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Is exploring Prague on a budget possible? 

Traveling around Europe on a budget can be a difficult undertaking. You might find yourself burning through your funds faster than intended in many cities. This was true for us until we stumbled off of a bus from Italy into Prague’s Florence Station one chilly morning three weeks ago.

Prague ended up becoming our favorite city in Europe for a number of reasons. Aesthetically it is breathtaking. You could walk around for days just admiring the myriad of architectural styles from Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Moorish Revival, and many more.

You can take a stroll by the river Vltava, cross and admire the Charles Bridge, visit one of the parks nearby, or climb Petrin Hill for a view of burnt orange rooftops and spires. Of course none of this will cost a penny but when you do decide to do something that requires spending cash it’s rarely all that expensive.

We stayed in Prague for two weeks and found ourselves not wanting to leave. We fell in love with it…hard. It is a can’t miss destination for anyone backpacking throughout Europe, especially when on a budget.

Prague on a Budget

prague on a budget

Travel Tips and Budget Advice

Accommodations in Prague, like mostly everything else there, are pretty cheap. Prices have gone up lately, as the city gains popularity, but it is still affordable.

Prices start at about $20.00 for a dorm bed in a hostel during high season (summer). Hostels are a dime a dozen so we prepared a nifty article to help you choose a hostel in Prague. Have a look at the top hostels in Prague.

Eating out in Prague doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you avoid restaurants in the main squares and circumvent the fancier pricier fare found around the Old Town you can have a nice meal for about $10.00 or delicious “fast food” like falafel, Asian Noodles, or Pho for about $5 – $6.

The Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than any other country in the world. That translates into cheap prices for brews which can be acquired at a local bar for as little as $1.40 and even less in a grocery store. Avoid bars in the center, and do your drinking while exploring Prague off the beaten path

What is the minimum daily expense for travel on a budget in Prague, Czech Republic?

With a dorm bed in a hostel, eating out three times a day, and a few beers you can get by easily on $40.00 or less.

If you want a day laden with sight seeing, visiting historic locations, and eating fine foods you can expect to tack on at least $25.00.

If you want more extravagant accommodations like a hotel or private room increase your budget accordingly. If you select a hostel with a kitchen, cook your own meals, and skip the brews you can spend no more than $25.00 a day.

​Have a look at our price list below to get a better idea of what groceries, accommodations, drinks, transportation, and activities cost in the city during Peak Tourism Season.

 Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic
A view of Charles Bridge, the river Vltava and Petrin Hill in Prague, Czech Republic

Budget Price Guide

Budget Groceries

  • Strawberry Turnover – 12.90 Kč ($0.61)
  • Apple Turnover – 10.43 Kč ($0.50)
  • Medium Onion – 4.60 Kč ($0.22)
  • 3 Medium Tomatoes – 8.76 Kč ($0.42)
  • Small Box of Salt – 8.90 Kč ($0.28)
  • ​2 Carrots – 4.25 Kč ($0.20)
  • Head of Garlic – 5.75 Kč ($0.27)
  • Nut Health Bar – 13.90 Kč ($0.66)
  • Box of Rice – 11.90 Kč ($0.56)
  • ​5 Liter Bottle Water – 25.90 Kč ($1.23)
  • ​2 Slices of Deli Ham – 7.81 Kč ($0.37)
  • Bag of Tortilla Chips – 56.90 Kč ($2.70)
  • ​Small Bottle of Hotsauce – 26.90 Kč ($1.28)
  • ​Small Bottle of Horsreadish – 16.90 Kč ($0.80)​
  • ​Box of Museli – 52.90 Kč ($2.51)
  • ​Soy Milk – 64.90 Kč ($3.08)
  • ​Head of Broccoli – 22.90 Kč ($1.09)
  • ​Coffee Filters: 40 ct – 19.90 Kč ($0.94)
  • Bag of Spaghetti – 26.990 Kč ($1.28)
  • Bar of Dove Soap – 25.90 Kč ($1.23)
  • ​Small Jar of Pickles – 29.90 Kč ($1.42)
  • ​Strawberry Jam – 15.90 Kč ($0.75)​
  • 2 Small Baguettes – 13.80 Kč ($0.65)



  • ​6 Pack of Beer from the Grocery Store – 69.90 Kč ($3.32)
  • 500 ml Bottle of Beer from the Grocery Store – 11.90 – 17.50 Kč ($0.56)
  • 300 ml Glass of Beer at a Bar – Starting at 28 Kč ($1.33)
  • 500 ml Glass of Beer at a Bar- Starting at 35 Kč ($1.66)

Budget Eating Out

  • Pho from Thai Restaurant – 100 Kč ($4.75)
  • Veggie Burger from LoVeg – 215 Kč ($10.20)
  • Slice of Pizza – starting at 30 Kč ($1.42)
  • Falafel Wrap – starting at 60 Kč ($2.85)
  • ​Kebab Wrap – starting at 85 Kč ($4.03)
  • Croissant and Coffee – 45 Kč ($2.13)
  • Plate at Country Life Restaurant – 118 Kč ($5.60)

Budget Accommodations

    • Mosaic House Hostel – Starting at 306 Kč ($14.45)
    • Sir Toby’s Hostel – Starting at 238 Kč ($11.33)
    • Downtown Hostel – Starting at 406Kč ($19.29)
  • The Madhouse Hostel – Starting at 304 Kč ($14.45)
  • ​Miss Sophie’s Hostel – ​Starting at 256 Kč ($12.18)



Budget Transportation

  • Tram, Bus, Metro Tickets: 60 minutes – 24Kč ($1.14)
  • Tram, Bus, Metro Tickets: 90 minutes – 32 Kč ($1.52)​
  • ​Taxi – Set fee from 25-40 Kč ($1.19 – $3.08) and 14.90 Kč – 19.00 Kč ($0.71 – $0.90) per km


Budget Activities

  • Old Town Tower – entrance for viewing deck 90 Kč ($4.27)
  • Prague Beer Museum – tasting and tour 250 Kč ($11.87)
  • New building of the National Museum: 60 Kč ($2.85)


Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

Final Thoughts

Expenses for activities you might want to partake in should not be factored into your daily budget. This becomes overly complicated. An easier way of going about things is to calculate your minimum daily expense and then set aside all left over funds you care to spend into an “activities” pool.

Thus on a day when we went to a museum or had a few extra drinks in the evening we did not consider ourselves over budget even though we spent a bit more, we just subtracted it out of the “activities” pool.

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