Botswana Travel Guide

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Africa. It’s the one continent we have yet to visit.

Africa has LONG been on our list. From Ethiopia to Egypt, from Botswana to Madagascar, and all the places in between…we plan on seeing it all one day soon.

When we DO finally visit amazing Africa, Botswana and it’s incredible landscapes and beautiful wildlife will be top on our list of destinations. We teamed up with Wexas to bring you guys a small taste of what Botswana has to offer. Enjoy!

What to See

Nobody visits Botswana without seeing some of the fantastic wildlife the country has to offer. Chobe National Park is a must visit that is home to hundreds of elephants along with gazelle, giraffe and many more exotic creatures. Cruises can be taken down the Chobe River that runs through the park to come into close contact with hippos and crocodiles.

You can make it part of the trip or base your visit to Botswana around it with a safari holiday from Wexas. The country is home to other fantastic wild spaces such as the Moremi Game Reserve and the beautiful Kubu Island in the desert region of the Makgadikgadi Pans.

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What to Do

Take a paddle down the Okavango Delta in a canoe as lions and leopards roar in the background. Not just a flat river, it rises and falls as it weaves its way through the landlocked country. The Nata Bird Reserve and Khama Rhino Sanctuary are worth visiting to get as close as possible to such animals.

Visit Gaborone to take care of your cultural needs with the Three Chiefs’ statue and unique Christ the King Cathedral. ISKCON Gaborone is a spiritual Hindu temple open to visitors who can view the splendid décor and/or take part in the daily prayers held there.

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Where to Stay

From traditional wooden huts and tents in the safari camps to luxurious hotels in the cities, Botswana has appropriate accommodation options for every traveler. Benefit from air conditioning with hotels in Gaborone, Francistown and other cities or get back to nature with a lodge out in the wild spaces.

Many budget guest houses can be found across the nation for those travelling on the cheap, which are ideal if you’re exploring a lot of the country. Even in some of the hottest desert regions one or two places of accommodation are dotted around.

Food and Drink

The majority of Botswanan dishes are based around meat and maize, with the main meal usually eaten around midday. Seswaa is the country’s national dish which is a thick meat stew with onion and pepper served over thick polenta or pap.

Goat meat is also popular, often in a stew or braai style (barbeque). Morogo is a vegetarian side dish consisting of three dark green leafy vegetables sometimes known as African spinach. It is full of protein, vitamin A and C too. You’ll never go hungry whatever your diet when travelling around Botswana.

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Note: Big thanks to Wexas for collaborating on this post with us.