Travelers of the World


Personally, for us, travel is 20% about the sights you see, 30% about the lessons you learn, and 50% about people you interact with.

Just a Pack proudly introduces you to some of the amazing folks we have bumped into, conversed, partied hard with, and spent our time getting to know. Each bio is accompanied by a interview within which these fine individuals answer our travel related questions. How are they traveling? How did they prepare for their journeys? What are their travel desires, dreams, and hopes? What made them leave home for weeks, months, years at a time?

​Check them out, we think you will find them just as interesting as we did.

Mary and Bret, Green Global Travel

From: Atlanta, Georgia
When We Met: May 2015
Where We Met: Lloret de Mar, Spain
Occupation: Writers, Bloggers, Responsible Global Travelers

Our tagline is “Saving the World One Story at a Time,” and it’s a mission we take very seriously.

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Will Hatton

Will Hatton, The Broke Backpacker

From: Brighton, UK
When We Met: January, 2015
Where We Met: The Internets
Occupation: Travel writer, photographer, adventurer, vagabond, master of the handstand push-up

To hell with that - bite the bullet, pack your bag, stick out your thumb and ENGAGE!

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From: Sydney and Perth, Australia
When We Met: December, 2014
Where We Met: Hanoi, Vietnam
Occupation: Travel writers, photographers, general bad-asses

If you are holding back on exploring the world because you feel like you have an image to uphold, you may have to re-evaluate your priorities.

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From: Riverside, CA
When We Met: November 2014
Where We Met: Sala Monkey English School, Kep, Cambodia
Occupation: Founder, Teacher, Principal, Friend, Fundraiser, Mother, Mentor

I’ve learned that no matter how little you have, you always have something to give.

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Rebekah Voss


From: LA
When We Met: October 2014
Where We Met: Chiang Mai, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia
Occupation: Travel Writer, Digital Nomad, and Creator of The Happy Passport

Since we’ve been traveling I’ve met people with every kind of reason not to travel. None of it is an excuse unless you want it to be.

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From: England. I was born on the South Coast but spent the past two years living in London.
When We Met: July 2014

It’s easy to come up with excuses not to travel like responsibility, fear, or money… but none of them outweigh the benefits of a long term trip: what you’ll learn about yourself, how you’ll grow, who you’ll meet, and what you’ll see. Don’t put off your dreams and risk losing them; live them right now!

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From: London of Armenian/German decent
When We Met: May 2014
Where We Met: Bocas del Toro, Panama
Occupation(s): Worked for Generator Hostel London as an events coordinator. Also a DJ and his music can be found here.

Don’t be afraid to quit your job and go for it

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From: England
When We Met: April 2014
Where We Met: San Pedro, Guatemala
Occupation(s): Student, Orphanage Worker, All Around Awesome Person

I find you don't really know yourself until you take yourself out of your comfort zone.

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From: Brooklyn (Texas and Louisiana originally)
Interview Date: August 2014
Interview Location: Barga, Italy
Occupation: Co-founder of Just a Pack and Veggie Visa

I never imagined I could do what I am doing now. Deciding to take this trip was the best decision I've ever made.

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From: Brooklyn
When We Met: Feb 2014
Where We Met: Cozumel
Occupation: Amateur Human

I always wanted to be Indiana Jones as a kid, so i had to step up my to speak.

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From: England
When We Met: March 2014
Where We Met: Caye Caulker, Belize
Occupation: Photographer
Age: 44

You make your own luck and you make your own travels but you have to have the ability to jump your own shadow and color outside the lines of normality.

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Travelers of the World: Ellen


From: Malmo, Sweden
When We Met: March 2014
Where We Met: Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Occupation: Social worker for unaccompanied refugees
Age: 29

Yeah, I think that one of my reasons I don't travel more is because I think too much. You shouldn't think too much about it because things sort themselves out anyway.

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From: Switzerland
When We Met: March 2014
Where We Met: San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico
Occupation: I work for a small fair trade label and I’m a musician as well

What I like about meeting people when traveling is you don't know anything about the other person so you explore, you exchange, it's like people are not the same as they are in their daily routine, daily job.

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Elodie and Louis-Francois

From: Paris France
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Cozumel and Playa del Carmen
Occupation: Elodie: Sales, Louis-Francois: Marketing and Online Marketing

It is better when you are two because you can share your memories and experiences.

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From: Boston, MA
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Playa del Carmen
Occupation: Artist

Because life is short and if you keep saying you are going to do it tomorrow it's not going to happen.

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From: Stockholm, Sweden
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Playa del Carmen
Occupation: I’m a student. I study biology and geoscience.

Don't plan too much and be open minded to what you learn along the way.

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Mr T (Torbjorn)

From: Sweden
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Playa del Carmen
Occupation: I was account executive, business guy, I would say

You can't live on a sofa in front of a T.V. and think you are going to grow.

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From: I was born in Venezuela, I was raised in Mexico City, my mother was from Lebanon, so I’m not pretty sure where I am from.
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Playa del Carmen
Occupation: Waiter, Barman, Graphic Designer

The world is so vast, so big that I need to know everything.

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From: Ireland/New York
When We Met: Feb. 2014
Where We Met: Cozumel
Occupation: Building Shit

I'm available.

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