We are looking for writers and photographers to join the Just a Pack team!

Hello there intrepid reader!

Do you have a travel story you have been dying to write about and publish? Do you consider yourself an expert in a given location? Have you ever wanted to write a guide to your neighborhood, city, or country? Do you want to learn how to become a travel writer?

Since you are here, we have an inkling that the answer to at least one of the above questions is a resounding “YES”  If so, we want to work with you!

Join the Just a Pack Team

Over the next few months we will be accepting original and exciting article submissions from you, our readers. We will publish the best of the submissions we receive, and if we are blown away by your work we will ask you to join our team long term!

We have long desired to create a space on the Internet where people can share all their travel stories and travel tips, beyond what we can personally offer. Now that Just a Pack has become one of the leading travel blogs in the United States we can finally make that dream a reality.

And by doing so we can help you make your dreams of travel writing more than just dreams as well.

What We Are Looking For in a Team Member

Inspired writers who are fluent in English.

People with a great travel story they want to share with the world. We are looking for inspirational content with substance, and like to avoid click-bait and negative articles.

People who can write a guide to a location they consider themselves experts in. Size does not matter here. You can write about a hiking trail, a tiny village, bustling city, or even an entire country! 

Talented photographers who want to tell stories and showcase locations using images or video.

Original content that has not been published anywhere else on the internet, or in print.

Once we have established a working relationship with you and published a couple of your articles we are very open to having you join our team. You can even earn money while working with us long term. We can potentially send you on press trips that we ourselves can not attend, and work with you to get reduced (or free) hotel stays and tours in locations you will be visiting and writing about for Just a Pack. 

Sound good? We’re excited to hear from you all.  Let’s get started by completing the below form. Yeah, we know. Forms kinda suck. But this one is pretty short!

Cheers guys, looking forward to your submissions!

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