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Imagine yourself out on a beach anchored in the sand, enjoying a sip of coffee or fresh coconut with an occasional breeze that brings a tang of the ocean water along with it. Sounds perfect, right?

If you’re yearning for the best beach vacation to a tropical paradise, then you can never go wrong with Thailand as long as you have your visa with you.

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It’s self-evident that Thailand has some of the finest and most beautiful beaches in the world, both the island and the mainland. The ideal climate of white clear water and sands with classical long tail boats makes it a popular destination to visit in Southeast Asia. It has so many beach destinations and making a choice on which one to visit can be challenging at times. With summer just around the corner, it’s important to plan your vacation early enough to avoid some of the busiest islands and tourist infested stretches at the coast.

We have compiled 10 most spectacular islands in Thailand with splendid beaches for a perfect getaway this summer.

Koh Kood

This remarkable island which is one hour flight from Bangkok is ideal for travelers who do not have much time to spend hopping from one island to another. It has an incredible blend of jungle and white clear beaches. This remote jungle-covered island has a barefoot resort made from eco-friendly bamboo with personalized services at every impulse.

The Sonera Kiri resort found on the island has great Thai cuisines. Every single of its private villas is bigger than the average small hotels. Another amazing amenity is the incredible infinity pool displayed around the villa with a private electric pram which can move you around the property. Whether in the villa or the pristine white sand beach stretch, the experience is definitely great.

Tip: You can visit all year round and any season since showers rarely last long.


The coast of Krabi is part of the railway Penisula bordered by two huge cliffs. Even though it’s precisely on the in-land, it’s extremely remote which means you’ll have an option of taking the long tail boat. It has a secluded island feel which tourists won’t get in most of Thailand’s popular beaches. Past the sea, the clear blue water on the islands skyline and royal limestone cliffs which border the small beaches receded by tropical rain forest ensure you have a quiet relaxation fanfare.

Krabi has a number of small islands which shine in quiet corners, suitable for slothful-days beach time. The island has great personal resorts standing on the brink of the sand in the gardens.

The Tubkaak and Railey beach are perfect locations to experience a little adventure from rock hiking, to snorkeling, and swimming. The resorts which are found within a tranquil walking distance offer local choices of eateries. For an amazing sight of the sunset on the rear of the limestone islets, then Krabi is the best choice.

Tip: It’s advisable to avoid the region amid June and August because of the rains which tend to hit the monsoonal proportions.

Koh Lanta

On the Island of Koh Lanta, is a wide beach known as the Long Beach. It’s actually one of the finest and broadest coastlines in Thailand. With restaurants close to the beach and scenery of other islands like the Koh Phi Phi’s unique shape, you’ll get an exotic feel and great scenery well thought-out to be more family oriented. The Long Beach is almost empty of high-pitched rocks and other swimming hazards like the sea urchins which you’ll encounter in many other beaches.

Koh Lanta’s sloping shoreline provides a dreamy swimming experience both during the day and at night. There are good deals of accommodation despite the fact that it has cheap eats occasioned by backpackers in the beach bungalows. Evenings at Koh Lanta Long beach have just the exact level of social interactions on the beach and other venues across the road. Depending on your whim, you can have an enjoyable time on this Island.

Tip: Koh Lanta mostly shuts down each year in May or June due to storms.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is regarded among the finest beaches near Bangkok. It’s significantly popular for both local and international tourists due to the affluence of travel from Bangkok, a wide range of activities and flat stretches of the beach. In addition, it has a universally commended whirlpool bath and wellness facility with superlative golf courses.

Tip: This is a great all year round vacation destination with gentle slopes on the beach and a nearby game park which is favorable for families with small children.


Sunset in Phuket Thailand
Our first sunset in Phuket was just one of the amazing sunsets we got to witness on this island.

