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Have you dreamed of skiing in Switzerland? We’re right there with you, so we hired a local expert to help us create this in-depth guide to all things skiing in Switzerland! 

Switzerland. Home of the almighty Alps, where a skiing fan’s wildest dreams come true. The majestic mountain ranges in Switzerland make for a phenomenal skiing adventure in the landlocked country. Opportunities to enjoy groomed slopes, mountain panoramas, and packed powder lay in the East, West, South, and even in the central part of Switzerland, beckoning every snow lover to dash through the snow.

We got to ski and snowboard in the country of a hundred mountains and put together the ultimate guide for skiing in Switzerland, so you can plan your snow adventure and set out. With over 7,000 kilometers of slopes and more than 300 ski resorts, Switzerland is the ultimate place to ski and snowboard. 

We broke this article down by region, skiing opportunities, and ski resorts in those regions. At the bottom of this guide, you will find all sorts of tips and things to know about skiing in Switzerland. So let’s get into it!

Skiing in Switzerland – Best Ski Resorts in Switzerland 

We clicked into our ski bindings and checked out the best ski resorts in Switzerland to enjoy some powdery fun. Due to its many mountains, Switzerland offers plenty of skiing in all parts of the country – some of them even year-round.

Please note – Some of our selections contain affiliate links. These allow us to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables us to provide all the information found on this site free of charge. 

Skiing in Central Switzerland

Let’s start in the center of Switzerland before exploring other parts of the country. 

Melchsee Frutt

Melchsee Frutt Pixabay

This small ski resort is exceptionally easy to get to when staying in Lucerne. It’s an optimal choice if you are only staying a few days and you don’t want to rent a cabin or hotel in the mountains.

With 10 skiing slopes, two adventurous sledding slopes, two cross-country skiing trails, and four snowshoeing trails, Melchsee Frutt offers plenty of fun in the snow. Melchsee Frutt’s highest point – Balmeregghorn – reaches as high as 2225 meters above sea level and can be reached by a ski lift from the middle station ‘Melchsee Frutt’. With blue, red, and black slopes around the mountain, the resort is perfect for both small and big snow lovers and you can ride all the way down to the valley station ‘Stöckalp’.

Skiing season in Melchsee Frutt normally starts on December 14th and goes on until the middle of April.

How to get to Melchsee Frutt

Because of its proximity to Lucerne, Melchsee Frutt is easily reached by train and bus from the central Swiss city.

Start your journey in Lucerne and hop on the train to ‘Sarnen’. Change for a ski bus (direction Stöckalp) waiting out front of the station and start your day in the snow a short ride later. If you are staying in Sarnen, all you need to do is wait at the bus stop closest to your accommodation. Be sure to check their website and benefit from their ‘Snow & Rail’ program.

Accommodation in Melchsee Frutt

Hotel Metzgern is a sunny terrace and cozy rooms in the heart of Sarnen will make your ski holiday the perfect adventure. With an unbeatable location in Sarnen, you will be amongst the first people to get to the mountain in the morning.

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Where to Eat in Melchsee Frutt

Skiing makes you hungry. And of course, Melchsee Frutt also caters to that need!

Bar & Grill Boni Horst makes for a perfect place to munch a ‘Chäässchnitte’ (grilled cheese) before going down to ‘Distelboden’ or ‘Bettenalp’.

Bärgbeizli Cheselen is the perfect place to turn to if you find yourself on the lower part of the mountain.

Restaurant Erzegg is centrally located, as is Gemsy. Both serve hot, comforting Swiss food like ‘Älplermagronen’ or ‘Ghackets met Hörnli’ (minced meat with pasta) that will provide you with the needed energy for the rest of your skiing adventure.


This well-maintained ski resort – especially suitable for families – is a winter wonderland about one hour away from Lucerne and offers over 15 pistes on 2350 meters above sea level. Next to slopes of all difficulty, Sörenberg offers picturesque panoramas and adventures like night skiing and sledding. Whether you want to get high up to the ‘Brienzer Rothorn’ or work your way up from ‘Rossweid’: Sörenberg offers plenty of ground to discover.

Even for non-skiers, the resort has lots in store: Loads of winter trails, an ice-skating rink, and a culinary winter trek can be found.

The ski season in Sörenberg normally starts around December 14th and lasts until the middle of April. 

