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Looking to take a dip in one of Prague’s swimming pools? The Czech Republic may be landlocked but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a swim in Prague.

Prague has plenty of indoor and outdoor swimming pools to make use of. Whether you’re swimming for sport or just looking to dunk yourself in the water when it gets too hot (on those rare summer days), there’s a perfect pool for you.

Best Swimming Pools in Prague

So, let’s get started! These are the best swimming pools in Prague.

Indoor Swimming Pools in Prague

Raining? Cold out, or just prefer an indoor swimming pool in Prague. We’ve got you covered with this list of the best indoor swimming pools in Prague.

Aquacentrum Letňany Lagoon

Large indoor swimming pool with water slides

Located on the outskirts of Prague, Aquacentrum Letňany Lagoon is a paradise for all types of swimmers. The 25-meter pool is perfect for swimming laps, and there are three other pools where you can just chill out. The fun pool, the kids’ pool, and the massage pool are all built purely for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for a bit of a thrill, there’s also an 86-meter enclosed water slide.

At this complex, you’ll also have access to a fitness center, a relaxation center with a sauna and whirlpool, refreshments, and more. Kids’ swimming lessons are also offered here.

Aquacentrum Šutka

large empty indoor swimming pool

Located in Kobylisy, Aquacentrum Šutka is well-known among locals as one of the best swimming pools in Prague. This complex not only has several swimming pools but also an entire waterpark for you to enjoy.

Their 50-meter pool is one of only two indoor pools of this size in Prague and is perfect for competitive swimmers, athletes, and swimming lessons. Then there’s the teaching pool, mostly used by parents and kids during swimming lessons. This pool is completely separate from the rest of the complex, with its own entrance and changing rooms. The relaxation pool is in the waterpark adjacent to the water bar (yes, you read that right) so you’ll have direct access to refreshments.

In the waterpark, you’ll find two enclosed water slides equipped with lights and effects for maximum entertainment. There are also three smaller slides, a wild river, a wading pool, and a hot tub with massage jets. All of these attractions are located inside, but during the summer there’s an outdoor patio with lounge chairs and tables for you to use.

In addition to the water park and pools, there’s also a sauna and a solarium.

Bazén Strahov

This indoor pool located underneath Stadion Strahov is a favorite for competitive athletes and those just looking to get a workout in. Owned and operated by the Czech Sports Union, this one is specifically dedicated to training unlike the other pools on this list.

The 25-meter pool has several lanes that are mainly used by swimming clubs or for swimming lessons. It’s open to the general public during select hours as well, and many locals enjoy the convenient hours of open swimming. At this facility, you can also take advantage of a whirlpool, squash courts, saunas, massages, spinning classes, and more.

The pool is currently closed, but will reopen to the public at the beginning of September 2023.

Aquapalace Praha

Another large complex located on the outskirts of Prague, Aquapalace Praha is perhaps the most well-known indoor water complex here. It’s basically a resort for all things water and wellness and is home to 12 water slides, including the longest one in the Czech Republic.

Let’s start with Water World. With an area of 9150 square meters, this is the biggest waterpark in Central Europe and comprises three sections. The first is known as “Palác pokladů”, or Treasure Palace. This indoor section has several themed play areas including a pirate’s boat, water cannons, and a lighthouse. There’s also a kids’ wading pool, a wave pool, a VR zone, and even a laser show on the water.

Next, we have the SPG Palace of Adventures, which is where the adrenaline junkies will want to hang out. This section is home to rides and slides like the Crazy Tube, the Spacebowl, Kamikaze, and many more. Some of these slides twist and turn while others are more than 100 meters long, so take your pick! Finally, the outdoor zone is home to a wild river snaking around the premises.

Aside from the waterpark, you’ll have access to nine restaurants and bars, a fitness center, different types of saunas, spa and wellness treatments, and more. There’s also a hotel onsite, so if you’re just visiting this is the perfect place to stay to be close to all the fun.

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Prague

Ready to enjoy a nice dip in the pool outside? Prague has options! Here are some of the best outdoor swimming pools in Prague!

