Visiting Cartagena Colombia on a Budget

San Pedro Claver Cathederal, Cartagena

Cartagena Colombia on a Budget Cartagena is undoubtedly the current crown jewel of Colombian tourism, and as such is one of the most expensive locations in this amazing country. Don’t worry, though,  you CAN visit Cartagena on a budget! Before we get into Cartagena on a budget lets quickly address two questions everyone asks us… Read More

Prague: The Ultimate Affordable Travel Guide

things to do in prague - prague castle and mala strana

Welcome to the Ultimate Travel Guide to Prague on a Budget! We have spent many months living in Prague, and during our time we prepared a Prague travel guide to get you started on exploring this amazing city! Rare is a city that bares its stately grace without a hint of pretension. Rarer still is… Read More

Phuket on a Budget – Exploring Thailand

Phuket thailand sunset

Offering white sands, endless rays, blue waters, incredible sunsets, and (cheesy) nightlife, the lsland of Phuket in Thailand hosts millions of tourists and vacationers a year. Jet-setters from all around the world flock to Phuket (pronounced Puh-Ket) for its resorts and its spas. Holiday travelers and vacationers come for an easy week away. And it really… Read More

Paris On a Budget

Paris on a backpacking budget

Paris. The City of Lights. A literal and figurative monument to human creativity, ingenuity, and aesthetic imagination. From the majestic Cathedrale Notre Dame to the sublime sculptures of Tuileries Garden, everything you have ever heard about the beauty of Paris is completely true. This is why the City of Lights is the third most visited city in the world. Unfortunately,… Read More

Bucharest – An Affordable Travel Guide

Old Town Square Bucharest

Vibrant and atmospheric, Bucharest is also a very budget friendly travel destination. How much do you know about Romania? Probably about the same as we did before we came here, which is to say… very little. Chances are you’ve heard of Vlad the Impaler (and know that Bram Stoker’s The Legend of Dracula was based on… Read More

Caye Caulker Belize on an Budget

Caye Caulker Belize

How much does it cost to visit Caye Caulker, Belize? The only traffic sign you will see on Caye Caulker reads “Go Slow”. This, as it turns out, is very good advice. Our travels throughout Central America  brought us to Caye Caulker Belize, where we stayed for two weeks. We would have stayed much longer… Read More

Bocas del Toro, Panama on a Backpacking Budget

backpacking central america, bocas tel toro

Yes, it’s still possible to visit Bocas del Toro on a backpacking budget. Bocas del Toro is beautiful…and surprisingly budget friendly! An emerald jewel atop the blue sea, the Bocas del Toro archipelago is a verdant collection of tropical islands and islets in Panama. Sitting upon azure and turquoise (and in certain places crystal clear)… Read More

Cozumel, Mexico on a Backpacking Budget – Backpacking Mexico

Cozumel Mexico

Can Cozumel be visited on a backpacking or shoe string budget? Cozumel is more than just a luxury destination for cruise ships and scuba divers. The island has a reputation for being one huge dock for cruises, and to an extent that is true. There ARE a ton of cruise ship day trippers in San… Read More

Traveling Spain – Exploring Andalucia on a Budget

andalucia on a budget

Located in the south of Spain Andalucia has a deeply layered history dating back to the Bronze Age. We recently spent two months traveling around, and falling in love with, Andalucia. We visited the cities Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, Tarifa, and the region’s capital of Sevilla. During our time we immersed ourselves in the rich… Read More

Barcelona on a Backpacking Budget – Exploring Spain

Barcelona is busy, beautiful and expensive. And yet, you can still visit Barcelona on a backpacking budget. Barcelona, The City of Gaudi. Deeply steeped in history, seemingly every nook and cranny of this city has a story to tell. From its Gothic Quarter to the sparkling structures of the modern waterfront, from the works of… Read More