The Best Hostels in Paris 2019 – Paris on a Budget

best hostels in paris

Paris Hostels – The Best Hostels in Paris  Looking for the best hostels in Paris? Not all Paris hostels are created equal, but we’re here to help. Paris, the City of Lights, is famed for its architecture, culture, museums, history, food, and staggering man-made beauty. One thing this spectacular city is NOT known for, however,… Read More

The Best Hostels in Nice 2019 – France on a Budget

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The Best Hostels in Nice, France Are you looking for the best hostels in Nice? While there are many to pick from not all Nice hostels are created equal. We’re here to help you guys choose the very best Nice hostel to make your trip to this awesome city all the more memorable. Nice, the… Read More

Paris On a Budget

Paris on a backpacking budget

Paris. The City of Lights. A literal and figurative monument to human creativity, ingenuity, and aesthetic imagination. From the majestic Cathedrale Notre Dame to the sublime sculptures of Tuileries Garden, everything you have ever heard about the beauty of Paris is completely true. This is why the City of Lights is the third most visited city in the world. Unfortunately,… Read More

Europe’s Best Summer Music Festivals – 2017

Europe's Best Summer Music Festivals

Summer festival season is upon us in Europe! With so many incredible options, trying to figure out what the best summer music festivals in Europe are can be a bit daunting. Once the weather turns warm there are seemingly endless outdoor entertainment options, including amazing music festivals, featuring nearly every artistic interest one can imagine. Finding… Read More

Top Tips for Flying Ryanair from Paris, France

flying ryanair from paris

Are you flying Ryanair from Paris soon? Buget airlines rules. They make traveling around Europe so mcuh cheaper than it used to be. For backpackers not using trains to get around, budget airlines in Europe are a godsend. Recently, when flying from Paris to Barcelona, we purchased tickets on a Ryanair flight two weeks in advance… Read More