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From: I was born in Venezuela, I was raised in Mexico City, my mother was from Lebanon, so I’m not pretty sure where I am from.
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Playa del Carmen
Occupation: Waiter, Barman, Graphic Designer

The world is so vast, so big that I need to know everything.

Where are you from?  I was born in Venezuela, I was raised in Mexico City, my mother was from Lebanon, so I’m not pretty sure where I am from.

And you live here (Play del Carmen) now?  Yes, I’ve been here two years.What is your occupation?  Waiter, barman, everything else.  Well, I design a little.  My girlfriend is a graphic designer so I help her.

What is your next travel plan?  I am saving money to go to Europe, I want to go to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, all the Eastern Europe, I want to go there.

For how long?  Well I hope one year, six months, six months is fine but I want to go for one year.

And you’re working for how long to save up?  One year.  Yeah, I work one year, I travel another year.

And you travel backpacking style? Yes

Do you prefer that style? Yeah

How come? Cause I hate the all inclusive, you just don’t know the truth about the country.  You only know the pretty things, the beautiful things and you don’t know the true people of the towns.

Have you done a lot of backpacking?  Well, just once in South America.

Where?  I went from Beliz to Bolivia.  I wanted to go to Argentina, but it was too much money, I ran out of money.

How long was the trip? Six months

What made you want to travel in the first place?  Well, I think one place is so tiny for people.  The world is so vast, so big that I need to know everything, I want to know everything.  Meet people and hear their stories, they have a lot of stories, really interesting stories.  I want to know them all and write a book about all my travels.

So people are very important?  Yeah, well I think meeting new people is good.  For the future, if I meet new people it can help for the future.   If I meet someone in South America and he is from Russia and I want to go to Russia I can visit him.

What are your impressions of Playa del Carmen?  That it is dying.  I love Playa del Carmen.  I have been here for 7 years.  It is a beautiful town but all the all inclusive resorts, the new malls, they are closing beautiful streets.  There is no handcraft anymore, it’s more industries.  It is more for the rich people who spend a lot of money and don’t spend the money in the little restaurants and the little stores.  They want to spend all the money in the all inclusives.

On your last trip, what was your daily budget?  I don’t know, well in pesos, I spent like 500 pesos per day eating and hostels and traveling, it’s less than $50 a day.

Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?  There’s a lot.  I can say Palenque in Chiapas, here in Mexico, it’s beautiful.  San Cristóbal as well, the Atacama desert, is simply fantastic.  I will stay with Palenque though in Chiapas, it’s magical.  There’s ruins there but when you enter Palenque it’s a tiny town, they live for tourism but there’s like a different atmosphere there, you can feel the vibe, it’s pretty cool.

Do you know what your budget will be for your Eastern Europe trip?  I don’t know because I was told that it’s cheap in Eastern Europe but I don’t know.  Maybe $100 per day.  I don’t know because like Prague, it’s expensive but there is Romania and other countries that is not that expensive so I don’t know my average budget per day.

How many shirts do you typically pack?  Like 5 or 6.  I do laundry once a week.

Any advice to people who want to backpack and haven’t yet?  To go chasing his dream and the world is very big and there is so much to know.

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