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Is it possible to visit Switzerland on a budget? Rejoice, fellow traveler, because the answer is yes! We’ll tell you how below. 

The Alps tower over crystal clear lakes and more chocolate than anyone could ever eat. Switzerland sits on many travelers’ lists of places to visit – often to remain unchecked. The perceived cost that comes with visiting the ‘water castle’ makes a lot of people loop around this gorgeous country in the heart of Europe.

It is, however, absolutely possible to travel Switzerland on a budget, if you know where to go and what to do. We’re sort of experts on affordable and budget travel and this guide will help YOU become one as well. 

We’ve set out to the land of Fondue and found the most affordable things to do and coolest places to visit in Switzerland! Let’s get started. 

Please note – Some of our selections contain affiliate links which allow us to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links helps us keep Just a Pack running, and allows us to provide all the information found on this site free of charge. Happy travels!

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Traveling Switzerland on a Budget

switzerland on budget

Welcome to the land of cheese, chocolate and the Swiss Alps. You’ve landed in the most gorgeous, landlocked country that Europe has to offer. Although many travelers fear the cost of a stay in Switzerland, there is ways how to get around and visit the most gorgeous places in Switzerland cheaply. Honed for its picturesque views, the mountains and the friendly people, Switzerland makes for a formidable travel destination on your Eurotrip.

We got to explore the affordable – yet magnificent – side of the small country and got to travel Switzerland on a budget. This guide shall introduce you to the secrets of traveling Switzerland cheaply. For more detailed information to the cities that follow, be sure to check out our destination guides.

Places to Visit in Switzerland on a Budget

Lucerne, Bern and Zurich are among the coolest, and most budget friendly, places to visit in Switzerland. If you fear the hefty prices for museums, activities and more, rest assured that the ‘water castle’ – nicknamed so because of its many rivers – has tons of free and affordable things to offer throughout your stay.

Here’s what to put on your list when visiting one of these three places in Switzerland on a budget.

Things to Do in Zurich on a Budget

zurich things to do switzerland 1a

The bustling business capital of Switzerland might look like a concrete jungle to you at first glance. Beneath the concrete, business buildings and suits rushing through the streets, however, lives and breathes an interesting and beautiful city to be explored.

Climb one of Zurich’s peaks

The most efficient and easiest way to get your whereabouts of a place is to gain some elevation. Zurich is surrounded by lots of hills, viewpoints and peaks to be reached – completely for free and by well-kept trails. One of the best city walks to the top is ‘Lindenberg’. Close to the city center (about 8 minutes away from the train station), the green oasis will deliver the panorama view you’re looking for.

Overlooking the river Limmat, the bustling city and ‘Grossmünster’ cathedral, you get an idea of how widespread the city is and where its river meanders through. If you’re keen on climbing some towers, Charles Tower (about 12 minutes walking distance from the train station) beckons you to climb the stairs up-up-up to its magnificent viewpoint.

See the City on a Bike for Free

Zurich is a busy place – it seems everybody is running, changing trams, trains and buses, being late for something all the time. If you want to explore the modern business capital at a leisurely pace, renting a bike is the optimal solution. Not only can you bike through the pedestrian zones to park ‘Platzspitz’ by the Zurich lake or the ‘Chinese Garden’, but also cruise through the inner town and take in every nook and cranny – for free.

For free? Yes, for free. The project ‘Züri rollt’ was started by the Zurich government several years ago to make the city of Zurich more accessible. Simply get to one of their seasonal rental places at ‘Pestalozziwiese’, ‘Landesmuseum’ or ‘Enge’ (November-April only at the main rental place), bring a deposit of CHF 20.00 as well as an ID and off you roll.

Take in the Sun at Letten

Especially in summer, Letten is a sought-after place for locals to bathe and cool down after a hard workday. Located just 15 minutes from the train station, the river access with a seating area floating on the river, offers the refreshment you might seek after a successful day of exploring. The area is completely for free and refreshments can either be brought or bought at one of the bars surrounding the beautiful area by the Limmat river. A local’s experience you shouldn’t miss out on!

Jump Into Zurich’s Vibrant Nightlife

Despite the nickname locals have given Zurich (business capital), Zurichians know how to have fun. The city in the Northeast of Switzerland counts the most bars per capita in all of Europe. Whether you dive into the famous ‘Langstrasse’ district or just walk around in the Old Town of Zurich – a cool bar or club is never far away.

