Cool Things to Do in New York City For a First Time Visitor

cool things to do in new york city - empire state building observatory views

Cool Things to Do in New York City While there are tons of cool things to do in New York City there are a dozen or so that are ESSENTIAL for first time visitors. There are literally a million cool things to do in New York City. That’s what makes it New York. The possibilities… Read More

Where to Stay in NYC – The Best Hotels in New York City 2019

thing to do in NYC - Freedom tower

Where to Stay in NYC – The Best Hotels in New York Looking for the best hotels in New York City? There are many hotels in New York, more than anyone can count, really. But not all NYC hotels are created equal. So we did the work, and suggested a bunch for you guys, breaking… Read More

Best Hostels in Miami and Miami Beach 2019 – Florida on a Budget

the best hostels in Miami - Where to stay in Miami

The Best Hostels in Miami – A Guide to Miami Hostels Are you looking for the best hostels Miami has to offer?  There are plenty of hostels in Miami, but not all of them are created equal. The best Miami hostels can be a chore to find. That’s why we did the work for you…. Read More

The Best Hostels in Playa del Carmen Mexico – 2019

sunset in playa del carmen best hostels in playa del carmen mexico

The Best Hostels in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Looking for the best hostels in Playa del Carmen? While the number of Playa del Carmen hostels is quite high, a lot of them aren’t worth your money. We’re here to help you pick the right one. If you are like the thousands of backpackers and budget… Read More

Tips for Riding the New York City Subway System

Home to one of the largest subway system in the world, New York City has its own set of rules even when it comes to public transportation. Need a bit of help getting around the New York City Subway system? Well we’re here to help! The subway is, almost always, the fastest, cheapest, and most… Read More

Where to Stay in New Orleans – Accommodations for Every Budget

French Quarter hotels in new orleans

Where to Stay in New Orleans, Louisiana Looking for the perfect place to stay in New Orleans? We got you covered! New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the United States, so it’s only natural that you include it in your USA itinerary. As with most awesome cities there are a ton… Read More

Top Differences Between the USA and the Rest of the World

Top differences USA and Everywhere

Having spent much of our time traveling outside of the USA in the last five years, Randi and I have taken note of many differences between the United States and basically everywhere else. Some are quirky silly observations, and others are pertinent social issues that we feel should be addressed. All of them stand out… Read More