When Should You Visit Prague and the Czech Republic? – A Seasonal Travel Guide

when to visit Prague and the czech republic - a guide to the seasons

When to Visit Prague and the Czech Republic – Seasonal Guide Wondering when to visit Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic? Read on! If you’re having trouble deciding when to visit Prague, fear not. The easy answer is “whenever you can”! Whether it’s the dead of winter or the dog days of summer,… Read More

Exploring South Moravia – A Czech Wine and Culture Tour

Visiting South Moravia Czech Republic - Mikulov

Czech wine is a thing, and it’s exceptional. One visit to South Moravia will leave you hooked. If you think the Czech Republic is all about the beer, think again. There IS such a thing as Czech wine…and it’s quite good! In a country renowned for its beer, you may be surprised to know that… Read More