We especially enjoyed Frau Gerold’s Garten – an outside seating bar with great cocktails and funky music, just minutes away from the train station. Gonzo takes the night away in their underground club and makes for a great escape when visiting in Winter. ‘Fischer’s Fritz’ makes for a great place to sit down by the lake, have a drink and relive the memories of your Zurich experience.

If you are looking to dance the night away in Zurich, ‘Kaufleuten’, ‘Exil’ or ‘Oxa’ are your places to go to. Make sure you check their events and entry prices beforehand.

Gorge yourself on Zurich’s Specialties

Exploring makes you hungry. Next to Fondue, Raclette and Chocolate, Switzerland has a shock of regional specialties to offer. Zurich is especially well known for its ‘Gschnetzlets’ – veal bites with mushrooms in cream sauce and Rösti (hash browns). To get the most authentic experience – that is a little easier on your wallet than other places – be sure to turn to ‘Zeughauskeller’ restaurant.

Especially cool – and not just interesting for vegetarians and vegans – is Hiltl Restaurant in the inner city, where you can gorge yourself on delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes for a decent price. You get to put your very own plate together and fill it with whatever looks good.

Where to Stay in Zurich

You landed in Zurich and wonder where you shall put your head to rest? The business metropole of Switzerland has lots of accommodation available. Here’s the places we loved.

The Best Hostels in Zurich

Hostel Otter: With its convenient location, marvelous staff and clean rooms, Hostel Otter is amongst the best properties to stay at in Zurich.

Youthhostel Zurich: Just a stone’s throw from Zurich’s lake shore, Youthhostel Zurich pampers you with varied cuisine, a 24-hour reception and a sunny, quiet inner courtyard to relax.

City Backpacker Biber: Located in the Old Town of Zurich, Hostel Biber makes exploring Zurich easy and comfortable. All main sights are within walking distance from the property.

The Best Hotels in Zurich

Placid Hotel Design & Lifestyle Zurich: A view from the 12 stories tall business tower over Zurich makes your stay at Placid Hotel perfect. They also offer free usage of their design bikes, so you can explore the city on two wheels.

INSIDE FIVE City Apartments: INSIDE FIVE City Apartments offers you the comfort your very own flat could give you. With only 10 minutes walking distance away from the main train station, Inside offers a perfect location, a washing machine and bright rooms.

Couchsurfing in Zurich

Exploring a country is often more exciting with a local. Couchsurfing is not only great for making your trip cheaper, but also provides you with a great opportunity to get to know Swiss culture from a local’s perspective. Unfortunately, Couchsurfing has recently shown a high number of untrustworthy hosts – so make sure you choose yours wisely and be careful.

Things to Do in Lucerne on a Budget

Seeing the sun rising over Lake Lucerne, nestled between the mountains Pilatus and Rigi, is just breathtaking. Lucerne is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Switzerland. If you haven’t figured out where to spend your time in the historical and beautiful city yet, here is what to check out when in Lucerne.

Climb the Museggmauer

Lucerne Museggmauer

The first box to check upon arriving in a city is getting an idea of how the city looks from above. By climbing the former city wall – Museggmauer – you’re not only up for the most magnificent view over Lucerne, its lake and the surrounding mountains, but also get to dive into the medieval times of the city.

Built in 1367, the wall are pretty much still in the shape it was back in the Middle Ages, which makes it a unique holdfast – nationwide. Walking along the wall, you will encounter the 9 remaining towers of the city. Locals have a saying to memorize them all: ‘Nölli-Männli Lueg is Ländli, Wach uf d’Ziit und Schiebs Pulver ufem Allewinde-Dächli.’ (Nölli-man, look into the land, guard the time and, push the powder on the Allewinde roof). The best part? You get to access the wall for free.

Get Lost in the Historical City Center

lucerne things to do switzerland on a budget

Lucerne is also called ‘the city by the lake’. This, with a good reason. Not only the river Reuss accompanies you throughout your whole journey; Lake Lucerne greets you upon your arrival at the train station and beckons you to undertake a walk along the lake promenade.

