and refresh after a hard day of sightseeing.

Location: Vlašská 25, Prague 1 (near the Nemocnicem pod Petrinem bus stop, or a hop, skip and uphill walk from Malostranske Namesti)

Cafe Martin

With two locations, one in Karlin and one in Zizkov, Cafe Martin is one of the projects of the Martin Center, a non-profit organization that provides vocational training and employment for young people with disabilities. The cafe serves coffee from the organization’s own roastery, Prazirna Drahonice, as well as ceramics from their pottery workshop.

Location: Sokolovská 29, Prague 8 (Karlin, near the Krizikova tram stop) OR Lupáčova 10, Prague 3 (Zizkov, near the Lipanska tram stop)

Cafe Dismas

Cafe Dismas is a centrally located cafe serving fairtrade snacks and drinks and employing people with a criminal record in order to give them the opportunity to positively reintegrate into society. Their slogan is “cafe without prejudices,” which says it all.

Location: Růžová 8, Prague 1 (near the Jindrisska or Hlavni Nadrazi tram stops)

Jídelna Kuchařek bez Domova (Cooks without a home)

Cooks Without a Home is a vegan cafe offers employment for homeless women. The cafe was newly opened in 2017 by the local non-profit organization Jako Doma, whose mission includes addressing violence against women, breaking stigmas against the homeless and creating a support system for homeless women.

In addition to its social mission, the cafe also has an inviting upcycled/vintage interior and further fights waste by cooking with vegetables that would not otherwise be sold due to their less-than-perfect appearance.

Location: Brožíkova 6, Prague 5 (right by the U Zvonu tram stop)

Langhans Cafe

Langhans Cafe is located in the Langhans center, which is run by the non-profit organization People in Need. The center is the location of numerous lectures, workshops, screening, exhibitions and other events organized by non-profits, covering a variety of humanitarian and environmental topics. The cafe serves fairtrade coffee and has a lovely hidden inner courtyard in which to sip on your socially conscious beverage en plein air.

Location: Vodičkova 37, Prague 1 (near the Vaclavske Namesti tram stop and the Mustek central metro station)

Cat Cafe Social Point

cat cafe in prague

In case the name doesn’t give it away, let us explain. Cat Cafe Social Point seeks to offer a place of refuge for cats, as well as for anyone needing to shut off from technology for a while–with the help of feline friends. The cafe charges 99 Kč per hour and 1 Kč per minute thereafter, offering unlimited coffee, tea and snacks. And couldn’t we all use a little cat therapy?

Location: Gorazdova 20, Prague 2 (near the Jiraskovo Namesti tram stop)

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best eco-friendly cafes in Prague

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