This is ordinarily the largest and most popular Island in Thailand. It is discreet and more relaxed dangling off the west coast to the South. Phuket is a big bustling Island with large hotels and untainted beaches making your dream vacation a reality. From the palm-fringed beach, snorkeling, warm water, nice scenery, good value hotels to swanky resorts, Phuket almost has everything one would ever wish to experience.

It’s tactfully built to prevent any further development from slotting in and has great hotel service on the entire bay. The hotel has several restaurants and beach bars alongside the coast with vehicles running till late at night. Proximate to the island is the ancient Phuket town which is home to its heritage with historical street stalls, and cafeterias where you can sample an assortment of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian cuisines.

Tip: Avoid each fall or high season (around Christmas and Chinese New Year) since it’s very chaotic. The best time to travel to Phuket is from October to April when the coast is wet and calmest.

Koh Nang Yuan

Are you a diving enthusiast? Then this is the perfect Island for you. Koh Nang Yuan is a private Island great for a day trip. It has amazing activities including snorkeling excursions, diving, and zip-lining.

Inland is a 15-minute walk path on the Island which takes you to the highest peak and offers a jaw-dropping view. This makes Koh Nang Yuan one of the best islands to get amazing tropical views from. In case you want to stay, Nang Yuan Diving Resort with amazing diving excursions will offer you a lifetime experience.

Tip: You can visit the island all year round. It’s an affordable vacation destination than it sounds.

Khao Lak

This is an ancient fishing town with a strong Thai culture north of Phuket. It is more remote and spread out and doesn’t have more Tropical Island like other busy beach destinations. It’s an infrequently visited beach ideal for people who want a silent environment.

The Khao Lak coastline is not contoured and has little water compared to other sheltered bays. Regardless, it still remains an interesting beach destination for families given its wide range of guesthouses and a nearby maritime national park believed to be among the best ten dive locations in the world. Its proximity to the Khao Sok national park which is the biggest region of tropical rain forest in Southern Thailand enables one to enjoy a range of activities and exploration.

Tip: The best time to visit when you’ll experience comfortable temperature and little rain is during the dry spell, around November to February.

Koh Samui

This island, just a short flight from Bangkok strikes a perfect balance for visitors in pursuit of amazing scenery and great swimming. Koh Samui has developed new infrastructure making it a great place for families. Its magnificent family villas with a great balance of activities, restaurants, and shops make it the busiest beach than any exotic paradise traveler hope to find. If you’re experienced at driving along a coastline, you can rent a motorbike to explore the big island down to the fishing village. You can also pass time in tranquil on the unobtrusive white sandy beach or have a quiet dinner in the sea opposite the restaurant.

Tip: For silent beaches and greater value for your money, it’s best to travel after the Easter and summer halts from February to September.

Koh Samet

This is a T-shaped long Island considered as the most parched Island in Thailand. It is the fastest to reach from Bangkok; just a two-hour car drive followed by a ten-minute speed boat journey. The island is remote and you’ll be required to remove your shoes and walk into the sand. Only four resorts can be found on the island since most of its part has remained relatively undeveloped. With just a few resorts in view, it generally feels like a remote island.

Tip: Koh Samet is a getaway meant for adults and not recommended for families as it only has a few villas which have small terraces and outdoor dining area. You can visit the island year round because there has never been reported any torrential rains.

Koh Yao

This island is in the waters of Phang Nga Bay, amid Krabi and Phuket. It’s an undeveloped sanctuary with village inhabitants on one sideways and a couple of hotels on the other. The star properties here are the elevated villas and rooms facing the luxurious landscaping. With this, you can presume an enjoyable experience including an all-inclusive spa menu, your dream watersport, and Muay Thai boxing classes. If you are searching for a honeymoon destination, then you should definitely consider the Koh Yao private retreat villas.

Tip: It has distinct wet and dry periods but the best time to visit when it’s warm with little rain is from October to March.

A vacation destination to Thailand should be on your bucket list this summer, and we at Thailand visa will be of great help to ensure your dream comes true through our online application system aimed at expediting the process of finding a visa on arrival.

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