It’s no surprise that J. W. von Goethe had a weak spot for the city – it’s almost impossible to not fall in love with the historical monuments, the Old Town and the many architectonic pearls. You can follow the (English) sign posts all around the city for more information about the monuments and learn more about the past of Lucerne.

From the Chapel Bridge to the Jesuit Church with its onion shaped towers, to the town house with ancient paintings, over to the many fountains, chapels and the main visitor attraction – the Glacier Garden & Lion Monument: A walk through Lucerne’s Old Town is just absolutely magnificent – and educational.

You can access the Glacier garden for USD 5.00 and marvel at early glacier bits of the area. Then climb through the ‘Alpine Park’, which overlooks the city. Beware though: you’ll have to find your way through the mirror maze first. The lion monument commemorates the fallen Swiss Guards in 1792 during the French Revolution and can be marveled at for free. It’s a tradition to throw in a coin into the small pond in front of it for good luck (make sure to throw the coin over your shoulder).

Bathe in Lake Lucerne

Lucerne Lake Lucerne

The clear water beckons us to take a dip in the cool waters of Lake Lucerne. Not just visitors, but also locals enjoy a swim on a hot day in their lake. That is also the reason why there is tons of places you can access the lake at.

Whether you want to visit Lido – with a beach volley field, a bar and a sandy beach – or swim for free at ‘Ufschötti’: Following the lake’s traces, you’ll get the refreshment you seek within 20 minutes of walking.

Hike up to Mount Pilatus

Lucerne Mount Pilatus

Of course, the Swiss’ passion for hiking can’t be ignored when visiting this stunning country. Lucerne is – next to the Chapel Bridge – world-renowned for its mountain: Pilatus. Eerily sagas and myths revolve around the peak towering over the area and many travelers come to the city by the lake to take in the giant mountain with their own eyes.

What most travelers fear is the cost to get up to the top ($ 65.00). Though the ride up on the steepest rail rack road in the world is a cool experience, we opted out for a daylong hike up to the top. Not a single soul will pass your way and you really will get the Switzerland experience many visitors seek. Alpine herbs, dramatic overhangs and the peak looming in the distance, with a great view over Lake Lucerne… What else could one want?

If a 7 hours long hike to the peak, however, does not correspond with your experience or physical ability, simply opt out for a ride with the cable car from Kriens. A ticket, starting at USD 5.00, will bring you up to the ‘Krienseregg’ or ‘Fräkmüntegg’ station. The trip up the mountain by cable car is breathtaking and a little nicer on your wallet. If you want to go all the way to the peak, the total price is $ 18.00. You can either purchase a return ticket or do the hike we went on backwards – downhill.

Try the Famous ‘Chügelipastete’ and Other Delicious Lucernian Dishes

Exploring makes hungry and here is the next point of travel expenses. Eating in Switzerland is known to be expensive. That, however, doesn’t have to be the case.
Switzerland offers a variety of places that cook well, inexpensively and internationally. Lucerne is especially known for its ‘Chügelipastete’ – a puff pastry shell filled with veal bites, mushrooms and cream. Do we need to point out how delicious it is?

The cheapest and most traditional option of the ‘Chügelipastete’ in Lucerne is restaurant ‘Militärgarden’. They offer outside seating and friendly service, along with delicious food. Swiss food is simple – but so delicious. Another thing to try when in Lucerne is the famous ‘Poulet im Chörbli’ (chicken in a basket) at ‘Soul Chicken’ or ‘Militärgarten’.

Whether you seek traditional Swiss food or international cuisine: Lucerne is home to many cuisines. You can get a good old fashioned Rösti (and fabulous brunch) at Café ‘Gugelhupf’ for USD 7.50 or opt out for Indian delicacies for roughly USD 10.00 at ‘Tandoori’. Swiss people also love pasta, which is probably partially the reason why Bar and Restaurant Max offers a spaghetti night once a week that will get you fed for $ 7.50.

Explore Lucerne’s Outdoor Nightlife and Bar Scene

The lake makes for a perfect location for outdoor bars and places to sit and marvel at the mountains surrounding the lake basin. Whether you’d like to sip a drink right out front the Culture and Congress Center with lake access at ‘Voliere’, or you prefer the coziness of a pub: Lucerne offers a shock of bars and clubs to spend your time at. Amazing cocktails are to be gotten from Max Bar or Suite.

