The BEST HOSTELS in Barcelona 2019 – Spain on a Budget

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Barcelona Hostels – The Best Hostels in Barcelona Looking for the best hostels in Barcelona? While there are many not every Barcelona hostel is created equal. Out of all the Barcelona hostels around we’ve picked out what we believe are the very best. Barcelona, city of Gaudi, is visited by millions of backpackers and vacationers… Read More

The Best Day Trips From Barcelona – Exploring Spain

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Great Day Trips From Barcelona When visiting the captivating capital of Catalonia make sure to take one of these incredible day trips from Barcelona! Catalonia is a veritable cornucopia of impressive places to visit and things to do. From seaside towns, to medieval villages, to lush vineyards, to breathtaking nature the options seem endless. Best of all… Read More

Barcelona on a Budget – Backpacking Barcelona

Barcelona on a Backpacking Budget Barcelona, The City of Gaudi. Deeply steeped in history, seemingly every nook and cranny of this city has a story to tell. Barcelona is busy, beautiful and expensive. And yet, you can still visit Barcelona on a backpacking budget. From its Gothic Quarter to the sparkling structures of the modern waterfront,… Read More

Visiting Barcelona – Why You Should Come and Why You Should Leave

Barcelona. The City of Gaudi. A city where you can cross a street and be transported from the present into a distant past. You can roam the historic Gothic Quarter at a leisurely pace, soaking in the ambiance and architecture, feasting on tapas and washing them down with liters of sangria.  Minutes later you might find… Read More

Europe’s Best Summer Music Festivals – 2017

Europe's Best Summer Music Festivals

Summer festival season is upon us in Europe! With so many incredible options, trying to figure out what the best summer music festivals in Europe are can be a bit daunting. Once the weather turns warm there are seemingly endless outdoor entertainment options, including amazing music festivals, featuring nearly every artistic interest one can imagine. Finding… Read More

Day Trips From Barcelona: Power and Peace in Montserrat

Montserrat Barcelona, Spain

Day Trips Barcelona – Exploring Montserrat When in Barcelona you MUST take a day trip to Montserrat! She grabbed my arm, a signal to stop. In a low, excited whisper she said “Look, there!” and pointed. A deer…no a goat, or some strange, straight-horned mix of the two stood perfectly still, just a few feet… Read More

The Basic Tenets of Responsible Tourism

The Basic Tenants of Responsible Tourism What is Responsible Tourism? You may have heard the phrase “responsible tourism” and “sustainable tourism” being used with increased frequency of late. What do these terms actually mean, and why are they incredibly important to define and understand before traveling? Hey, good question! We’re glad you asked. We have… Read More

Barcelona Gallery

During our two weeks in Barcelona we slowly and inevitably fell in love with the city. Its beautiful architecture, historic landmarks, energy, and people will always have a fond place in our hearts. We took hundreds of photos like the gawking admirers that we were. Below are some of our favorite pictures. We hope they… Read More