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Thinking about travel is very hard right now. With many of us isolated in our homes, borders around the globe closed, international air travel halted…the world is suddenly looking far less accessible than it did a month ago.

However, this will end one day. We will pick up the pieces and try to go back to life as it used to be. Or a better version of life, if we have learned any lessons from this crisis. 

One of the hardest parts of our current reality is letting go of all the travel plans we are unable to manifest. With trips to Berlin, and Wroclaw, and Seville planned in the near future that are now canceled, we are dreaming of the places we want to go. When this is all over, of course. 

We hope that by sharing ours, we can make you think of WHERE you want to go. To help you guys look towards a brighter future, and make your travel dreams a reality. Inspiring and teaching people how to travel has always been our goal. Now, more than ever, we hope to inspire travel in the (hopefully not too distant) future. 

With that in mind Randi, our writer Sara, and I will be sharing our top three most desired places to travel to. These might be places we have always wanted to visit, or places we would love to return to. 

Oh, the Places We Will Go!

Annapurna, Nepal – Michael

Man looks down at Manang on the Annapurna trail in Nepal

I have never been more in love with life than during my time hiking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Truly a transformative experience. And ever since I left I’ve been filled with a need…to return. 

My time on the Annapurna trek was filled with awe. Awe at the beauty of our planet, from the rice paddies where the trek starts, to the lunar landscape of the highest mountain passes. Awe at the people living in this mountain range. And awe at the nature of trekking itself. 

I’ve been telling myself I need to get back to Nepal for years now. And somehow, I haven’t made it happen. The events of March 2020 have made me realize what a huge mistake that has been. I WILL be back in Nepal one day, when this is over. And while there are many other treks I want to experience, Annapurna calls to me. 

Spain – Randi

man playing the guitar with the backdrop of the Alhambra and mountains in Granada, Spain

Spain is one of my favorite countries in the world, and one I’ve been to many times before. Even so, I never grow tired of visiting this country and there are plenty of places I haven’t been to or am desperately yearning to go back to. Madrid, Galicia, Mallorca, and of course Seville are all high on my list.

Sun, beaches, warm and friendly people, delicious food, and even more delicious red wine. What more could I possibly ask for?

Another reason I want to visit Spain again is because I recently took an intensive Spanish language course here in Prague. I’d like to actually use what language skills I learned to travel around the country before I forget everything.

Oh, and also because croquettes. If you’ve had them, you know they’re a totally valid reason to go back for.

Italy – Sara

piazza navona rome italy

The world is a strange place right now. It’s hard to imagine things returning to how they were before. We will certainly have to adapt to a new idea of normality. But, one day businesses will resume and planes will fly again. People will continue to travel, explore, and discover the world around them.

 If we learn anything from this situation, it should be to recognize how privileged we are to have the entire world on our doorstep – and to never take that for granted again. Italy will need our help when we recover from this mess, but that’s not why it’s on my list. 

I’m currently living in Florence and everyone here, like the whole of Italy, is under quarantine for the foreseeable future. Italy has always been one of my favorite countries in the world, and despite the current situation, I don’t think that will ever change.

I’ve written extensively about the whole of Italy, and I hope that once things return to normal the country’s tourist trade will come alive again. I used to complain about the crowds of tourists around the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio, but now that the streets of the city are empty – I miss them.

When all of this is over, I want to swim in the Northern lakes in Lombardy again, go hiking among the cascading peaks of the Dolomites, and explore the cobbled streets of its ancient cities – when there are no longer police patrolling them.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Randi

copenhagen best cities europe

I actually have a trip to Copenhagen planned for April for a house sitting gig through TrustedHousesitters . I sincerely doubt that will happen given the current situation. Until then, I can dream of the day when it’s safe to visit.

Having been to neighboring Malmo many times, I’ve spent an afternoon (and a very, very long night) in Copenhagen. This glimpse of the city only enticed me to see more! I am very much looking forward to visiting again some day soon to explore the city, sample its vegan food scene, photograph Nyhavn, check out the Torvehallerne food hall, and cruise around the city on bike.

New Zealand – Michael

the best hostels in Queenstown, New Zealand

How have I not yet been to New Zealand? This is a question I’ve been asking myself for years. And never more so than now. 

Known for its incredible vistas and breath taking landscape, New Zealand has got to be high on every out door adventurer’s list of places to visit. 

Whether hiking the Abel Tasman Coast Track, dipping my toes in the gorgeous Bay of Islands, kayaking the Cathedral Cove, or even visiting Hobbiton (where the Lord of the Rings stage set exists) I can spend weeks, if not months, exploring New Zealand. 

And I will. Once this is over. 

Bali – Randi

beach resorts bali

Bali has long been on my list of places to visit. I’ve been planning a trip in my head for months now without actually making any reservations.

Warmer climates, beautiful beaches, gorgeous temples, lush landscapes, yoga and fitness retreats and lots of vegan food are some of the things that have inspired me to go to Bali. 

Sooo, yeah, once all this is over Bali is definitely going to be visited. 

Greece – Sara

a couple sitting overlooking Meteroa Greece

Before the pandemic struck, I was planning a short getaway to Athens. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit. I want to marvel at the Pantheon, discover its ancient mythological history, and of course, eat all the tzatziki and moussaka my stomach can handle.

I’d like to travel to the spectacular Meteora, and marvel at the monasteries suspended in mid-air. I want to swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean and bury my feet in the golden sand of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I’m drawn to the quiet islands unaffected by modernity, where people work the land using donkeys to transport their loads.

Argentina – Sara

perito moreno glacier argentina

I’ve never set foot in South America. It’s always been in the back of my mind to take some time, a few months maybe, and just travel the entire continent with my trusted backpack and hiking boots.

In light of the current situation, I’ve thought about how life is unpredictable, and it can totally escape us. You always hear people say “I wish I’d traveled more while I was younger!”, well I don’t plan on being one of those people.

One day I’ll hike in the Andes, I’ll marvel at the Perito Moreno Glacier, I’ll listen to the gushing waters of the Iguazú Falls. I’d like to see whales, penguins, and sea lions on the Valdés Peninsula, and the dinosaur remains in the Valle de la Luna, before immersing myself in the chaotic energy of Argentina’s metropolis – Buenos Aires.

Perhaps I’ll start using this quarantine time to brush up on my Spanish…

British Colombia, Canada – Michael

a road running through banff national park canada

I’ve never been in Canada. Full stop. I don’t even know HOW this happened, as I basically lived in New York my entire life, but somehow…I’ve never been in Canada. I feel this needs to be remedied, IMMEDIATELY. Or, well, as soon as the world allows me to travel again, that is. 

Out of all the places I want to see in Canada, British Colombia is tops on the list. I hear Vancouver is a great city, and for some reason Vancouver Island, and Victoria, has been whispering my name in the wind for a while now. Banff National Park looks incredible, as you can see in the picture above. I would love to go there with nothing but my backpack and camera, and explore this amazing bit of mother nature. 

British Colombia’s weather appeals to me more than the rest of Canada as well, as it is warmer for longer throughout the year. I’m not sure I could deal with a winter in Calgary, for instance. 

So yes, Canada, I’ll be coming for you one day soon!

Folks, tell us where YOU dream of going once all of this is over. Feel free to email us, comment below, or holler at us on Twitter! Stay safe and healthy out there, and one day we will see you all on the road!

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