Hiking the Annapurna Circuit – 11 Days on the Trail in Nepal

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal Namaste (pronounced nuhm-uh-stey) is a conventional, and respectful, Hindu expression on meeting or parting. While hiking the Annapurna circuit I was greeted this way half a thousand times, and answered in return as often. The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal sees thousands of foreign trekkers every year. Its route snakes through lush… Read More

On Urban Decay – The Crumbling Beauty of Bucharest

Urban Decay – The Crumbling Beauty of Bucharest Imagine a city that tells a story without saying a word, a city that lets its structures narrate a history fraught with ambition, upheaval, violent oppression, and reclamation. Imagine a city standing ponderously on a somewhat dusty crossroad of the past, the present, and the near future…. Read More

Berlin Hotels 2019 – Best Boutique Hotels in Berlin

best hotels in berlin

Berlin Hotels – The Best Boutique Hotels in Berlin, Germany Treat yourself by staying at one of the best boutique hotels in Berlin! Berlin hotels are abundant, but this guide will help you find the best possible one for your trip to Germany’s capital. Berlin is a city with a (sometimes) dark and fascinating history…. Read More

5 Reasons to Visit Sarajevo – Things to Do in Sarajevo

view of Sarajevo from Žuta Tabija, the yellow bastion, things to do in Sarajevo

Things to Do and Reasons to Visit Sarajevo Wedged between a horrifying past and a hopeful future, Sarajevo is a unique gem of a city. As such, there are a ton of reasons to visit Sarajevo. They say time heals all wounds, but they never say how MUCH time it takes. Even 20 years later,… Read More

Spend Less in Kuala Lumpur – A Budget Travel Guide

Kuala Lumpur on a Budget

Are you looking to spend less on your next visit to Kuala Lumpur? Is Kuala Lumpur an expensive city to visit? We get this question a lot, and the answer…varies. Travelers who have never been to Southeast Asia, especially people from Western countries, may find Malaysia’s capital city to be a budget-friendly destination. But for… Read More

Visiting Barcelona – Why You Should Come and Why You Should Leave

Barcelona. The City of Gaudi. A city where you can cross a street and be transported from the present into a distant past. You can roam the historic Gothic Quarter at a leisurely pace, soaking in the ambiance and architecture, feasting on tapas and washing them down with liters of sangria.  Minutes later you might find… Read More

Day Trips From Barcelona: Power and Peace in Montserrat

Montserrat Barcelona, Spain

Day Trips Barcelona – Exploring Montserrat When in Barcelona you MUST take a day trip to Montserrat! She grabbed my arm, a signal to stop. In a low, excited whisper she said “Look, there!” and pointed. A deer…no a goat, or some strange, straight-horned mix of the two stood perfectly still, just a few feet… Read More

It’s a Match! Our Online Date Led to a Round-the-World Adventure

“How long have you two been together?” We’ve been asked that question hundreds of times in the last four years. You see, everyone we meet assumes we are a couple. When we tell them we’re not “together” most people are surprised, and a bit confused. How did two people of the opposite sex, who aren’t in a relationship,… Read More

Prague, Czech Republic on a Budget

Prague, Czech Republic

Can Prague still be explored on a shoestring budget? Traveling around Europe on a budget can be a difficult undertaking. You might find yourself burning through your funds faster than intended in many cities. This was true for us until we stumbled off of a bus from Italy into Prague’s Florence Station one chilly morning… Read More