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Searching for the best hostels in Mexico City? Not sure where to begin? Not all Mexico City hostels are created equal, so we’re here to help.

Mexico City hasn’t always had the best reputation, however these days the city has cleaned up its act. Mexico City is now a bustling, diverse and cosmopolitan capital. It has revamped many of its public spaces, and the cultural and artistic scene can’t be described as anything less than thriving. Mexico City’s buzzing downtown area is a marvel to experience. The historic center captures the city’s long and diverse history, highlighting Hispanic and colonial influence, and exhibits the busy modern lifestyle of inhabitants.

Some of the city’s major attractions include the 13th century Aztec temple the Templo Mayor, the Catedral, and the Palacio Nacional which contains incredible murals by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. The vast Zócalo (main square) is a great place to start your Mexico City adventure from, where you’ll find people from all walks of life coming together to sip coffee and share meals.

There are plenty of Mexico City hostels, but as we know that not all hostels and hotels are amazing. We’ve put together this list based on what we personally expect out of a great hostel in Mexico City. Clean rooms, comfortable dorm beds with power outlets, secure luggage storage, friendly atmosphere that encourages interaction (but doesn’t force it), and a communal kitchen are all super important aspects in our eyes, and we prioritize them when suggesting a place to stay.

All of the above are factors when it comes to making our selection of the best hostels in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Best Hostels in Mexico City

Please note – Some of our selections contain affiliate links. These allow us to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables us to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.

Mexico City Hostels – Casa Pepe

the best hostels in mexico city

Casa Pepe is a boutique and budget hostel in the historic center of Mexico City. Here are just a few reasons why it scores a place on our list of the best hostels in Mexico City.

The fantastic location is definitely a main selling point of Casa Pepe. Located right in the center of Mexico City, it’s just three minutes from the Zócalo, five minutes from the cathedral and five minutes from the Museo de la Ciudad de México. It’s also only a three minute walk from a metro station connecting you to the entire city. You’ll be able to navigate this sprawling city easily whether you prefer to use your feet or test out the transport links.

Casa Pepe is more than a hostel, it’s a cultural experience. This Mexico City hostel’s goal is to bring together different cultures from all over the world in a place where travelers feel welcome and cared for; and can comfortably prepare themselves for the next leg of their journey.

Each dorm room is bright, spacious, and, most importantly, air conditioned! Beds are equipped with large and small lockers, comfortable bedding and power outlets for charging your devices. Each room has a private bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about long queues for the bathrooms in the morning. They offer a buffet breakfast which includes fresh fruit, tea and coffee, as well as various traditional Mexican dishes.

The hostel’s facilities include a guest kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, and a common area for socializing. This Mexico City hostel often hosts social events including in-house concerts, Mezcal and tequila tastings and even a “Lucha Libre” fight. Join one of the free walking tours that leave daily and explore the historic center of Mexico City with locals. We reckon Casa Pepe is definitely one of the best places to stay in Mexico City for everyone who is traveling on a budget.

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – Hostel Home

the best hostels in mexico city

Hostel Home is a wonderful accommodation option in a chilled out area of this chaotic city, and it offers guests everything they need for an enjoyable night sleep. Situated in a historic building in the lively Roma and Condesa districts of Mexico City, it’s a great location for exploring this incredible city.

Hostel Home wants its guest to have an authentic experience of Mexico City, and to leave having gained a deeper understanding into the city’s art, culture and history. All of Mexico City’s main attractions are easily reachable, whether you want to walk or use the fantastic public transport system. If you get peckish, you’ll be spoilt for choice as the hostel is surrounded by numerous restaurants, bars and cafes serving delicious Mexican food and drink.

Private rooms are available as well as mixed and female only dorm rooms. Each room is spacious and comfortable, and provides guests with a comfortable bed to rest your head, power outlet and safety locker for valuables. You get free breakfast too, which is always a plus!

This Mexico City hostel does exactly what it says in the name. The atmosphere here is homey and cozy, and the furniture and decor have a distinctively Mexican feel. Socialize and relax in the common areas, where you can enjoy great wi-fi, board games and tea and coffee making facilities. The relaxed, homely vibe of Hostel Home make it one of the best hostels in Mexico City for travelers seeking a place to chill out and recharge.

