Just a Pack gives travelers all the tools they need to be informed, save money, and travel smarter. From finding the best accommodations, to the top things to do in a location, to how to travel responsibly, this website is devoted to helping travelers travel smarter.

We create “evergreen” content (content which stays relevant for years to come) by ensuring that the articles we post have quality SEO. We promote our articles for many months after publication ensuring continuously fresh social media engagement.

Who Are We?

We’re Randi and Michael, two friends from NYC who decided to embark on a multi-year journey throughout Central America, Europe, and Asia in the beginning of 2014. Now, over 40+ countries later, we live to share our travel experiences with you!

We’re both destination marketing experts with 17 years of combined experience in social media, marketing, photography, and writing. Randi’s writing has been published in The Huffington Post and Marie Claire. Michael has a long history in New York City journalism having been a writer for the Queens Tribune and having worked as a production manager for the New York Post. Click here to read more about us, how we met, and why we started traveling together.

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We are devoted to inspiring friends and strangers alike to travel smarter and give them the information and tools to do so.

Just a Pack believes in responsible travel and is dedicated to promoting organizations and efforts around the globe that are committed to giving back and making a difference in their local communities.

If you are looking to promote these topics we would love to work with you. Just send us a message here.

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I’ve worked with Randi and Michael from Just a Pack for several months during their trip to the Czech Republic which turned into a long-term residency in Prague. Although we never gave a definition to our DMO-blogger relationship, now when looking back, I have to say that they were true social media travel ambassadors of the Czech Republic for the whole duration of their stay and beyond.

Randi and Micheal diligently worked with us on several blogger trips, Twitter chats and Instagram takeoevers and always delivered impressive results. Randi’s writing and Michael’s photography skills create powerful storytelling combination and I can nothing but highly recommend them to any destination marketer.

Jiri Duzar, Director CzechTourism USA & Canada

Working with Just a Pack was an absolute pleasure for both myself as a PR-coordinator and for Malmö Tourism all together. The dialogue we have held has been so easy and open minded from beginning to end and very professional.

They met and exceeded our expectations of delivery and we are so excited about the result. Welcome back to Malmö anytime!

malmo city tourism logo
Petra Amri Holmqvist - PR Coordinator, MALMO STAD

We operate a small walking tour organization based in Bucharest, Romania. About one month ago we were contacted by Michael and Randi, from Just A Pack with a mutually beneficial proposition.

We could not have made a better choice. At all times, they were very professional, friendly and accommodating. Moreover, because of their reach in the travel blogger community, we now constantly get requests from travel writers and Bucharest is getting way more attention, both online and on the ground. Which is a great way to market the destination and our services with minimum budget.

But what I was really impressed by, was how well they understood the city and how well they were able to communicated its spirit. This is not some Lonely Planet, run-of-the-mill, same-same-but-different tourist information, but a truthful and honest perspective of Bucharest.

As I told Randi and Michael, by the time they left, they had become Bucharestians.

Interesting Times Bureau
Doru Raduta, Owner - Interesting Times Bureau, Bucharest

We have worked with Just a Pack with great results on a number of campaigns for Mad Monkey Hostels. In particular, we have been impressed with the reach and engagement when working with them for featured posts and competitions, many of which have proven to show up within Google results near the top within a couple of days.

I would highly recommend that any property consider working with Just a Pack.

Mad Monkey Hostels, Cambodia
Steve Vaile, Owner - Mad Monkey Hostels, Cambodia

Randi and Michael opened the door to the international blogging community for us. To partner with them was a key decision in order to boost a fresh new travel agency. They helped Northern Hikes understand all the key aspects of work with on-line influencers and thus enabled us to gain a significant margin against competitors selling the same service but using more traditional promotion strategies.

Thanks to Just a Pack we are able to reach new bloggers on a regular basis, judge the value of each new deal and benefit from more exposure in the community of travelers. They simply showed us the effective way of current travel marketing. This directly saved us money which we would probably have wasted for not so effective campaigns. And the best thing? It's like talking to a friend who knows both travels and business.

northern hikes
Vit Slezak, Director - Northern Hikes, Czech Republic

We are very happy to have hosted Michael and Randi of Just a Pack and Veggie Visa on the Trail of the Cathars (Camí dels Bons Homes), and to have worked with them! Their motivation for hiking, the history of the Cathars, and their way of seeing life made us connect very quickly.

The articles resulting from their five day hike in the the Pyrenees are attractive, fresh, and full of historical rigor! Their dynamism on social networks and posting about the Route of the Cathars in Spain, especially for the English-speaking public, has given us good results!

From the Camí dels Bons Homes Regulatory Counsel we recommend Just a Pack and Veggie Visa for their dedication, professionalism and dynamism!

Cami dels Bons Homes
Karina Behar Murillas - Cami dels Bons Homes Regulatory Counsel, Spain

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