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Looking for quiet places in Singapore?

In a bustling metropolis like Singapore, teeming with life, energy, and chaos it can be daunting to find a quiet oasis to unwind. 

Did you know Singapore has a nickname? Some people refer to it as the ‘Garden City’ due to the sheer amount of parks nestled away amongst the tree lined streets. A city of sleek skyscrapers, half of its land area is actually covered by green. So it’s way easier to find a quiet place to unwind than it first may seem. 

Here is a starter list to the peaceful to relax in Singapore.

Quiet Places in Singapore to Relax and Chill

Let’s get started by looking at some parks and green spaces in Singapore. 

Parks and Green Places

Botanical Garden

Number one on the list of places to chill in Singapore is the Botanical Gardens. This tranquil inner city retreat is 162 years old and is the most visited botanical garden in the world!

Marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the garden showcases an exquisite array of tropical plants and flowers. Flourishing pathways leading to lily ponds with leafy arches overhead, it’s easy to see how this can be the most relaxing and rejuvenating place in Singapore. What makes it even better? Admission is free!

If you want to support this green land, you can pay for admission to the aptly named VIP Orchid Garden. In this instance, VIP stands for Very Important Plant (beyond adorable).

Why? Well, inside this exclusive garden is a hybrid collection of over 200 flowers that are named after famous visitors. So here you can stop and admire the beauty of a Nelson Mandela or Jackie Chan orchid!

Gardens by the Bay

trees and the super tree buildings in Singapore

A true favorite as a green space to visit is Gardens by the Bay. Home to the Supertree Grove, the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. If that wasn’t enough, bursting from the height of 35 meters a waterfall descends, scattering droplets across the tropical plantation.

Other-worldly names for breathtaking scenery, the names alone entice visitors and residents alike to wonder at the displays of nature here.

East Coast Park

If open space is what you are after, East Coast Park is Singapore’s largest. Renowned for its cycle paths, there are bike rentals dotted throughout. Cycle and skating lanes weave through the park allowing bicycles, rollerblades and scooters to meander through.

Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park is best described as photogenic. With its scenic photo points and artsy winding bridges aptly named after jewels and sunrises, it’s very Insta-friendly!

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

The Garden City is home to not only parks but also many nature reserves. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve sits on top of a hill and has an extraordinarily diverse variety of plants and creatures. It is said to contain more species of tree in one hectare, than the total amount of tree species found in the whole of North America!

Stroll around for an afternoon at your own pace and soak up what the reserve has to offer.

Changi Boardwalk

If you are in the mood to stretch your legs and take a calming walk, the Changi Boardwalk is ideal. 2km along the eastern coastline, this chill spot in Singapore is perfect to watch the sunrise or set across the water.

Locations of all of these parks and more, can be found here.

Pacific Agro Farm

For somewhere a bit different head to Pacific Agro Farm. An unexpected gem on a list of places to relax, this is a little patch of farming Eden. Herbs such as lemongrass, mint and basil are mingled with okra, chilies and tomato plants. Produce grown here can be purchased on-site.

An inside tip? The cherry tomatoes are picked daily and given to visitors, so stop by for a delicious tomato plucked directly from the vine that morning.

Islands and Beaches

a view of Singapore waterways from above

A list of places to chill in Singapore cannot be complete without mentioning it’s offshore islands and beaches. Hop on a ferry to Sister’s Island Marine Park, this is the place to go for beach seclusion. Swim, snorkel, or just wiggle your toes in the golden sand whilst listening to the waves. Blissful.

Kusu Island is home to soothing sacred sites inland, and more snorkeling is to be done on the shores. It’s noted that here is a great place to spot sea turtles!

For a view of Singapore’s skyline from afar, travel to St John’s Island. Here you can picnic on the beach, or wander over to the National Marine Laboratory to check out the marine life around you and read up on the conservation work that’s carried out there.

To get to any island requires a ferry, these can all be booked here. Pro tip: food and drinks cannot be purchased on the islands, so pack yourself a tasty feast and bring it along with you.

Cafes and Study Spots

man sitting with back to camera at cafe in Singapore

Take a break from the outside greenery, and head indoors for a place to chill. Within the immaculate streets there are hundreds of secluded cafes for a soothing stop.
The Glasshouse has delicious coffee, free Wi-Fi and a variety of loungers and chairs to wile away hours within the calming Scandinavian décor.

If you are looking for a place to connect, that supports the local community and also serves pizza, try Lowercase Cafe. An understated and untroubled place to chill in Singapore.

The Book Cafe is a self named ‘living room’ for all those that seek it. They offer a homely ambiance with plenty of places to charge your electronics and a menu based around comfort food.

For somewhere relaxing with a more unusual décor, head to Tea Bone Zen Mind. Squashy seating pillows surround a koi pond, and upstairs you’ll find a dainty private tea room. A visit here will bring only peace and harmony.

Group Therapy offers affordable food and a killer almond latte. Noted for being laidback, its second site on the East Coast Road is a little more off the beaten track and guarantees some peace.

Studying in Singapore

man looking at books in Singapore library

Looking for a place to study? Singapore is home to many free libraries for times when you need to focus without distraction.

Libraries in Singapore

The original quiet place in Singapore, the National Library. The building itself is made from two 16-story blocks connected by walkways and elevators. Within its walls hide reading spots, meeting rooms with Wi-Fi and a vast collection of over 500,000 print and nonprint materials.

Browse for hours in this tranquil area, the main collections range from Business & Science, to the Arts, to Microfilm & Maps. There are even two gardens discreetly tucked away; The Courtyard on level 5 and The Retreat on level 10.

For a more modern place to chill, step into the Library@Waterfront. Here you will find over 200,000 books, reading spaces, and learning pods for study. The true beauty of this library are the huge windows opening up with a view of the waterfront. Sit, read, and every so often look up to gaze across the water and feel completely at peace.

Library@Orchard is beautifully designed with wave after wave of shelves filled with books. They specialize in arts and lifestyle material, and it’s plentiful enough to leave you feeling inspired. Check out this site for the opening times for the libraries in Singapore.

Chill Cafes in Singapore

Cafes can be great when looking for quiet places in Singapore. If at any time of day you feel the need to get away and find a peaceful place, the city also provides 24 hour cafes and undisturbed study spots.

The A11ey is a comfortably lit, well-connected study area offering food and drinks for around-the-clock quiet time.

For a space that can only be described as dreamy, check out Mosanco Cafe for 24 hours of delectable treats.

In David Attenborough’s series Planet Earth II, he hails Singapore as a forward thinking city. One capable of developing urban growth in harmony with nature, and he’s definitely right.

Singapore has an abundance of quiet places to chill, and let’s hope it continues to flourish to create more of those beautiful places for you to explore.

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