Six Free Things to Do in Montreal

free things to do in montreal

Things to Do in Montreal Are you guys looking for things to do in Montreal? Montreal is a city with with potential to appeal to a wide range of visitors. There is something in Montreal to fulfill the artist, the photographer, the food connoisseur, the history buff, the nature enthusiast, or the eclectic hipster. Whether… Read More

Why I’ll Never Ride a Scooter in Southeast Asia Again

renting scooters in southeast asia

Last Christmas was a particularly memorable one for me. Not because I saw Santa, or received a Golden Willy Wonka ticket as a present. Nothing that awesome. It was memorable because I spent it in a nearly deserted and extremely questionable hospital on the island of Cat Ba in Vietnam. You see, earlier that day I… Read More

Why I Got Laser Eye Surgery in South Korea

Many people have asked me why I decided to get laser eye surgery in South Korea. When I answer the question, I always start right back at the beginning. One day on a bus, a friend made an offhand suggestion. Nine words that ended up changing my life: “You should think about getting LASEK while… Read More

How to Maintain Your Yoga Practice While Traveling

Want to keep up your yoga while traveling? Yoga lovers do not despair. There is no reason to eschew your practice when traveling! In fact, maintaining a practice on the road can be a great way to meet people and to learn more yoga. It and if funds permit travel allows you to experience classes… Read More

5 Healthy Reasons to Go Scuba Diving on Your Next Trip

reasons to try scuba diving

Scuba diving is both an adventure and a healthy sport. Scuba diving offers you an unforgettable experience as you explore the wonder of life underwater. Apart from the entertainment and fun aspects, going scuba diving on your trip has some immense physical, psychological, social and emotional benefits as well. Physical fitness There are lots of reasons… Read More

5 Landscapes You Had No Idea Were in Morocco

When most people think of Morocco they have one image – rolling sand dunes on a never ending desert, stretching further than the eye can see. This, however, is not the case. Morocco is just not a desert, at all! In fact the landscapes in Morocco are extremely varied. When visitors come one of the… Read More

How I Got a Job Teaching English in South Korea

Teaching english in south korea

Two months ago, I hopped on a plane bound for Incheon to start a new job teaching English in South Korea. It was a risky move: I had never worked as a teacher, I had never been to South Korea, and I didn’t know a soul in my new city. Despite all these challenges –… Read More

Solo Female Travel in Asia: A Quick and Dirty Guide

Asia isn’t necessarily known for being a female-friendly travel destination. Stories of gang rape in India and sex tourism in Thailand might make the average solo female traveler think twice about venturing onto the continent altogether. But don’t be deterred by media scare tactics and the thought of obnoxious male backpackers traipsing around Bangkok in… Read More

Top Ten Tips for the Traveling Runner

staying fit while traveling

Looking to stay fit while traveling? Running is a great travel workout to help you stay in shape while on the road. Travel fitness is a topic you don’t see discussed very often. However, the difficulty of staying fit while traveling is easy to understate. We tend to thinsuk of travel itself as a form… Read More