How to get to Sörenberg

To get from Lucerne to this winter wonderland, hop on the Regio Express or S6 train from Lucerne main train station to ‘Schüpfheim’. Transfer to bus number 241 and get off at ‘Sörenberg, Schulhaus’. With just a little over an hour of transfer time, Sörenberg is easily accessible by public transport and brings you to the top quickly and effortlessly.

Accommodation in Sörenberg

Sleeping in the UNESCO Biosphere of Entlebuch, with quick access to ski lifts as well as massage and spa treatments in the family-run hotel, will make your stay at Hotel Rischli unforgettable. Read reviews or book this property here

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Where to Eat in Sörenberg

Located on the very peak of Sörenberg, Gipfel-Restaurant Rothorn offers hot and cold drinks, comfort food and a spectacular view over the area. If you are taking a break on the southern side of Sörenberg, make sure to visit Fuchshütte for some hot drinks. Skihütte and Alpenhotel Schwand make for a perfect place to eat some ‘Älplermagronen’ (pasta with cream, fried onions, bacon and lots of cheese) or a ‘Gerstensuppe’.


Engelberg Titlis Peaks Pixabay

Ski where 007 did! This magnificent ski resort with over 28 slopes and dramatic cliff walks, starred in the James Bond movie ‘Spectre’. So, if you want to get an idea of what awaits you, have a look at the movie and see the beauty of the area for yourself. Titlis is one of the best ski resorts if you are looking to go somewhere within easy reach of a major city.

With 47 kilometers of medium difficulty slopes, 27 kilometers devoted to beginners and eight kilometers for pros, Engelberg offers the perfect snow experience for any level of skier. Free riders will especially enjoy their day in the widths of Engelberg/Titlis and the fun parks in the resort will help you perfect your jumps.

If you’d like some guidance on the mountain in Central Switzerland, this tour is perfect for you. Get the most out of your day in the snow with a local guide and lots of fun!

The ski season in Engelberg starts on or around December 14th and lasts until early March. 

How to get to Engelberg

Your journey by train from Lucerne to Engelberg includes stunning gorges and pretty landscapes. Hop on the ‘Interregio’ train from Lucerne main train station towards ‘Engelberg’. About 45 minutes later, you will arrive at Engelberg, from where a free bus will pick you up and bring you to the bottom station of Titlis.

Accommodation in Engelberg

Panoramic mountain views, a wonderful in-house spa and a free shuttle service to Engelberg/Titlis: Hotel Waldegg is a prime location to put your head to rest after an exciting day on the slopes.

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Only 900 meters away from the cable car station of Engelberg/Titlis, Trail Hostel Engelberg offers a great place to relax your muscles after skiing all day and will give you a beautiful view over the city in their garden.

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Wake up to be surrounded by the Alpine Landscape of Engelberg. Impossible? Gasthaus Schwand makes the dream come true! Not just cozy rooms to warm up after the day on skis, but also homemade specialties like ‘Cordon Bleu’ and ‘Älplermagronen’.

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Where to Eat in Engelberg

Engelberg Titlis restaurant Pixabay

Once you’ve climbed a few thousand meters by cable car, make sure you are going to pay Panorama Restaurant Titlis a visit. With a spectacular view and yummy goodies to munch on, the restaurant on the peak of Titlis is optimal for meeting everyone for lunch and bathing in the sun together. If you are craving a homemade Fondue, you should definitely go down to Alpstübli, located right next to ‘Trüebsee’, the mountain lake of Engelberg.

Jungfrau Region/Grindelwald

This area is one of the best ski resorts to ski and snowboard at a decent price in Switzerland. Grindelwald is perfect for a week-long stay and even just a day-long adventure. There are also plenty of spas around if you’re getting tired of skiing at some point.

The ski resort on the ‘Top of Europe’ – Jungfrau – is a memorable winter adventure. With a total of 224 kilometers of slopes, Grindelwald and the ‘Jungfrau’ region will definitely give you the ski thrills you are after. With the three giants ‘Eiger’, ‘Mönch’ and ‘Jungfrau’ towering over your head, this is an intense and joyful experience in the county of Bern.

The season in Grindelwald normally starts on or around December 10th and ends near the end of April. 

How to get to Grindelwald

Grindelwald and the Jungfrau region can be easily reached by train from Switzerland’s capital: Bern. 1.5 hours of a picturesque train ride to ‘Grindelwald’ will bring you directly to a winter wonderland.

Accommodation in Grindelwald

Ski-to-door access, a sun terrace with terrific views and a cozy library corner. Studen must be one of the coziest chalets to spend your evenings at when visiting the Swiss Alps.

