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When in Rome…make sure to take time for one of these awesome day trips from Rome.

The ancient city of Rome has enticed visitors from all around the world for centuries. There’s no denying The Eternal City’s magic. There are so many things to do in Rome you could spend years in the city and not see everything! Rome is definitely one of our favorite cities in Europe. 

It would be doing yourself a disservice, however, if you were to travel all the way to Rome and not explore one (or some) of its surrounding attractions. 

Best Day Trips from Rome, Italy

We’ve put together the best of the best day trips from Rome so any and all travelers can experience the incredible history and vistas of Italy. Spend a day at the beach paddle boarding across serene waters, visit an ancient sinking castle, or explore abandoned walled cities while sipping the local granitas. Whatever you’re looking for in an Italian adventure these incredible day trips from Rome have you covered!

Vatican City

a view of st peters basilica in the vatican - rome italy

Ok, so calling this day trip from Rome might be cheating, a bit.  However, Vatican City which is a city-state encircled by Rome, is surprisingly not a part of the city itself but rather its own self-sufficient entity.

As the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican City draws in an incredible number of tourists, students, and pilgrims alike– with good reason. The central building houses roughly 70,000 pieces of priceless art including Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel.

Want to skip the lines and visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel? Check out this tour!

Getting to Vatican City from Rome

Simply take the Rome metro to the Ottaviano- S. Pietro station. Line A runs every few minutes.


a view of a domed church in florence italy

Florence is a non-negotiable day trip from Rome. This magical city is much more walkable than its southern counterpart, boasting pedestrian-only cobblestone streets, unparalleled sunsets over the Arno, and colorful Tuscan views throughout the city.

Spend your morning at the Uffizzi and Accademia Gallery admiring works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Donatello, eat fresh pasta for lunch by the carousel in Piazza Republica and finish your day with a bottle of wine on the stairs of Piazzale Michelangelo.

Getting to Florence from Rome

The best way to get to Florence from Rome is via the Le Frecce high-speed train. It takes about an hour and 30 minutes and runs multiple times a day.


two people walking down a street in naples italy

Naples is, despite its rough exterior, the hidden gem of the south. Nestled at the base of Mt. Vesuvius, the still-active volcano that destroyed nearby Pompeii, Naples offers a wide variety of activities.

Hike the volcanic paths on the exterior of the city or spend your day by the water in the famous half-moon Bay of Naples. Either way, don’t miss the famous, thin crust, Napolean pizza– the best, some say, in all of Italy.

Getting to Naples from Rome

Take the Trenitalia leaving from Roma Tiburtina to Naples 15 times a day. It takes anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hour and 10 minutes.


pompeii ruins in italy

The ancient city of Pompeii is the perfect day trip from Rome. Soak up the incredible history of the archaic town with a walking tour– the local guides are incredibly knowledgeable (and multilingual), and will vastly enhance your experience. Wander through the ruins of the thermal bathhouse and gladiator theater, learning how ancient Italians lived.

Finish your day in the sun with a limoncello tasting and fresh seafood pasta at one of the many small Trattorias surrounding the historic site.

Getting to Pompeii from Rome

Take the fast train from Rome to Naples and then catch a second train from Naples Centrale to Pompei Scavi. This takes about half an hour and runs on the Circumvesuviana line.


sorrento italy

Famous for its lemons and brilliant sunsets, Sorrento is the perfect coastal getaway from Rome. Make your way down the cliffside via winding, cobblestone streets filled with local vendors. Spend your day sunbathing and cave swimming off the rocky beaches or snorkeling in the coves. Don’t forget to grab a seafood pasta at one of the port-side restaurants.

Finish off the day with a taste of the local limoncello and a sunset boat ride.

Getting to Sorrento from Rome

Once again, take Trenitalia. Trains traveling from Rome to Sorrento depart from either Roma Termini or Tiburtina train station and around 2 hours to arrive in Sorrento.


perugia italy

Perugia, a small town just north of Rome is a charming and authentic way to spend the day. Known worldwide for its annual chocolate festival, make sure you have plenty of time to peruse the plethora of artisan chocolate shops. The white chocolate with fruit is a local specialty! Wander slightly outside the city center for incredible views of the Umbrian countryside and don’t forget to try a chocolate beer!

Getting to Perugia from Rome

From Rome to Perugia by train is 3 hours and 33 minutes. On an average weekday, there are about 23 trains running from Roma Termini to Perugia.


assisi italy

Assisi is a beautiful hill town nestled in the center of Umbria. Known for being the birthplace of St. Francis, this small city is filled with religious monuments, including the massive Cathedral of St. Francis, which contains works by Giotto, Cimabue and many others. Sit on the sloped lawn of the Church with a panini in hand, or take a walk through the famous leather markets.

Getting to Assisi from Rome

Trenitalia runs about 19 trains each day from Rome’s Termini station to Assisi’s small local station. The train trip takes a minimum of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Castelli Romani 

Located at the feet of the Alban Hills, Castelli Romani is actually a series of castle-like communes. Since ancient times, these structures have proved refuge from the city– and still today modern Romans flock to the area on sweltering summer days. Sprawl on the green lawns of the Castelli, eventually making your way to one of the local fraschette. These rural, no-frills eateries serve traditional cured meats, rustic pasta dishes and local white wine.

Getting to Castelli Romani from Rome

The quickest way to get from Rome to Castelli Romani is surprisingly, taxi. This costs anywhere from 35€ – 45€ and takes half an hour.


arezzo italy

This hilltop town located between Florence and Rome is famous for its Medicean Fortresses and panoramic views. Visit the Basilica of San Domenico containing a 13th-century Crucifix painting by Cimabue and peruse the gold jewelry shops that once brought this Tuscan town so much wealth.

