Top Differences: The USA and the Rest of the World


Having spent much of our time traveling outside of the USA in the last five years, Randi and I have taken note of many differences between the United States and basically everywhere else.

Some are quirky silly observations, and others are pertinent social issues that we feel should be addressed. The point of this article isn’t to criticize, we just had a bit of fun writing out some of the immediate differences that come to mind.

Ten differences between the United States and the rest of the World.

Eggs in the Refrigerated Aisle

We start off with the biggest and most important question of ALL TIME. Why are eggs unrefrigerated every where in the world that we have visited? America is one of the only countries that sells its eggs in the refrigerated section of the store. Unrefrigerated eggs scared us when we first saw them stacked in egg crates in the middle of stores in Mexico. Surely these eggs must be disease ridden ovals of death. Gathering up all the courage we could muster we purchased, sniffed at, scrutinized, cooked, and gingerly ate said eggs and…they were perfectly fine. Pretty damned tasty actually, with darker and more flavorful yolk than the eggs we purchased in the States. Which was a tad confusing. Surely eating so many warm eggs would lead to death or worse? Yet… we were ok. Not a single mutation, not as much as a tummy ache. So we Googled it. Here’s an interesting explanation.


Vacation Time

Work, work, work. Americans spend a large chunk of their lives at their jobs. We rank next to last in vacation time offered by countries with advanced economies according to this article. This also extends to maternity leave, where the USA ranks second to last among the 21 “advanced economy” nations across the world. It is the only “First World” country without mandatory maternity leave. Sorry moms (and dads)!

Gallons of Milk

Another dairy aisle oddity. (Yes we spend a lot of time in grocery stores) No other country we have visited sells packaged milk in such a large quantity. Do Americans just drink more milk? A quick search of the internets revealed that the USA is third in per capita cow juice consumption. I guess we just like large packaging.

Speaking of Large: Super Highways

The USA is the undisputed king of super highways. Our good friend Wikipedia tells us that America is the road king with over six million kilometers of roads and highways. That’s 2 million more than the second leading country, which is India. And most of the Indian roads are barely paved. We have never seen an eight lane highway anywhere else in the world. But we won’t stop traveling until we find one.



We’ll let this article speak for us.

“While the U.S. houses less than 5 percent of the world’s population, the country has approximately 35-50 percent of civilian-owned guns worldwide, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.”


AKA Crapplebee’s. Thankfully these do not seem to exist anywhere but the United States. If they do we don’t want to know about it. Makes us rest easier at night knowing that this chain “restaurant” isn’t spreading around the globe.

Price of Antibiotics

India, Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama – What do these countries all have in common? Cheap antibiotics, for one. And not just cheap for tourists with money, but really cheap for almost everyone. We pay a premium for “brand name” drugs in the USA while the developing world uses the (just as effective) generic variety. Hmmmm. We’ll spare you the diatribe and won’t rant about pharmaceutical companies here.


Metric System

Meters vs yards. 100 centimeters vs 36 inches. Kilograms vs Pounds. 100 grams vs 16 ounces. Kilometer vs mile. 1000 meters vs 5280 feet. Why did we have to pick the complicated system???


Big cars to fill those gigantic highways. We love them. It’s a trend started in America but thankfully it seems to be going out of style in most parts of the world.

Young American Travelers

Aside from a handful of gap year kids and surfers American youth seems absent from the open road. We have met many people in their early 20’s during our travels and maybe .000000000000000003% of them were American. The numbers are a bit higher in European cities like Barcelona and Paris, but American youth was still badly outnumbered. We want to see young Americans travel more, we think it would be great for them and even better for American society as a whole.

3 thoughts on “Top Differences: The USA and the Rest of the World

  1. The case with eggs is really interesting, I didn’t know that! However, as from what I remember, we in the Czech Republic refrigerate eggs, even in the supermarkets. When it’s the package of 10 eggs, it would be usually refrigerated. When it comes to big packages like 40, it wouldn’t. I also remember that somebody once told me that until I put the eggs into the fridge, they can stay well in the room temperature. However, I would have never thought that in the US they would wash the eggs!
    And with the milk, I guess Americans just like big packages of everything 😀

    1. Georgie,

      You said Americans like like big packages…who needs 40 eggs at one time! ;0) Haha. But you’re so right, we do have a certain fondness for big things in The States! We’re also obsessed with sanitizing everything! I think we need some sort of intervention!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


  2. We’ve noticed the same thing in our travels (i.e. national differences) and posted a similar post a while back:

    You’ll notice we have a slightly different perspective on the metric system–we’re from a different generation 😉

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