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Visiting Croatia and looking for a Blue Cave Split Guide? We’re here to help!

When you think of beach destinations in Europe, most people think of Spain, Portugal, or Greece. However, in the last few years more and more tourists have been flocking to Croatia. This beautiful Balkan country is bursting with history and crystal clear water. It’s full of natural wonders to explore, and the most famous is surely the Blue Cave, Split.

Named for the hues of light that illuminate its interior, the Blue Cave near Split is an unmissable sight in Croatia. Where does the stunning azure color come from? As the sun reflects off the white floor of the cave, the whole cove is shrouded in shimmering blue light. The Blue Cave near Split has a magical atmosphere and is an unmissable experience. It’s accessible by boat only, and every year hundreds of tourists wait their turn to see the beauty of the cave.

Want to know more about visiting the Blue Cave, Split? Here’s our handy guide!

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What You Need to Know about the Blue Cave Near Split

blue cave split
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Before visiting the blue cave Split, there’s some important information you need to know.

Firstly, the blue cave is protected by law. This means there are some restrictions on your visit. For one thing, you have to go on a tour. If you were thinking of taking your own boat, no chance here!

Secondly, you cannot swim in the blue cave. You may see photos of people swimming in what they claim is the blue cave. It’s not!

Third, your time there is limited. The maximum amount of time you can spend in the blue cave is 15 minutes. This is the law and it’s strictly upheld. If a tour guide promises you more time, it’s not true.

The blue cave is not actually in Split. It’s found on a tiny island called Bisevo. This tiny island has just 15 inhabitants and one very beautiful blue cave! Bisevo is actually the furthest point from Split on the Dalmatian archipelago, its closest neighbor is the stunning island of Vis.

Most of your time spent on Bisevo will be spent queuing. That’s right! With the blue cave being as popular as it is, you’ll have to queue for your turn inside.

Since the blue cave is so far away from Split, and with such a limited time to spend there, you may be wondering if it’s even worth a visit. The answer is yes, yes, definitely yes! It’s one of the wonders of the Adriatic Sea. But, no tour will take you to just the blue cave! Split, and the surrounding islands, are filled with amazing sights and things to do. Keep reading to find out more about the tours.

Tours to the Blue Cave from Split

the best hostels in split, croatia

Split is one of the most popular cities in Croatia. Centuries ago, it was occupied by the Romans; who enjoyed their beach life just as much as we do today. The winding Roman streets and ancient palaces still exist today. Diocletian’s palace is a charming labyrinth of cobbled stones and ancient structures. Split definitely its own share of beautiful sites and beaches, but from here you’ll also find some of the best tours in Croatia!

There are countless tour agencies to choose from in Split. You can either search online and book in advance, or simply walk into one and see what they have to offer. As said earlier, you’re unlikely to find a tour that takes you only to the blue cave. The tours on offer from Split usually take an entire day and showcase many of Croatia’s beautiful places.

Popular spots on tours include Vis island, where you’ll find the oldest town in Croatia (Komiza). You’ll probably visit the blue lagoon, where you’ll have lots of time to swim and snorkel! Most tours pack your day with plenty of things to see and do. It’s historical towns and pristine beaches galore!

The cheapest way to do a tour is to go with a large group of people. A private speedboat tour is, of course, the most expensive option – but definitely worth it if you have the cash. When on the speedboat to visit the blue cave from Split, you might even be lucky enough to spot some dolphins in the Adriatic sea!

Tours to the Blue Cave from Hvar

view of a Hvar in croatia

you’ve been researching a holiday to Croatia, you might have heard of Hvar. This resort town is a haven for those looking for the perfect beach getaway! It’s filled with old relics and fantastic beaches, and it’s a great place to party after a long day of swimming in the sea.

Tours to the blue cave from Hvar are very similar to tours from Split. Many tours from Hvar also offer a trip to the green cave. Found on the island of Ravnik, this picturesque cave is the perfect spot to get some swimming and snorkeling in. The visibility in the water is usually great, so be sure to get a tour that includes this spectacular place!

Just opposite Hvar harbor, you find the Pakleni islands. This group of 16 islands glitter green in the blue waters of Croatia. They are filled with great restaurants and some quieter beach bars than can be found on Hvar. They’re the best choice for people who want to escape from the crowds! Many tours from Hvar stop at the Pkleni islands, so don’t hesitate to explore them!

So, that’s all you need to know about visiting the Blue Cave, Split. Remember to pack a swimsuit and plenty of sunscreen! Croatia is a fantastic destination in Europe that’s perfect for history lovers and beach bums alike. If you’ve visited the blue cave, be sure to tell us about your experience in the comments!

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