Packing Lists For Long Term Travel – His & Hers

Trying to figure out what to pack for a long term trip can be vexing. Space is limited and you can only bring as much as you can carry.  You never want to over pack and then lug around pounds of useless clothes and items. Conversely, there are a few items that you certainly don’t want… Read More

Is Travel Insurance Necessary… or a Waste of Money?

Is Travel Insurance Necessary

Is travel insurance necessary? You’re planning a trip, everything looks great, you’re excited and can’t wait to leave. Then you estimate your budget. It’s higher than you expected, so you start looking for ways to cut costs. Public transportation instead of a taxi from the airport, check. Carry-on luggage instead of checked baggage, check. Hostel instead… Read More

Why You Should Definitely Consider Traveling in Off Season

Less Crowds in off season

Want to know what makes off season travel a great idea? There are a lot of ways to make travel cheaper. We have written a whole slew of budget travel articles to help you get the most bang out of your travel budget buck, but one of the absolute best ways to save money while traveling is… Read More

Affordable Travel – Traveling on a Budget, The Basics

How to Travel Affordably

One of the most common misconceptions about travel is that it has to be expensive. Many people, when told of our plans to leave New York City and travel the world for a year, shook their heads and said something like: “Wow, you must have saved up a lot of money?” “Do you have a… Read More

The One Thing All Female Travelers Should Pack, Period!

What Every Female Traveler Should Pack

I vividly remember the day I realized being a female traveler is very, very different than being a male traveler. It was a few months after we left NYC and were traveling around Central America. We were in a tiny surf town called El Tunco in El Salvador when the chocolate cravings, light cramping, and what I can only describe… Read More

The Basic Tenets of Responsible Tourism

What is Responsible Tourism? You may have heard the phrase “responsible tourism” and “sustainable tourism” being used with increased frequency of late. What do these terms actually mean, and why are they incredibly important to define and understand before traveling? Hey, good question! We’re glad you asked. We have asked ourselves the same thing for some… Read More

How to Survive a Long Flight Without Feeling Like Poop

surviving a long flight 101 - dont be a douche

Having visited over 40 countries in the last 3 years we have survived many long haul flights. Unless you are one of those really rare and really weird people who love nothing better than a nice long plane ride chances are you dread the thought of flying for 10 hours. Never fear, brave traveler, we… Read More

How I Got a Job Teaching English in South Korea

Teaching english in south korea

Two months ago, I hopped on a plane bound for Incheon to start a new job teaching English in South Korea. It was a risky move: I had never worked as a teacher, I had never been to South Korea, and I didn’t know a soul in my new city. Despite all these challenges –… Read More

How to Feel At Home While You Roam

Home was a fixed concept to me for most of my life. I was born and raised in Canada, and I’ve always been grateful for it. Still, as I grew up and grew into my own interests my feet began to itch. I started to travel. My trips grew longer and longer, and at one… Read More