If you are still ready to dance the night away after exploring the city all day, make sure you check out Bar59 for a funky night in the bunker. Live concerts and 90’s parties are to be sought in ‘Schüür’ and ‘Triibhuus’. Clubs such as ‘Casino’ and ‘The Black Sheep’ offer all dance floor lovers the experience they’re looking for.

Experience Lucerne’s Carnival

Lucerne Carnival Pixabay

Buckle up for an exceptional experience. Locals call it the ‘crazy 7 days of the year’. And truly crazy is Lucerne’s Carnival – a tradition as old as time itself.

Hundreds and thousands of people meet at 5 am on the ‘Dirty Thursday’ to try and spook away winter with masks, costumes and loud banging music bands walking through the city streets for a whole week. Every year in February, you can be part of the spectacle, for free. Lucerne’s Carnival is an open street party that never seems to stop. Band formations with masks play loud music and processions like ‘Orange throwing’ are happening in the city by the lake.

The event is of cultural heritage of the city, the tradition having been started hundreds of years ago. If you get the chance to dive into the masked crowd, you should not miss out on these exceptional 7 days.

Where to Stay in Lucerne

The Best Hostels

Bellpark Hostel: With Mount Pilatus right at their doorstep, Bellpark is the perfect location for you if you are planning to hike to the top. The city is only 10 minutes away from the property and they let you try fried rice for breakfast.

Barabas: Looking for a little thrill? Barabas will give you a firsthand experience of a jail. Yes, this hostel used to house bad boys. But don’t worry: You’ll enjoy all the luxury and comfort one could only have dreamt of back in time. With a prime location in the Old Town, Barabas makes for an extraordinary experience in Lucerne.

The Best Hotels

Capsule Hotel: Within striking distance to Chapel Bridge, Capsule Hotel provides you with the privacy of an own room – just in a capsule. The modern, clean facility is exceptional with its construction of dorms, giving travelers the space to unwind and sleep comfortably.

Gasthaus zur Waldegg: Swiss and international cuisine, a beer garden overlooking Mount Pilatus and comfortable rooms with a TV. Gasthaus zur Waldegg is located very close to the city and yet manages to give you the feel of being far away from it.

Camping Grounds in Lucerne

Lido: The camping ground Lido, resting at the shore of Lake Lucerne, is not just conveniently located, but also offers public transport tickets with your stay. You can either pitch a tent, park a caravan or book a bed in their dormitories.

Couchsurfing in Lucerne

Exploring a country is often more exciting with a local. Couchsurfing is not only great for making your trip cheaper, but also provides you with a great opportunity to get to know Swiss culture from a local’s perspective. Unfortunately, Couchsurfing has recently shown a high number of untrustworthy hosts – so make sure you choose yours wisely and be careful.

Things to Do in Bern on a Budget

Thing to Do in Switzerland - Bern River

One of the most picturesque and relaxed places to visit in Switzerland is its capital: Bern. A stroll through the cute, ancient old town, visiting the famous ‘Zibelemärit’ and taking a dip in the river Aare is what awaits you in the capital of Switzerland. Bern is an undiscovered gem and makes traveling in Switzerland on a budget easy.

Explore Bern’s Marvelous Old Town

Bern TimeTower Pixabay

The magnificent Old Town of Bern, with its historical buildings and medieval nooks and crannies, entered UNESCO’s World Heritage list back in 1983. The stunning half island takes us in its ban effortlessly and we immediately sense that everything seems to go a little slower here. Bern is well-known for its relaxed art of life – might it be due to the fact that Albert Einstein developed his relativity theory in Bern?

All buildings and their history are accessible for free. Most of Bern’s Old Town is car-free, which makes walking the cobblestones relaxed and easy.

One of Bern’s best-known sights is the time tower (Zytglogge) with its stunning clock face and an exquisite show every hour. The medieval tower is probably the most significant sight in Bern – not just for its beauty. It was due to this exact clock that Albert Einstein finished a paper that became known as the relativity theory, after he had looked at the tower from out a streetcar on his way home.

About 3 ½ minutes before the full hour, a rooster begins the play of the Zytglogge. Every day at 2.30 pm, you can glimpse into the massive tower and get to know just how much manpower it needs to be set up on this tour with ‘the warden of time’. The clock is wound up manually – as was usual back in time. It truly feels as though we are standing in the home of time itself.

