The Best Hostels in Playa del Carmen

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Looking for the best hostels in Playa del Carmen?

If you are like the thousands of backpackers and budget travelers who visit Play del Carmen every month then you are on the hunt for affordable accommodations in this spectacular Mexican beach destination. No worries, we are here to weed out the duds and to help you find and book the very best hostels in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen is Cancun’s little sister, without the massive high rise hotels and the private beaches. Its proximity to Tulum, Isla del Mujeres, Cozumel, and other prime attractions along the Yucatan Coast make it an ideal launching pad for exploring the area.

Playa also has a thriving and thrumming nightlife, which runs the gamut of sunset salsa and margaritas by the ocean, to crowded booming clubs, and everything in between. Those looking to party in Mexico, while avoiding the teenage spring break crowd, can feel free to skip over Cancun and head straight down to Playa.

The main draw of Playa is the beach, of course. And a glorious beach it is, even if it tends to get a little full in the area near the Cozumel ferry. Regardless, anyone looking for an affordable good time at the beach in Mexico need look no further than Playa del Carmen.

The Best Hostels in Playa del Carmen

The Green Village Eco Boutique Hotel

best hostels in playa del carmen mexico

We’re not quite sure why the Green Village Hotel has the word Eco in its name but that might be our only critique. This beautiful hotel has two dorm-style dorm rooms for backpackers who like their accommodations a tad on the upscale side.

The Green Village is located just a few minutes walk from the beach, and one block away from Playa del Carmen’s main drag, 5th Avenue. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, sporting new mattresses and air conditioning. Trust us, it’s hard to sleep in Playa del Carmen without AC, especially in a dorm room. Dorm beds all come with charging stations and nice thick mattress.

There is an on-site restaurant/bar/cafe that serves up salads and other healthy options along with a swimming pool for those too lazy to walk to the beach. Coupled with a rooftop terrace and a garden the Green Village is one of the best hotels or hostels in Playa del Carmen for backpackers and budget travelers.

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Hostel 3B

Best flashpacker hostel in Playa del Carmen
Photo courtesy of Hostel 3B

It’s all about the party at Hostel 3B. A bumpin’ rooftop bar, and free drinks for ladies from 9.00 – 10.00 pm combine to make this one of the best party hostels in Playa del Carmen. Older travelers might prefer to look for accommodations elsewhere as Hostel 3B tends to attract a younger, drunker crowd.

Dorm rooms and bathrooms in the hostel reflect the party atmosphere, that is to say they are not the most well maintained in town. However, if you’re in Playa del Carmen to party, you are bound to find a slew of like-minded individuals on premises. With multiple lounge areas and entertainment options the hostel is a great place to socialize and meet other travelers.

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Hostel Quinta Playa

best hostels in Playa del Carmen Mexico

  • Address: MZA 1 LTE 11, Calle 2 Nte 110, Solidaridad, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
  • Map: Click Here
  • Reviews: HostelWorld

We stayed at the Quinta Playa for two weeks last year and had a great time. The $15 a night per dorm bed we paid is slightly below average for hostels in Playa del Carmen. The hostel had an intimate atmosphere but never felt overly crowded. It has a great common area and bar that serves ice cold beers all day long, which makes meeting and chatting with fellow travelers a piece of cake.

Quinta Playa’s main draw is its extreme proximity to the beach. Walk out of the hostel, make a right, and there you are. Sparkling sand and turquoise waters await!

The hostel has most of the amenities you would expect from a great hostel in Playa including decent WiFi, a rooftop terrace, and an extremely functional communal kitchen. While we cannot guarantee you’ll make as many friends here as we did we feel very comfortable calling Hostel Quinta Playa one of the best hostels in Playa del Carmen.

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Hotel Kinbe

Best Hotel in Playa del Carmen Mexico

For something a little bit upmarket, check out Hotel Kinbe. This three star property is 150 feet from the beach, and within walking distance to many seaside restaurants, and some of Playa del Carmen’s best shops and bars. The hotel has an onsite wellness center, rooftop terrace, and outdoor swimming pool. The beautiful decor is a pleasing mix of traditional and artistic style.

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Enjoy Playa Hostel

Central Hostel Playa del Carmen
Photo Courtesy of Enjoy Playa Hostel

Great staff, laid back ambiance, and an on-site restaurant serving yummy pizza make Enjoy Playa Hostel one of the best hostels in Playa del Carmen.

Dorm rooms have large lockers, comfy mattresses, and are always clean. Dorm beds could really use individual reading lamps, but this is a small complaint. The kitchen is nothing to write home about so if you’re planning on cooking lavish meals, we recommend staying elsewhere (like Quinta Playa).

A sun terrace and plunge pool add to the hostel’s value and it is, of course, a two minute walk to the beach as any hostel worth considering in Playa del Carmen is. Don’t come here if your looking for a party hostel in Playa del Carmen, but for those that prefer a laid back hostel, this is a very good choice.

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Hostel Che

Best budget hostel in Playa del Carmen Mexico
Photo Courtesy of Hostel Che

While we did not stay in Hostel Che we went by for a visit and found it to be clean and welcoming. We have heard mixed reviews since then, however, and are recommending Hostel Che strictly for backpackers looking for a party hostel in Playa del Carmen.

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