Getting to Arezzo from Rome

TrenItalia is the best option. The journey takes about 2 and a half hours with trains running about 24 times a day.


bracciano italy

Just northwest of Rome, Bracciano is famous for its volcanic lake and extremely well-preserved medieval castle. Canoe, sail, or scuba dive in the clear waters of lake Bracciano or climb the hill to old town. Pack a picnic for the park, explore the ancient structure of Orsini Castle-Odescalchi and round out the day with Bracciano’s famous fresh-water bass for dinner.

Getting to Bracciano from Rome

The average journey time by train between Rome and Bracciano is 1 hour and 7 minutes, with around 47 trains per day.


Isola del Giglio, commonly referred to as Giglio, is a breathtaking Italian island situated in the Tyrrhenian sea just off the coast of Tuscany. Snorkel or scuba in crystal clear waters, or spend the day exploring the port of Giglio– a small, colorful village dotted with lighthouses, seafood restaurants, and artisan shops. Finally, sip Giglio’s famous Ansonaco wine while watching the sunset over the island.

Getting to Giglio from Rome

First, take a train to Pisa. Trains from Rome take about two hours. Then, take a bus from Orbetello Scalo to Porto Santo Stefano.


saturnia italy

Looking for a spa day? Saturnia is the place for you. Get away from the toxins of the city and spend the day soaking in the natural hot spring waterfalls. With free entrance and bright turquoise waters, you won’t want to leave Saturnia Springs. If you do pull yourself away, made sure to grab dinner in the ancient town of Saturnia itself– a beautiful medieval city inhabited since ancient times.

Getting to Saturnia from Rome

Take the train from Roma Termini to Orbetello and then taxi from Orbetello to Saturnia, which takes around 2h 30m in total.


tivoli italy

Just 30km north of Rome, Tivoli houses the dramatic falls of Aniene that feed it’s famous thermal bathhouses. Spend time exploring these ancient structures and visit the grounds of the Villa Adriana and the Villa d’Este– both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A favorite escape of ancient nobility, Tivoli will instantly make you feel royal.

Getting to Tivoli from Rome

First take a train on the Roma-Pescara Line from Rome’s Tiburtina station to Tivoli– this takes about a half hour. Then hop a shuttle bus to the town center of Villa d’Este– these run every 15 minutes.


ponza italy

Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ponza is the largest of the Italian Pontine Islands. This magical, sleepy island is a favorite summer escape for Italians. Hike along the cliffs of Ponza while admiring the Italian mainland, take a boat tour around the island, or explore Porta Passeggita by foot. Finish the day on the western side of the island for sunset.

Getting to Ponza from Rome

First, take the train from Rome to Formia-Gaeta– this takes one hour. From Formia, Laziomar runs ferries to Ponza which take about two hours.


positano italy

Positano, while known for its Instagram-worthy backdrop and unique, pale pink houses, is so much more than a pretty picture. Settle in on the black sand beach and try a panini stuffed with the local delicacy– a soft, salted cheese made with olives. Swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean or take a boat ride out along the coast. If you are lucky, your Italian guide will take you to a secret beach or two!

Getting to Positano from Rome

Take the train to Naples and then taxi to the ferry. Take the ferry for €10.00 to Sorrento. From Sorrento, take a taxi to the bus stop (€15.00) and the bus to Positano.

Capri / Blue Grotto

capri italy

Capri is known for being the richest island in the world– and there’s no secret why! Protruding from the sea almost vertically, this tiny island will amaze you with its diversity. Take a boat ride out to the glowing caves of the Blue Grotto or ride a chairlift to the highest part of the island on AnaCapri. Cool off with a granita– a local drink made with sweet lemon ice and mandarin gelato, and admire the views of the Italian coast from the rose garden.

Getting to Capri from Rome

See the above instructions. Once you’re in Positano, catch a ferry to Capri. They run every 30 minutes and only cost about 5 euro.


If you are looking for a quick trip to the beach from Rome, Anzio is your answer. Located a mere 60 minute train ride from Rome’s Termini station this little town is a great beach getaway. The beach itself runs along the length of the town’s coast and is protected by a breakwater. This keeps the waters calm and shallow, making this beach a good spot to take the kids, too.

Agropoli / Paestum

paestum italy

Often referred to as the Greek Pompeii, the ancient ruins of Paestum are unquestionably worth the trip south. Located on the outskirts of the modern city of Agropoli, Paestum is famous for its three Greek temples in the Doric order, dating from 600 to 450 BC. Built into the breathtaking coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Paestum (and subsequently Agropoli) was once a major Greek Metropolis.

Getting to Agropoli and Paestum from Rome

Take the train from Rome to Agropoli-Castellabate. It’s about 3 hours and 20 minutes, with around 20 trains per day.

Val d’Orcia Italy

val dorcia italy

Val d’Orcia, also known as Valdorcia, is actually a region of Tuscany. This rural area is ideal for escaping the energy of Rome. Visit the renowned wineries of Brunello and grab lunch at one of the beautiful, walled towns in the region– all just a 15-minute drive from one another. Make sure you stop by the Romanesque Abbey of Sant’ Antimo, one of the most well-preserved examples of medieval architecture.

Getting to Val d’Orcia from Rome

Val d’Orcia is best explored by car, so if you are planning on renting a car in Rome, this is the trip for you! Local guides will often offer to drive you for a day, if driving yourself is out of the question.

As you can tell, the area surrounding Rome has no shortage of amazing day trips. Which one will YOU be taking? As always, happy travels, and we will see you on the road!

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