Meandering through the vaults of the city – with cute shops and cafés nestled in between – we get to the Münster, Bern’s cathedral. Climbing it will provide you with a spectacular view over the city, the river surpassing it and an idea of how the medieval center of Switzerland must have looked like.

We can’t help but notice the many fountains and ancient statues that we pass when strolling through Bern. The capital city of Switzerland is home to over 100 fountains – one more extravagant than the other. Many visitors don’t know about the many myths and legends that revolve around the landlocked country; eerily, ghostly and terrifying. One of the fountains – called the child-eating fountain – holds a Krampus-like statue guarding the waters beneath him. After visiting, you might want to duck into the historical Holy Ghost Church nearby for some comfort.

Be sure to look out for the colored street signs all around town (red, green, blue, black, white). They are remains of Napoleon’s occupation period that were erected to show drunk soldiers of Napoleon their way back home.

Visit Bern’s Rose Garden

Often visited by lovebirds, the Rose Garden of Bern is also worth seeing when traveling solo. The marvelous bloom of Bern’s roses up on the hill is just absolutely beautiful to watch, and the park makes for a perfect break from the many sights in the city.

For those of you that enjoy reading – the park also holds a library with a ‘Reading Garden’. Pure relaxation guaranteed!

Explore the ‘Zibelemärit’

The medieval old town also makes space for an extraordinary farmers market, which is called ‘Zibelemärit’. Every first Monday in November, farmers take to the city with more than 50 tons of onions and garlic in artistically woven braids.

The Zibelemärit dates back to the year 1405, the year of Bern’s great fire, and is one of the oldest folk traditions in the country. So, by visiting the market on ‘Bundesplatz’ square, you don’t just get to lay your hands on a real Swiss souvenir but also dive into the history of the city. Make sure you don’t miss out on the procession: A masked group known as ‘Zibelegringe’ (Onion heads) wander from pub to pub and spread the events of the past year in form of songs.

Pay the Federal Palace a visit

Switzerland’s voting system and parliament are well-known. But have you ever peeked inside the Federal Palace before? Switzerland’s capital opens the doors to the Parliament buildings every day except Monday, Sunday and public holidays.

The Palace – yes, palace – is not only gorgeous from the outside, but also holds beautiful window paintings and architectonic gems on the inside. On the hour long – free – tour, you’ll get to know everything about the marvelous building (and Swiss politics).

Explore Bern’s Culinary World

The capital of Switzerland has the probably biggest regional cuisine to offer. The most famous dish of Bern is the ‘Berner Platte’, which consists of sausage, sauerkraut, beans and ham. This dish will warm you up even in the depths of winter.

Of course, Swiss people love sweet stuff, too. Not only pastries – which are by the way just absolutely delicious, no matter what bakery you get your piece from – but also finger-licking good cookies. This is also what ‘Kambly’ has made their mission. You can visit their factory in Trubschachen and dive into the ‘Kambly Experience’ (eating cookies and learning about their history) very cheaply. Next to the delicious cookies, be sure to try a ‘Berner Biberli’ – A pastry made of gingerbread and filled with almond paste that you can get from any supermarket or bakery. Yum!

Where to Stay in Bern

The Best Hostels in Bern

Bern Hotel & Hostel Glocke: Stay in a building that is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List! Hotel & Hostel Glocke has a prime location in the heart of Old Town and provides a clean, safe and comfortable space to rest your head.

Hostel 77: Hostel 77 not only offers a free breakfast; they also will provide you with a transport pass for the city of Bern! Located right at the foot of the Gurten hill, the cozy hostel makes for a perfect place for your Bern stay.

The Best Hotels in Bern

Ziegelhüsi Hotel: Bright rooms, seasonal cuisine, and the city easily accessible. Ziegelhüsi Hotel will show you just how hospitable Bern is.

Hotel Waldhorn: This hotel, located just 10 minutes walk away from Bern’s city center, not only offers free breakfast but also free transport tickets for the city of Bern with your stay. With friendly staff and clean rooms, Waldhorn makes for the perfect location for your stay in Bern.

Camping Grounds



Exploring a country is often more exciting with a local. Couchsurfing is not only great for making your trip cheaper, but also provides you with a great opportunity to get to know Swiss culture from a local’s perspective. Unfortunately, Couchsurfing has recently shown a high number of untrustworthy hosts – so make sure you choose yours wisely and be careful.