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The self-catering apartment, Chalet Spillstatt, offers a fireplace, a terrace and gorgeous views of the mountain. The cable car is roughly one kilometer away (about 20 minutes’ walk). 

If you want to sleep in the shadow of the North face of ‘Eiger’ mountain, Hotel Du Sauvage is the perfect pick for your skiing holiday. Their guest card offers free use of public transport in Grindelwald, discounted admission to the public swimming pool, to the ice rink in the sports center, to the ‘Pfingsteggbahn’ and the ‘Firstbahn’ Cable Cars.

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Where to Eat in Grindelwald

Been skiing all morning and noticing a grumble in your stomach? Time to take a break at Restaurant Waldspitz and gorge yourself on a delicious Fondue or Raclette. Of course, a Cordon Bleu will do just fine, too! Make sure to check out the wild Aprés Ski at Kleine Scheidegg at the end of the skiing day. Aprés Ski is a typical thing for Swiss people to take pleasure in after a day of riding – hot alcoholic drinks and music included.


Andermatt Pixabay

The ‘ski arena’ combines two languages, two ski areas and two cantons: This resort in Central Switzerland offers plenty of powder and well-maintained slopes in between Central and Southern Switzerland.

The sun-exposed areas Andermatt-Oberalp-Sedrun offer plenty of family fun in the snow to be had and Gemsstock offers an unforgettable powder adventure. Wide slopes that are well-groomed and a handful of other activities apart from skiing in the snow are to be discovered in this massive ski resort nestled in the heart of Switzerland. Andermatt even has a toboggan run!

The season normally starts around December 14th and lasts until about April 28th. Of course, this varies year to year, so plan ahead! 

How to get to Andermatt

Plenty of ways lead to Andermatt-Sedrun. You can either opt-out for the SBB train, the ‘Matterhorn-Gotthard’ train or book the ‘Ski-Express’ to Andermatt or Sedrun.

Hop on the train from Zurich or Lugano to Göschenen. From here, the Matterhorn-Gotthard train will take you through the impressive ‘Schöllenen’ gorge to Andermatt.

You can reach Sedrun by train from Chur to Disentis, too. Prepare for a magnificent journey through the ‘Grand Canyon of Switzerland’. From Disentis, hop on the Matterhorn-Gotthard train and get off at ‘Sedrun’.

Accommodation in Andermatt

Hotel Bergidyll is perfect for anyone who wants to go enjoy the powdery substance on Andermatt’s mountains. The ski lift is only 500 meters away from the Hotel and you can conveniently store your skis and chill out at the cozy lounge. 

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The River House Boutique Hotel is only 500 meters away from ‘Gemsstock’ cable car up to the mountain. This eco-friendly boutique hotel offers fresh bread and homemade goodies for breakfast and a sun terrace.

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Where to Eat in Andermatt

If you find yourself on the southern side of Andermatt-Sedrun, make sure you take a break and have lunch at Gummel. Nätschen will provide you with some hot drinks and delicious food on the northern wall of the ski resort. Of course, there are plenty of other mountain restaurants around, so you won’t go hungry.

Skiing in Southern Switzerland

Now let’s move to the southern part of Switzerland to explore skiing options there. 


Zermatt Matterhorn Pixabay

No matter how impressive the ski resorts in Switzerland are, there’s one that trumps them all: Zermatt-Matterhorn. The promise of skiing on one of Europe’s highest peaks sets the bar high and makes it one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland.

38 peaks of fresh snow, ready to be dashed through by you, reaching as high as 4,000 meters above sea level. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you: Zermatt offers Heliskiing, too! The resort with an impressive 52 slopes – many of them red, yellow and blue – offers a snow experience like no other – and this 365 days a year, due to its height!

The season in Zermatt never ends and if you are a keen skier looking to get your kicks out even in July, Zermatt is your place to turn to.

How to get to Zermatt

Another cool feature of this place is that the city is completely car free! Thus, getting to Zermatt by public transport is exceptionally facile.

From Visp, hop on the Matterhorn-Gotthard train (which leaves every 30 minutes) and buckle up for a memorable journey to the winter wonderland of Switzerland. Passing through the deepest valley of Switzerland, while the highest mountains of Switzerland hover over your head, you are climbing up a whole 1,000 meters and land in Zermatt.

You can also opt-out for a ride with the Glacier Express from St. Moritz, Davos or Chur.

