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solo female travel in asia

Asia isn’t necessarily known for being a female-friendly travel destination.

Stories of gang rape in India and sex tourism in Thailand might make the average solo female traveler think twice about venturing onto the continent altogether. But don’t be deterred by media scare tactics and the thought of obnoxious male backpackers traipsing around Bangkok in giant packs.

I’m here to tell you that Asia – even Southeast Asia – is an awesome destination for solo female travelers. It’s a lot safer than you might think, and it’s still a relatively budget friendly destination. So if you are on the fence about traveling solo in Asia as a female read the list below, and then start planning your trip!


Solo Female Travel in Asia – A Quick Guide

solo female backpacking in South East Asia


Safety always seems to be the #1 topic that comes up when discussing solo female travel, but it needn’t be.

Most places in the world are incredibly safe, especially when compared with trigger-happy countries like the U.S. (I’m American, I can say that.).

Back home, we only hear about the scary stuff – rapes in India, sex trafficking in Thailand, and kidnappings in the Philippines.

But in most countries, crimes committed against foreign women are like plane crashes – yes, they happen, but not nearly as often the media would have you believe.


Southeast Asia is becoming more and more expensive, but it’s still dirt cheap compared to Western countries. South Asia (India, Nepal) is an even bigger steal – I stayed in a great hotel room in Pokhara, Nepal for $8/night, and that wasn’t even the cheapest room in town!

What’s more, many Asian destinations offer the amenities solo female travelers crave – WiFi, great restaurants, secure hotels, adventure travel opportunities, and as many Western comforts as you feel like paying for.


Asia has the perfect balance of the familiar and the exotic, which is important if you’re traveling solo for the first time.

You’ll be able to experience mind-boggling cultural differences, stay with local families, and completely immerse yourself in another country.

Then, when you’re freaking out and just want to eat French fries and speak English-for-once-dammit, you can easily hook up with the nearest gaggle of Western backpackers and instantly feel like you’re back home.


traveling alone in south east asia
India is nothing like Vietnam is nothing like Indonesia is nothing like Myanmar. Asia is vast and varied, and can be whatever you want it to be.

Are you ready to meet the love of your life over rice noodles? Head to Hoi An on Vietnam’s romantic central coast.

Are you longing for spiritual enlightenment? Meditate with the monks in Vientiane, Laos.

Are you looking to let loose and party like it’s 1999? Then it’s time to hit one of the infamous full moon parties in Phuket, Thailand.

Whatever you’re looking for as a solo female traveler, Asia has the answer.

Remember that when you travel solo, you’re never traveling alone. In fact, traveling solo opens you up to opportunities you’d never have if you were traveling with a partner or in a group – namely, the chance to meet and connect.

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