Koupaliště Šárka

Koupaliště Šárka, not to be confused with the nearby Džbán Lake, is located in the middle of the Divoká Šárka nature reserve. It has two swimming pools as well as a kiddie pool. The water here is famously chilly, so this is perfect for a hot summer day. You can also enjoy a small water slide.

After you cool off in the water, there are plenty of lounge chairs and tables available so you can sunbathe or relax with a drink. For the little ones, there’s a playground with swings and slides, a trampoline, and a kids’ castle. And for those with a competitive spirit, there are also courts where you can play a game of beach volleyball, table tennis, or soccer.

Locked cabins are available so no need to worry about leaving your stuff unattended. Refreshments are also available onsite, including ice cream, beer, and typical Czech fare.

Biotop Radotín

Located in Prague 5, this biotope swimming pool is a man-made reservoir that is biologically cleaned, meaning it’s cleaned without any chemicals. It’s perfect for small kids or people with allergies or sensitivities to typical pool chemicals like chlorine.

Here, you’ll find a swimming lake and a biological “cleaning” lake. The oval-shaped swimming lake has dimensions of 62 x 75 meters, making it one of the larger swimming pools in Prague.

The entire area surrounding the swimming lake is made of artificial grassed irrigation for prime relaxation and sunbathing. You’ll also find changing rooms, a playground for kids, sports equipment rentals, and a variety of refreshments all just a few steps from the water.

Petynka Swimming Pool

This state-of-the-art swimming pool in Prague 6 often goes unnoticed by foreigners, but be sure not to miss this one! This large complex takes pride in its main attraction: the 50-meter stainless steel heated outdoor pool, so you can swim outside all year round. This pool is open daily from May 1 until March 30 each year. There’s also a kids’ pool with a slide.

Those aren’t the only water attractions, though: you’ll also find a 103-meter water slide and an Aqua Zorbing area for the kids. Once you’re done in the water, head to the trampoline or try your hand at a game of beach volleyball or table tennis. Other attractions for kids include quad bikes and a playground complete with a climbing wall and cable car.

Sunbathers will be happy to learn that you’re free to lay your towel down in any area of the complex, including the grassy rooftop of the main building. In addition, you can rent umbrellas and lounge chairs for a small fee. When you get peckish, you’ll find 3 refreshment stands, another stand specifically for kids, and a summer bar with cocktails.

Best of Both Worlds – Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools in Prague

If you’re indecisive or need both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool in Prague for some reason, here are some great options!

Podolí Swimming Stadium

Located near the river in Podolí, this is one of the biggest swimming complexes in all of Prague. There are two 50-meter pools (one indoor and one outdoor) and a 33-meter outdoor pool for water polo and diving. There’s also a kids’ pool for the little ones and a large spiral slide for the adventurous swimmers.

While you’re here, you can also take advantage of the sauna, massages, fitness and rehabilitation center, steam room, and solarium. Of course, there’s also a restaurant with all the typical refreshments available, including sandwiches, french fries, and Czech beer.

SK Slavia Swimming Stadium

Located in Vršovice, Slavia’s Swimming Stadium is also home to both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The indoor pool is 25 meters long and is mostly used for sports and training. There’s also a children’s pool inside. The outdoor pool is 50 meters long with a large spectator stand surrounding it. You’ll also find two kids’ pools outside along with a kids’ water slide.

Rather sit near the water than actually get in it? You’re not alone, and there’s a part of this complex designed specifically for you. There’s a large designated sunbathing area complete with snacks and refreshments. You’ll also find a kids’ playground and a sports area housing courts for beach volleyball, table tennis, mini golf, and more.

Best Swimming Pools in Prague – Wrap-up

After reading this list, you may be surprised by how many swimming pools there are in Prague. The list doesn’t even end here; we’ve just given you the cream of the crop.

Head to one of these swimming pools to get your feet wet (literally), and then keep exploring. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, get your adrenaline fix, swim some laps, or simply learn the basics, there’s a swimming pool in Prague for you.

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