Accommodation in Zermatt

Located only a 7-minute walk away from the cable car up to the mountain, Le Petit CHARME-INN offers a rooftop terrace, ski storage and a scrumptious breakfast. The many restaurants, bars and cafés of Zermatt are right at the doorstep of the hotel.

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With a view of the Matterhorn and an easy 10-minute walk away from the mountain and the city of Zermatt, Youth Hostel Zermatt offers an affordable yet cozy place to stay in this pearl of a ski resort.

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This self-catering Chalet offers cozy rooms, a kitchen and a garden to take in the sun. Located just 800 meters away from the mountain access, Chalet Aeschhorn offers a private and cozy experience in the mountains of Zermatt. 

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Where to Eat in Zermatt

Of course, Zermatt’s culinary world is no less eclectic than its snowy wonderland. With over 50 restaurants, distributed over the whole ski resort, you won’t go hungry, guaranteed. Some of our favorite places are ‘Edelweiss’, ‘Trift’ and ‘Sunnegga’. Warm up with a delicious Raclette or Fondue from ‘Käsestub Furgg’ (Cheese Room Furgg) and tank some energy for the rest of your day.


Cable Car Pixabay

With fun parks, freeride routes, and many easy to medium-difficulty slopes, Saas-Fee makes for a perfect winter getaway in the beautiful county of Wallis. Just like its bigger brother, Zermatt, you can ski and snowboard on the mountain all year round – thanks to its glacier at 4,545 meters above sea level!

Especially cool is the ‘Alpin Gorge by Night’ tour that you can go on with a professional instructor. Between snow and ice, abstract rocks, and the night sky, you are undergoing an adventure over cliffs and impressive Nepal-like hanging bridges. This spectacle can be booked every Thursday night.

Make sure to visit one of Saas-Fee’s wellness spas after the wild ride and night trek, for example, the public spa ‘Aqua Allalin’.

Saas-Fee is open for skiing year-round, due to its height. Some slopes may be closed during summer. Check their website to find out whether your favorite slopes are open.

How to get to Saas-Fee

Getting to the Free Republic of Holiday is exceptionally easy and comfortable. From ‘Visp’ – a main connection station in Switzerland with lots of incoming trains from Zurich, Lucerne, Berne and even Italy – simply hop on the bus 511, which will bring you directly to Saas-Fee. The bus runs every 30 minutes – so no long waiting periods.

Accommodation in Saas-Fee

Family-run Artemis Hotel is located in the center of Saas Fee and offers bright rooms with a balcony. The Alpin Express Cable Car is an 8-minute walk away from the Artemis and guests can use a ski storage room which is located at the cable car station. Guests also receive a 15% discount on the ski rental for the entire winter season.

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Luxurious apartments with balcony, spa treatments and a hot tub: All of this awaits in Dolce Vita Chalet, located just 100 meters away from the ski lift ‘Stafelwald’. A perfect place to stay in the mountains of Saas-Fee!

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Hotel Tenne: The rustic and cozy Hotel Tenne is located in the heart of Saas-Fee and only 450 meters away from the ‘Alpine Express’. The hotel serves traditional Swiss food and will make you feel at home.

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Where to Eat in Saas-Fee

The perfect places for lunch hour in Saas-Fee are the Gletschergrotte (Glacier Grotto), Allalin and Kreuzboden. If you find yourself aching for a break near ‘Längflueh’ peak, pay Spielboden a visit and tank some energy by eating a Wallisian meat platter or a silverside rump cut.

Davos & Klosters

Davos Landscape Pixabay

A mountain just for free-styling, another one for free riding, two of them perfect for family vacations, and all of that in one ski resort. Davos-Klosters is one of the biggest ski areas in Switzerland – and without a doubt absolutely stunning.

300 kilometers of slopes and 57 transport systems await you in the mountains of Graubünden. The ‘Jakobshorn’ (Jacob’s Horn) is optimal for snowboarders and freeskiers who are looking for some jibbing in the snow parks and on the slopes. The ski possibilities on this mountain are vast – which is why it is a prime location for international sports events, too.

‘Parsenn’, the skiing area opposite Jakobshorn, is optimal for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Hundreds of kilometers, prone to give you the most out of your holiday in the snow. ‘Madrisa’ & ‘Rhinerhorn’ are perfect for families, with little paradises for kids and their parents.

110 slopes guarantee a successful and eventful skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps. High season starts on around December 22nd and lasts until about March 31st.

