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reasons to try scuba diving
Diving St. Martin” by Mark Yokoyama is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Scuba diving is both an adventure and a healthy sport.

Scuba diving offers you an unforgettable experience as you explore the wonder of life underwater. Apart from the entertainment and fun aspects, going scuba diving on your trip has some immense physical, psychological, social and emotional benefits as well.

Physical fitness

There are lots of reasons scuba diving enhances your overall stamina and fitness levels. Exercising in the water is very effective because of the natural resistance of water against your body, especially when you kick your legs and propel yourself in the water. According to research, scuba diving for half an hour burns as many as 310 calories. This means it’s just as efficient in burning calories as a 30-minutes workout on a cardiovascular machine in your local gym.

Also, since scuba divers must develop the ability to support their scuba gear when walking on land, they are always developing muscle tone in their back and legs. Increased muscle tone is beneficial in relieving tension and is known to improve conditions such as a backache. Strengthening the back reduces the pressure in the spine.

Breathing meditatively

Deep, slow breathing is vital in scuba diving because it optimizes your bottom time and air consumption. Another benefit of deep, steady breathing is that it helps develop a calm attitude and lowers the risk of injuries due to lung expansion. Similar to breathing while meditating, breathing deeply and slowly while diving induces a relaxed, calm state of mind while you focus on the underwater environment instead of thinking about the problems you may be experiencing in your daily life.

This helps eliminate stress and balance your nervous system. A calm, relaxed condition of mind has been shown to promote a positive mental attitude and alleviate depression. Deep breathing also increases your oxygen uptake. A high oxygen level in the body enhances heart and lung functions, improves mental capabilities, stimulates circulation, and raises the energy levels. Also, with sufficient oxygen in your body, the need for stimulants and intoxicants diminishes.

scuba diving health benefits

Adventures in the warm water

Usually when going on a vacation near the sea, most of the people choose the warm, tropical climatic conditions where they get exposed to more sunlight than they are accustomed to. Sunlight provides the body with Vitamin D, increases the calcium absorption which strengthens bones and increases the production of endorphins in the brain, raising your sense of well-being.

It’s always best to maintain a balance between the temperature outside and the temperature of the water, that is why you should choose a destination where the water is warm.  Warm waters not only help maintain a healthy balance for your body, but they are also the perfect environment to have the perfect adventure.

Healing effects of water

reasons to go scuba diving

Usually, people are submerged in water to be healed or to help them calm down. Water has an ability to make people feel restored and healed. For instance, observing a fish in an aquarium produces a relaxing effect on the mind. In comparison to actually being in the marine environment, the relaxing effect gets intensified. This is among the reasons divers always go back for more. They see it as an excellent way to relax, unwind, and forget about all the pressure associated with the modern life.

As a scuba diver, when you are underwater, you are under the control of the ocean currents and surges. Just letting go to this force immediately calms your body and allows it to flow naturally as the underwater organisms do. Instead of fighting against this force, the act of letting go generates calmness and a sense of belonging in the marine environment.

Social health benefits

Scuba diving helps you learn to care for both yourself and your companions. It also makes you meet other like-minded individuals who often become your friends as you share this common interest. It is easy to befriend fellow divers because you experience a sense of closeness among them. It gives you an exciting feeling when you surface from a dive with beautiful memories of the experience and then share them with your companions who are also as excited as you are. Furthermore, a diving trip does not need to be expensive.

Scuba diving is an exciting activity that has multiple benefits to your body and mind. It improves your physical fitness, mental health, and social life while allowing you to enjoy your life stress-free.

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reasons to scuba dive

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