Sala Monkey English School in Cambodia

Sala Monkey English School

Last year we spent a month in Cambodia and we had our hearts stolen by the people there. Most of the population lives in poverty and is still feeling the aftereffects of a horrific recent history. Despite that most Cambodians we met were vibrant, happy, extremely hospitable, and kind. While we were in Kep we took a… Read More

Travelers of the World – Mary and Bret, Green Global Travel

Mary Gabbett and Bret Love are the creators of one of our favorite travel websites, Green Global Travel, which is devoted to promoting ecotourism, nature/ wildlife conservation, and cultural preservation. GGT not only served as an early inspiration for our travel dreams, they taught us how to be BETTER tourists. What do we mean by… Read More

Travelers of the World – Nomadasaurus

Jarryd and Alesha, writers and founders of, have been traveling together since 2008. They are currently immersed hip deep in an epic overland journey from South East Asia to South Africa. They have sworn off the use of flights as a mode of transportation, opting instead for land based travel. We followed Nomadasaurus via social… Read More