How to get to Davos

The scenic journey to Davos is easy to undertake. Simply hop on the train to ‘Landquart’ and change for the ‘Rhätische Bahn’ to ‘Klosters’ or ‘Davos’. From Zurich, the journey to Klosters will take you about 1.5 hours – to Davos 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Accommodation in Davos

100 meters away from ‘Schatzalp’ cable car, resides the Spengler Hostel, which is linked to Hard Rock Hotel Davos, lies. The rooms offer views of the Alps and your guest card provides access to local buses and trains for free. 

more info!

Grandhotel Steigenberger is an excellent hotel that turns the coziness factor up. Shops, nightlife, museums, restaurants, and bars are all within walking distance, too. To top it all off, the hotel offers a free shuttle service from the train station and is only 500 meters away from the next ski lift. 

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Where to Eat in Davos

The meeting point for young and old at 2000 meters above sea level is Clavadeleralp. Sit down for lunch or just warm up with a hot drink and enjoy the panorama. Madrisaalp is perfect for families looking for a lunch place to meet and relax. If you find yourself on the highest peak of Davos, make sure you pay a visit to Chalet Güggel and get a hot drink or yummy treat from the restaurant. A panoramic view and regional cuisine await at Restaurant Höhenweg which is the optimal place to relax and munch Swiss delicacies while looking down to Davos.

Skiing in Western Switzerland

Now, to the west of the country for more snow and skiing! 

Les Portes du Soleil – The Doors of the Sun

Les Portes du Soleil Mont Blanc from afar Pixabay

It’s not without reason that the ski resort in the western part of Switzerland holds such an illustrious name. ‘Les Portes du Soleil’ (the doors of the sun) offers 580 kilometers of slopes to discover and is thus one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland.

Nestled between Mont Blanc in France and Lake Geneva in Switzerland, you get to jump borders by skiing through this phenomenal resort. From Abondance over to Avoriaz over to Châtel, Les Gets and Morzine; the well-kept and groomed slopes invite every snow lover to dance with the mountain.

Especially for beginners, the skiing area offers a lot of space to practice. Over 300 kilometers of slopes are blue trails, that are easy to ride on. Before you scratch the place off your list because you are an amateur or pro skier, note that there are 210 kilometers of medium difficulty and 60 kilometers of difficult runs to go down, too!
Combining two countries with one passion, Les Portes du Soleil makes for an unforgettable skiing holiday in Switzerland (and France).

The season starts around December 21st and ends around April 26th.

How to get to Les Portes du Soleil

Les Portes du Soleil is so extensive that there are many villages and valleys you can stay at and therefore travel to. Our preferred way to dive into the ski resort is landing in Morgins, Val d’Illiez, or Champéry.

To get there, simply hop on a train from either Brig, Lausanne or Geneva and get off at ‘Aigle’. From here, take the regional train to ‘Val d’Illiez’ or ‘Champéry’. This train ride is absolutely scenic, crossing the Rhone Gorges and bringing you up up to the mountain villages.

Accommodation in Les Portes du Soleil

200 meters away from the cable car bringing you up to the mountain, Chalet le Petou not only offers a clutch location but also a cozy wooden cottage with hot tub and sun terrace. The Chalet le Petou will make your holiday an unforgettable one! 

More info!

Chalet Suisse, Morgins Bed and Breakfast Chalet will sweeten up your holiday with a free breakfast and easy access to the main chairlift to the mountain (150 meters). You can even rent bikes and buy ski passes with them!

More Info!

Where to Eat in Les Portes du Soleil

Lampisa Kantone, Champéry – This lovely farmhouse is cooking with seasonal and fresh products from their lands. What better way to enjoy a warm meal in the midst of winter before hitting the slopes again? You can either warm up on their stove or take in the sun on their terrace.

Chalet Chanso, Morgins – This Chalet is the perfect place to get a Fondue with cheese crust 1,550 meters above sea level before you go back to riding the French Swiss Alps

Le Ferrage, Morgins – Enjoy a spectacular view of the ‘Dents du Midi’ mountains from the terrace of this pearl in Morgins, while eating a typical Swiss delicacy like Fondue.

Where to get your Tickets

Online: Many of the resorts offer special discounts when booking online on their web page. Make sure you check them thoroughly to get an early bird ticket and save a couple of bucks. Another benefit of ordering online is that you get to skip the line and go up to the mountain directly.

