Travelers of the World – Michael


From: Brooklyn
When We Met: Feb 2014
Where We Met: Cozumel
Occupation: Amateur Human

I always wanted to be Indiana Jones as a kid, so I had to step up my game…so to speak.

Where are you going on this trip? Hopefully from Mexico to Argentina or Antarctica via bus and boat.

How long are you traveling for? Forever. Or a year. Which ever comes first.

What made you want to travel? I woke up one morning and realized I had seen absolutely nothing in the world, other than a few places in the States. I always wanted to be Indiana Jones as a kid, so i had to step up my game…so to speak.

Why did you want to take this trip? I’m addicted. A year on the road is a dream come true.

What is your favorite experience on this trip? The amazing beauty of the beaches and the ocean thus far.

What is the least desirable experience on this trip? Staying in Cancun for two days. Fuck Cancun.

What are your impressions of the town/people/country? Cozumel is a lovely little island, mostly peaceful. I’m really enjoying Mexico, more than I thought I would.

What is your daily budget? About 40 bucks.

What is your favorite place you’ve ever visited? The Gili islands off the coast of Bali in Indonesia.

Why? Because there is no motorized transportation, no dogs allowed, which is a bigger than you think in parts of Asia. No dogs there tho, only cats. It’s amazing at night, you can see the entire milky way while floating on the calm warm waters amidst luminescent jelly fish…with a beer in my hand. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

What’s Next? Tulum, Meh-ee-ko.

Any advice, words of wisdom for people that want to travel? Read our website and do plenty of research and don’t give in to fear. We live in a time where human life is easier than it’s ever been. We take our priveleage for granted sometimes but ultimatelty we can do what we want to do. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is a dream stealer. Don’t indulge it.

2 thoughts on “Travelers of the World – Michael

  1. Michael,Randi, I feel so fortunate to have discovered you guys! I discovered wanderlust many years ago and spent 7 years traveling parts of the southeast and southwest. I finally settled back “home” in Nashville,Tn.Two years ago in May I found an old friend from my travels in the southwest and went to visit him in Milwaukee. Now I find myself excited about my upcoming trip to New York City. I will be staying in Brooklyn, and also visiting another friend I have not seen in about 35 years that resides in Burlington, Vermont. I admire both of you for finding the courage for your endeavors, as many people desire to do what you are doing but lack the courage. I look forward to your emails and you guys sharing your adventures with the world. Best Regards, John Darby.

    1. John, Thank you SO much for the kid words.

      Where in Brooklyn will you be staying? Let us know and we can recommend a few fun places to visit (for instance if you like donuts you MUST pay Peter Pan Donuts a visit in Greenpoint Brooklyn!)

      All the best to you on your future travels.

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