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LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

Water bottles are extremely pervasive nowadays. We are in our thirties so we remember a time when bottled water wasn’t, quite literally, everywhere. That changed sometime in the 90’s, when bottled water became trendy, and water bottle sales have quadrupled since then. An estimated 200 BILLION water bottles are consumed world wide, ANNUALLY. That’s 200 billion plastic containers going in the garbage. The waste is incredible to think about, and is especially troublesome in “developing” countries that have little or no recycling programs in place to deal with the empty bottles.

We’re always looking for ways to cut down on the waste we create while traveling. We have found that carrying a reusable water bottle is a great way to stay eco-friendly when we travel.

However, in many places in the world the tap water supply isn’t suitable for drinking, which forced us to purchase heaps of bottled water. We never felt great about it, and looked for solutions. Iodine pills are decent, but make the water taste awful. Steripens are an interesting solution, but require batteries.

Enter the LifeStraw Go water bottle.

We’ve long been fans of LifeStraw’s water filter, and have carried one with us in case of an emergency since we first set out to travel a few years ago. Thus, when we started researching options for a water bottle that could provide us with clean water no matter where we traveled to in the world, we were thrilled to come across the LifeStraw Go water bottle. And let us tell you, it lived up to expectations.

The LifeStraw bottle is small and portable despite the large filter inside. It’s also super easy to use, refill, and clean. The stylishly designed bottle comes with a handy carabiner allowing it to be clipped on a backpack or bag with ease.

Eco-friendly, practical, and portable the bottle quickly became one of a (small) handful of items we won’t travel without.

LifeStraw Go: Clean Water for Travelers

The LifeStraw Go water bottle, which is made from BPA-free food grade plastic, comes with a replaceable LifeStraw filter. The filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.9% of protozoa, is chemical free, and can filter up to 264 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. That’s enough to filter all of your drinking water for an entire year!

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LifeStraw Go: Not Just for Hiking

LifeStraw products are well known as excellent hiking accessories. What we appreciate the most about the LifeStraw Go water bottle is that can be used anywhere. We’ve taken ours while hiking in Bohemian Switzerland, when out and about in Prague, and on a weekend trip to Pilsen. No matter where our travels take us, we’ll bring along our LifeStraw Go bottles.

LifeStraw: Helping Developing Communities

LifeStraw’s motto is “We make contaminated water safe to drink.”. They do this not only with their products, but also with their Giving Back project.

Thank you to WaterNLife for providing us with LifeStraw Go bottles to test for this review. As always, views expressed are 100% our own.

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