At the station: All ski resorts have cashier desks, where tickets can be bought. It might be that you will miss out on some nice discounts, though – and you have to be prepared to stand in line for a while.

Where to Rent Your Gear

Every – and we mean every – skiing region has at least five rental shops in the area. If you want to come prepared, we recommend looking up a rental shop in the town you are staying in. However, if you don’t want to schlepp the gear all the way to the mountain – every resort offers ski and snowboard, snowshoe as well as cross-country skiing equipment for rent.

East Switzerland

And finally, to the east of Switzerland, we go. 


Flims Pixabay

This massive resort in the East of Switzerland offers endless skiing, snowboarding and fun in the snow. Well-maintained slopes lead you all the way down into the magical valleys of Flims, Laax and Falera.

Fun park fans will find their thrill in Laax’s four snow parks, the half-pipe and on freeride bases. Snowboarders and skiers who prefer a more leisurely pace get to choose from over 224 kilometers of slopes.

Even cross-country skiers and sledding lovers will get their share of winter fun. Laax is a very affordable resort to visit – even though it is fairly popular and huge. You can get a day ticket starting at CHF 49.00!

Laax offers loads of slopes for beginners, advanced skiers and pros alike, so everybody gets the skiing adventure they are looking for. With a magical view over the mountains of Graubünden from the peak of ‘Vorab’ Glacier, there’s almost no place else that is as breathtaking.

Of course, there is plenty of Après Ski places around in the valley. Swiss people love to dance, sing and have a drink after riding all day – and you should not miss out on that experience during your stay.

Season in Flims Laax starts November 2nd and ends April 13th.

How to get to Flims

The easiest way to get to Flims by public transport is to take an (international) train going to ‘Chur’. From here, take the bus going to ‘Flims’. You can also ride the train to ‘Ilanz’ and hop on a bus to Flims there.

Accommodation in Flims

Only 150 meters away from Laax’s cable car lies Hotel and Restaurant Bellevue. Guests can use the shuttle bus for free and get to enjoy the sunny and central location. 

More Info!

The Hide Flims Hotel offers so many things at once, it’s hard to list them all. Whether you would like to do an express check-in, enjoy a buffet breakfast or rent your ski gear on the spot: The Hotel located only 250 meters away from ‘Plaun da Laax’ ski lift will deliver the Swiss mountain experience you’re looking for. 

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Attention to all riders looking to mingle. The Riders Hotel offers simple but beautiful rooms of wood and concrete, live concerts, sports, yoga and even art exhibitions. This is the perfect place to meet fellow riders and has a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, the ski lifts are right next door, only 250 meters away. 

More Info!

Where to Eat in Flims

The spot where all riders meet! Caffé No Name will not only serve you a piping hot coffee, but also snacks and warm meals. The cozy interior almost makes you want to spend your day in here, talking to fellow skiers and snowboarders. Another place, THE place to take a break from riding throughout the day – or for an Après Ski drink after an exciting day is Bridge Pop-Up Lounge. The panorama view from the wood benches is just breathtaking. Foppa Restaurant will warm you up and fill your belly with goodies like ‘Capuns’ and ‘Bündnerfleisch’.

What to Know Before You Ski in Switzerland

skiing in switzerland what to know 

Slope Colors and Their Difficulty

Blue slopes are easy, red slopes medium difficulty, black slopes difficult and yellow pistes are routes that are marked but not maintained.

On Avalanches

High peaks are gorgeous but also bring the risk of avalanches. Before you head up to the mountain, make sure to check the weather report and avalanche warnings. Though the resorts close if there is immediate danger, it’s good to inform yourself beforehand. Also, make sure you have a tracker in your ski clothing for worst-case scenarios.

Ski like a local

Please do not underestimate how exhausting skiing can be and stop skiing, when you feel you are no longer in control of what’s happening, or the weather is changing. It’s better to get in a few good runs and then enjoy an Aprés Ski, than having an accident. Stay safe!

Wear protection

We can’t stress enough how important protection is. Though helmets might not always look all that ‘cool’, you’ll be happy to have one on when you fall. Many major injuries can be prevented by just clicking the round thing on your head before you start.

Other Winter Sports in Switzerland

Snowshoeing: See Switzerland’s beauty from off the beaten path.

Cross-Country Skiing: Enjoy the many well-prepared slopes that Switzerland’s backcountry has to offer.

Sledding: This might sound curious, but Swiss people love sledding and thus, almost every resort offers at least one sledding slope for fellow sledders.

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