More Tips & Tricks for Visiting Switzerland

switzerland on budget intro 1a

Swiss Chocolate

Everybody knows: When in Switzerland, make sure to bring back some chocolate to munch on and relish in memories of your Switzerland trip. Opt out for own chocolate brands of Swiss supermarkets – like Migros or Coop, to save a buck. They’re just as delicious as their more expensive fellows. We also really liked Risoletto and Torino Chocolate, which are less expensive than other international chocolate brands of Switzerland and only available in the country.

Raclette & Fondue

The Swiss kitchen developed from many shortages due to raids and feeding other militant troops passing through the country. Thus, Swiss dishes are simple – but so delicious and filling. Raclette and Fondue are great culinary delights to try throughout your stay and if you get the chance to try it – do it. But don’t pay exorbitant prices for it. If you happen to rent an Airbnb apartment, a Fondue or Raclette are easily made in the flat, too. Chances are, the utensils you need for them are in the house.

Switzerland Public Transport

Most visitors are unaware of how much money the public transport will eat up of your travel budget in Switzerland. Before you go on and rent a car, however, there is a few tips and tricks that will make getting around in the cities easy, comfortable and cheap.

Renting Bikes in Switzerland

All the cities above are relatively small and can be toured on a bicycle. There are designated cycling paths in Lucerne, Bern and Zurich and you can rent bikes from various places. By the way: Lucerne and Bern are very walkable cities, too.

Camping in Switzerland

Check the offers of camping grounds, hotels & hostels and get a transport ticket for the city for free

Some camping grounds, hostels and hotels will give you a free public transport ticket for your stay. This is an amazing deal, as a bus ticket for the city will get to you all the places comfortably and cheaply.

Buses for Travel Between Cities

Opt out for Buses from international companies when hopping between cities

Try to avoid taking trains and check for buses from international companies connecting the major cities. Even for Swiss people, the train is expensive. You might be able to get a good deal for some destinations. However, we recommend checking connections from international bus companies – like Flixbus – that will bring you from one Swiss city to the other for almost half the price and with Wi-Fi.

Check Blah Blah Car

Swiss people are aware of the high prices of public transport. Thus, the app Blah Blah Car has gotten very popular amongst Swiss citizens. Especially in cities like Lucerne, Bern or Zurich, you have a good chance of finding a cheap ride.

General Info About Switzerland

  • Location: Central Europe, South of Germany, West of Austria, East of France, North of Italy
  • Languages: (Swiss) German, French, Italian, Romansh
  • Currency: Swiss Francs (CHF – All prices in given in this guide are in CHF unless noted otherwise)
  • Population: Approx. 8.42 million
  • Capital: Bern
  • Tipping: 0-10% in bars and restaurants, $ 1 per piece of luggage for the porter (max. $ 5.00), 10% for taxi drivers

How to get to Switzerland

Switzerland is nestled in the heart of Europe and thus, getting to Switzerland is incredibly facile. Even connections between the different places to visit in Switzerland can be booked with international bus companies by now.

  • Bus: There is buses going either to Zurich, Bern or Lucerne. Either check Student Agency or Flixbus for the cheapest connection. Our favorite bus company to undertake the journey to Switzerland is Student Agency. Comfortable seats, entertainment and free hot drinks make the travel time fly by.
  • Train: Some visitors prefer to travel by train. Be careful about which trains you choose. The public transport prices in Switzerland are exorbitant – but you might get a good offer if you are willing to do a little research.

Other Stunning Places to Visit in Switzerland

  • Roman City Augusta Raurica in Basel
  • Lake Blausee
  • Experience Switzerland back in time at Ballenberg museum in Bern
  • Fribourg
  • Lugano
  • Chur & Flims/Laax
  • Zug

And there you have it folks, traveling Switzerland on a budget made easy. We hope we’ve shown you all a way to make YOUR visit to Switzerland as budget friendly as possible! Happy travels guys!​

Is it possible to visit Switzerland on a Budget? What attractions and sites can a traveler on a budget see in Switzerland? You'll be surprised to find...there are plenty of options and Switzerland doesn't have to be as expensive as you might imagine! #bern #zurich #lucerne #switzerland #europe #europeantravel #budgettravel #travel

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