17 Things to Do in Warsaw Poland

There are sooo many things to do in Warsaw, one of Europe’s criminally under-rated capital cities! Warsaw is a beautiful city and is a great place to visit for a weekend break. Many tourists often neglect Warsaw, opting instead to travel to the more popular city of Krakow. Don’t be one of these travelers! Warsaw… Read More

Budapest 101 – The Best Thermal Baths in Budapest

Best Thermal Baths in Budapest

Thermal baths in Budapest are one of the city’s most alluring draws. There is no other capital in the world as rich in thermal water as Budapest! The Romans who lived in the area two thousand years ago knew of the medicinal properties of thermal springs , and used them not only for bathing but… Read More

5 of the Best Beaches in Algarve, Portugal

best beaches in algarve portugal

Looking for the best beaches in Algarve to get your vitamin D on? For travelers in Europe lusting after some quality sun, sand, and sea, the Algarve coast might prove to be the perfect choice for a visit. Located in the southern part of beautiful Portugal, spanning an area of nearly 5,000 square-kilometers, the Algarve… Read More

Things To Do In Prague as a First Time Visitor

Prague travel guide, Prague on an affordable budget

As a first time visitor there are a few essential things to do in Prague. In our minds Prague might very well be the most spectacular city in the world. While most people associate Prague with stunning views of Prague Castle beautiful architecture is not the only thing this city offers. Prague posses a wildly… Read More

Top Differences Between the USA and the Rest of the World

Top differences USA and Everywhere

Having spent much of our time traveling outside of the USA in the last five years, Randi and I have taken note of many differences between the United States and basically everywhere else. Some are quirky silly observations, and others are pertinent social issues that we feel should be addressed. Disclaimer: The point of this… Read More

Things to Do in Lisbon – A Travel Guide


Filled with charm, and literally stacked with ambiance, Lisbon’s hilly streets offer many days (and nights) of exploration. Portugal’s capital city wasted no time sucking us in. Within a couple of hours of arriving we found ourselves walking up and down the cobblestone hills of Lisbon’s Alfama district, ensnared by the allure of its old world… Read More

Getting Off the Beaten Path in Prague

Off the beaten path in Prague. Tv Tower Prague.

When you come to a crossroads in Prague head in the direction which wanders off the beaten path. We lived in Prague for nine months, and would live there for nine more without any hesitation. It is a gorgeous city with impressive architecture, laid-back locals, and troves of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. After spending… Read More

Photos That Will Make You Want to Move to Prague

Prague Castle sunset

There are many cities in the world, but only one of them is Prague. When we first arrived in Prague, in August of 2014, we were immediately smitten. The city was gorgeous, laid back, easy to navigate and we felt extremely comfortable there. We left Prague two weeks later, vowing to return. It took us… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hostels in Prague

prague top travel destinations 2017

Looking for the best hostels in Prague? We’ve got you covered! Prague is a prime destination for budget travelers and backpackers in Europe, and as such it plays host to a ton of various hostels and accommodations. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to pick one out of the big wide sea of… Read More