The Best Hostels in Split – Croatia on a Budget

things to do in split croatia

Are you traveling Croatia on a budget and looking for the best hostels in Split? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for a gorgeous city in Croatia to sweep you off your feet, you might want to consider visiting Split. We spent a month living in this fantastic city, and we can… Read More

The Best Hostels in Stockholm – Explore on a Budget

the best hostels in Stockholm

While it contains a ton of budget options for travelers, finding the best hostels in Stockholm can be a challenge. Its extraordinarily beautiful setting on 14 islands and the stunningly warm northern light makes Stockholm a pearl among the other cities of the Scandinavian peninsula. One of the characteristics of Nordic countries are high prices so without… Read More

The Best Hostels in Brussels – An Ultimate Guide

best hostels in brussels

Looking for the best hostels in Brussels? We’ve got you covered! Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is filled to the brim with beautiful architecture, trendy cafes, tasty restaurants, quirky shops, excellent bars, and of course stellar beer. Finding reasons to visit Brussels takes almost no effort at all and you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy… Read More

The Best Hostels in Leipzig – Explore Germany on a Budget

best budget hostels in Leipzig

Looking for the best hostels in Leipzig? We’ve got you covered! Leipzig is the biggest city in the Saxony region of Germany. It has been hailed as the “New Berlin” due to the mass movement of many of Berlin’s displaced young people – which has brought a creative and youthful vibrancy to this historic city…. Read More

The Best Hostels in London – Explore London on a Budget

Looking for the best hostels in London? We’ve got you covered! London is one of the most visited cities in the entire world. Stuffed to the gills with history, notable landmarks, culture, and the arts there is a virtually endless amount of things to do in London. And an endless amount of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts,… Read More

The Best Hostels in Krakow – Explore Poland on a Budget

Krakow Wawel Castle Entrance

Looking for the very best hostels in Krakow? Poland is known for its vibrant and cheap nightlife and Krakow is no exception. Despite being the second largest city, it is visited by far more tourists than the capital Warsaw. A wonderfully preserved historical center, amazing culture, and its proximity to the infamous Nazi concentration camp… Read More

The Best Hostels in Amsterdam – Amsterdam on a Budget

Best hostels in amsterdam

Are you looking for the best hostels in Amsterdam? We’ve got you covered! Amsterdam is bustling with visitors these days making it the 5th most visited city in Europe. Lured by picturesque canals, numerous cafes (serving tea, coffee and other herbal remedies), the Red Light District, and the promise of a vibrant nightlife the city… Read More

The Best Hostels in Edinburgh – Scotland on a Budget

Edinburgh Scotland Hostels

Are you looking for the best hostels in Edinburgh? We’re here to help! Each year Scotland is getting more and more popular among travelers and its capital, Edinburgh, is definitely one of the reasons. Thankfully a budget traveler can stay in one of the best hostels in Edinburgh. Cobbled streets looking like they came straight… Read More

The Best Hostels in Ljubljana – Explore Slovenia on a Budget

Ljubljana Caste - Best hostels in Ljubljana Slovenia

Are you looking for the absolute best hostels in Ljubljana Slovenia? You’ve come to the right place. Ljubljana [pronounced: lyoo-BLYAH-nah] is the the capital of Slovenia, a country that should be on everyone’s list of European destinations. Slovenia is dope, y’all. And often overlooked, which is quite unfortunate. Anyone who loves verdant natural beauty will… Read More

The Best Hostels in Madrid – Explore Spain on a Budget

best hostels in madrid

Are you looking for the best hostels in Madrid? You’ve come to the right place. Madrid, Spain’s heavily visited capital, is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. Art, culture, siestas, tapas, wine, and parties are some of the most common words associated with the life of Madrileños (people who live in Madrid). In fact, Hemingway… Read More