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – Suites DF Hostel

the best hostels in mexico city

  • Address: Jesus Teran 38, Colonia Tabacalera
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld

Suites DF Hostel is a cozy design hostel located near the downtown area, and it’s one of the best hostels in Mexico City for travelers who are seeking comfort and style without breaking the bank!

Located close to various transport links, and just 2 blocks from Monumento a la Revolucion and Av. Reforma, Suites DF Hostel is ideally located for getting out and exploring the city.

Mexico City hostel offers female only, male only and mixed dorms for up to 6 people. Each dorm is perfectly comfortable and provides all the amenities you might expect from a great hostel. Guests have their own reading light, power outlet and locker, and each room has a private bathroom.

One of the best things about this hostel is the outdoor terrace, which is a great spot to chill out and meet other travelers. The hostel offers guests a delicious Mexican breakfast every morning, so get your tastebuds ready!

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – Hostel La Selva

the best hostels in mexico city

Hostel La Selva is definitely one of the best hostels in Mexico City for travelers who prioritize comfort and affordability when choosing their hostel accommodation.

The super modern design of the hostel is reflected in the high standard of cleanliness it operates by. The dorm rooms at this Mexico City hostel are for up to 4 people only, so you don’t have to deal with crowded dorm rooms that are the bane of every traveler’s existence. Each room has a private bathroom and air conditioning. You’ll get a super squishy and comfortable bed with a locker, reading light, charging facility and towel free of charge. There’s a female only dorm available too!

Hostel La Selva is located a short distance from the center of Mexico City, but don’t let this put you off. The hostel has great public transport links, and is located a short walk from a metro station connecting you to the whole city.

Hostel La Selva’s common areas include a bar and restaurant where you can sample some traditional Mexican food and drink as you swap stories with your roomies. A delicious free breakfast is included too, what’s not to love?

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – Casa San Ildefonso

the best hostels in mexico city

Casa San Ildefonso is one of the best hostels in Mexico City because of its fantastic location and very reasonable price tag. Located a short walk from the Templo Mayor and Zócalo Downtown of Mexico City, you really won’t find a better spot to start your Mexico City adventure from.

Situated inside a recently renovated historic 19th century building, Casa San Ildefonso combines Mexican history with the modern day world. Offering male, female and mixed dorms of up to six people, each guest will discover the comfortable and tranquil vibe of this Mexico City hostel. Each guest has their own locker and power outlet for keeping devices charged. The best thing – no bunk beds!

Casa San Ildefonso gives you a true flavor of Mexican culture. The outdoor courtyard is a great place to soak up some rays of sun, or relax after a long day of sightseeing with a book and a nice cold beer. The hostel also features a TV and games room, and although there isn’t a fully equipped kitchen, there is a microwave and fridge you can use for storing food. A simple breakfast is also included in your room rate.

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – Selina Mexico City Downtown

the best hostels in mexico city

  • Address: José María Izazaga 8, Centro Histórico, Mexico City
  • Independent Reviews: Booking.com, HostelWorld

Selina Mexico City Downtown is one of the best hostels in Mexico City for travelers who look for a chilled atmosphere and modern facilities when choosing their accommodation.

This stylish hostel prides itself on its urban feel and eco-friendly details, which create a relaxed atmosphere for every traveler to recharge in. Dorm rooms are modern and fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a comfortable sleep in this Mexico City hostel. Mattresses are super comfortable, and each guest has their own charging facility and secure locker facility.

They say they’ve discovered the “perfect ecosystem for digital nomads”, and we agree! Their communal lounge area is a great space for relaxing with a book or finishing that project you’ve been putting off. The social atmosphere is great if you want to make friends to explore the city with.

Guests can enjoy access to a communal kitchen for preparing meals. You should definitely try the on-site restaurant, which serves flavorful authentic Mexican cuisine. A delicious breakfast is available for just $5.00, so make the most of it!

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – IzZzleep

the best hostels in mexico city

If you’re looking for a quirky and unique hostel, or simply need somewhere to crash close to the airport, then IzZzleep hostel guarantees you a good night’s sleep. You’ve probably heard of capsule hostels before – they’re pretty common these days, particularly in parts of Asia. Capsule hostels have proven popular with travelers because they guarantee a better night’s sleep than your standard dorm room.

