Travelers of the World – Enda


From: Ireland/New York
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Cozumel
Occupation: Building Shit

I’m available.

Where are you going on this trip? I’m here in Cozumel going to Tulum then back to New York.

How long is your trip? It is just under a week, 6 days.
What made you want to take this trip? The weather in New York

​What are your impressions of the town, the country? So far so good. I’m pleasantly surprised by Mexico.

How so? Well here in this state, there’s no cartels that I can see, there’s no violence. Compared to what else is going on in mexico, this place is lovely.

What do you think about the other travelers here? There’s not a huge amount, a lot of people from cruise ships but travelers on Cozumel are very low key, yeah everyone seems fine.

What is your favorite experience so far on this trip? Umh, here in Cozumel, I’d say the people I’ve met and the scuba diving was good better than other places.  Yes, the scuba was particularly good as far as what to see and the visibility.

What is the least desirable experience you’ve had on this trip, that you want to talk about? My moped breaking down and getting scorched in the sun waiting for help.

What is your favorite place you’ve ever visited? Thailand but I wouldn’t go back there.

Why not? Because the second time I went I didn’t like it as much but the first time I went it was very charming.

Why did you like it the first time? Because it was charming and new to me and the second time it was crazy.

Sounds like there is a story there. Yeah there is a big story there.  Guatemala is nice.  It is Mundo Maya, mostly indigenous mayan people and the people are nice and sweet.

Sounds like people are important to you. Yeah it is, people are important.

Anything else we should know? I’m available.

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