IzZzleep is located in the Airport Benito Juarez, which is the most important airport in the State of Mexico, and the departure and arrival point for most international flights. If you’ve got an early flight out or late arrival, then this Mexico City hostel is the ideal spot for you to get some z’s and prepare for the next leg of your adventure. Although it’s inside the airport, this hostel is still in a great location for exploring the city. With plenty of transport links operating from the airport, you can reach some of the best spots such as Bosque De San Juan De Aragon and Alameda Ote. Park quite easily!

The hostel provides two dorms rooms for up to 20 people each. When you book a bed here, you get your own capsule room fitted with a flat-screen TV, light, safety deposit box, USB ports and power outlet. You also have access to a locker facility for keeping your bags safe. The staff are super friendly, and are quite happy to give your capsule a wake up call in the morning.

It might not be the most social hostel to stay, as most people are just on their way through, but it gets top marks for comfort and convenience. IzZzleep is a great place to stay in Mexico City if you want to be sure you won’t miss your flight home! It can seem a bit strange and claustrophobic at first, but sleeping in a capsule is something everyone should try at some point in their life!

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – The Foodie Hostel

the best hostels in mexico city

If you really, really love food then Foodie Hostel is right up your alley. The hostel is located inside a gourmet food market in Mexico City, just 100m from the Alameda Cathedral, so you definitely don’t have to worry about going hungry at any point during your stay!

The Foodie Hostel is located in the historic center of Mexico City, and close to some of the city’s best attractions such as the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional de San Carlos, Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, and Monumento a la Madre. It’s a great place to start your tour of this chaotic and absorbing destination.

This Mexico City hostel offers two dorm rooms for up to nine people, separated by gender. The modern style of the room is designed for your comfort, and each bed has its own reading light, power outlet and safety locker. Rooms are pretty small, but your capsule-like bed provides you with all the amenities you need for a great night’s sleep. The wooden exterior of the hostel’s environment creates an earthy feel that’s welcoming and atmospheric.

Enjoy the company of your fellow guests in the trendy bar and restaurant area, and we recommend trying the tacos!

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City  – Mexico City Hostel

the best hostels in mexico city

Mexico City Hostel claims to be one of the cheapest and best hostels in Mexico City, and we agree with them! A short 20 meters from the Cathedral and Zócalo (main plaza), you’re in the perfect spot to start exploring this crazy city. The hostel is housed in a colonial building which has recently been remodeled. It’s modern and comfortable – and very reasonably priced!

Situated in a lively area filled with galleries, shops, restaurants and bars, you won’t have to stray far to experience the true culture of Mexico city when you decide to stay at Mexico City Hostel.

Rooms are basic and functional, providing you with everything you need for a comfortable night sleep. Each guest has access to power outlet and their own security locker to ensure their valuables are kept safe and sound.

The common area is a great space to meet and swap stories with your fellow guests over a drink or two. One of the best things about this hostel is the free breakfast in the morning. It’s not your average free hostel breakfast! You’ll be treated to freshly cooked eggs, toast with a variety of spreads, and delicious coffee that’ll keep you energized until lunch time.

At Mexico City Hostel, the staff are super friendly and will do anything they can to help ensure your stay in Mexico City is as great as possible. You can also inquire at reception about daily tours and other activities to fill up your itinerary.

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The Best Hostels in Mexico City – Massiosare El Hostel

  • Address: Revillagigedo # 47, Corner with Victoria Street, Colonia Centro
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld

Located in the historic center of Mexico City, Massiosare El Hostel is one of the best hostels in old town Mexico City for travelers who prioritize location and comfort above all else.

Offering private rooms and dorm rooms for four, six, or 13 people, Massiosare El hostel caters to every type of traveler. Each guest is provided with their own secure locker and power outlet. The dorm rooms are airy, modern and air-conditioned, so you’ll be perfectly comfortable when the summer heat kicks in.

Its ideal location is one of the best things about this Mexico City hostel. Situated right in the center in front of the Museo De La Policia, the hostel is conveniently surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops. There are transport links close by too, so you can get anywhere in this hectic city. Ask the friendly staff if you need help figuring out how to get to an attraction.

This Mexico City hostel has a fantastic social atmosphere which makes it easy to meet fellow travelers. Make friends over the free breakfast that you’ll enjoy in the morning, or team up with your roommates to cook a delicious dinner in one of the two kitchens (one being reserved for vegetarians only).

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