How to Survive a Long Flight Without Feeling Like Poop

tips on how to survive an long flight

Having visited over 40 countries in the last 3 years we have survived many long haul flights.

Unless you are one of those really rare and really weird people who love nothing better than a nice long plane ride chances are you dread the thought of flying for 10 hours.

Never fear, brave traveler, we have a whole bunch of tips to help you survive that hellish long haul flight. Preparation for a a long flight is crucial, but there are many things you can do while on a long airplane flight that can make the entire experience (and the day after) much smoother.

Implement these pro tips into your flight plan and stop dreading your next long haul. Book your ticket, pack your bags, and go off and see the world!

 Hydrate Yourself

Being in an airplane dehydrates the human body. How do we know? Science. Science told us, and we believe science. Also, it’s pretty obvious. Dry mouth, bad breath, light headache, red eyes; these are all signs of dehydration.

The air inside of an airplane is very dry, drier than the air in the Sahara Desert. The lack of moisture will clog up your sinuses, wrinkle your skin, and provide that not-so-pleasant throbbing in your temples we all associate with a stress headache.

You know what else dehydrates the human body? Salt and alcohol, which are two key ingredients in all of our long haul flights. Since you will be consuming salty food, salty snacks, and probably having a few drinks you’re going to dehydrate yourself rather quickly.

It is essential to your well-being during and after the flight to hydrate yourself often. And no, cheap beer isn’t the solution. For every glass of booze you consume, have two glasses of water ready to down. If you aren’t drinking adult beverages you should still consume a glass of water per hour, at minimum.

This means you will have to get up and go to the bathroom quite often, but it’s better than feeling like a dried out carcass by the end of your journey. Getting up and walking around is good for you anyway.

Speaking of which…

Get Up and Stretch

Getting up to stretch every hour or two is an excellent idea for more than just the practical reasons. It can literally save your life during long flights due to it countering something known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. We won’t bore you with the details of how D.V.T. can kill you, but stretching prevents it. And that’s a good thing.

The other obvious effects of releasing tension in cramped legs, sore back, and stiff neck are …obvious.

Here are some great stretches to learn, and to do, on your next long flight.

Bring Some Comfy Socks

comfortable socks can make your long flight much more pleasant

Never underestimate the power of being comfortable on a flight. Comfortable snugly socks are just one of the ways you can make a long haul flight feel like a cuddle party. You can also bring some pjs to change into if you really don’t give AF what people think as long as you stay chillin’.

Here are some comfortable socks for women and some for men we recommend. Yes these are affiliate links so if you buy a pair of socks we get like 10 cents. So buy tons of them.

Invest in a Neck Pillow

Some people love these. Some people don’t. A good neck pillow can be a lifesaver for the awkward sleeper on a long flight, and save you some neck pain and headaches during or after. Try out a few before you decide on which one is for you. Like tuxedos and wedding dresses not every neck pillow is the right neck pillow for you.

Here is an inflatable neck pillow that won’t take up much space in your carry-on.


If you are an avid podcast listener there is a good chance you actually enjoy long commutes. A flight is the perfect time to catch up on podcasts while doodling or doing a sudoku.


tips to surviving a long airplane flight, music

Music. It makes everything better. Bring some with you when you get on a plane. Duh.

Try some of these headphones for maximum enjoyment.

Block Out Everything

If you want to catch up on sleep while on a plane, or just want to experience as little of the flight as possible you should sleep. And the best way to make sure you sleep well is with the previously mentioned neck pillow, an eye mask, and the secret ingredient – ear plugs.

Ear plugs are an essential travel item to pack for most backpackers and long term travelers, and they will certainly come in handy on a long flight if you want to block out anything from crying babies, to the sounds of your plane crashing (j/k). Anyway, buy some.

Read a Damn Book

reading can help make a long plane ride bearable

Not enough people read these days. Don’t be like those people.

Reading has been a quintessential travel distraction for centuries, and books can take you away to other places and worlds. Which is great if you need a bit of escapism during your flight, but when you don’t feel like watching whatever shitty movie is playing on the tiny screen in front of you.

Here are some of our favorite travel books, just in case you need a bit of inspiration while flying.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Bring your own. Save money while flying, and have your favorite comfort munchies on hand. Big plus if they are not salty. Bigger plus if they actually help to hydrate you.

Stay Creamy, Bring Lotion

keep your skin hydrated during a long flight

Don’t end up feeling like a lizard person after a long flight. Fight dry skin and all that comes with it by bringing a travel sized tube of hydrating lotion with you on a long flight. Offer some to the person sitting next to you to score big points.

Eye Drops Make You Feel Good

The same way airplane air dries out your skin, it does so to your eyes as well. Keep your big beautiful peepers feeling good with some soothing eye drops every few hours.

Zinc and Vitamin C Bomb

Airplanes are giant germ tanks. It is known.

To be in an airplane is to be surrounded by germs. Whether on the tray table in front of you, the entertainment screen, your arm rest, or floating around in the recycled air there are nasty little germs all around you.

A great way to give  your immune system a much needed “flight boost” is to take vitamin c with zinc before, during, and after a flight. trust us, these little pills can make the difference between a healthy happy you, and a miserable post-flight you.

Keep Fresh with Toothpaste and a Tooth Brush

Get the taste of airplane food out of your mouth and refresh yourself with your handy travel toothbrush and travel sized tooth paste. Essential to feeling like a real human being ten hours into a long haul flight.

Don’t be a Douche

surviving a long flight 101 - dont be a douche

It’s easy to lose patience when you are trapped in penis shaped aluminum tube which is hurtling through the atmosphere at speeds that would flay the skin from your bones. Cramped conditions, the wafting smell of airplane food farts, the snoring stranger with his head on your shoulder, a crying baby or three…it all adds up on the ol’ stress meter.

We feel you, we really do.

This is why when you are on an airplane with 200 other people you have to try your damn hardest to be at your very best. Be nice to the people around you, smile, show some consideration, don’t abuse the flight staff, and most importantly, keep your cool.

You’ll make the flight better for yourself, and for everyone else trapped in the flying penis tube with you.

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Tips for Long Flights

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3 thoughts on “How to Survive a Long Flight Without Feeling Like Poop

  1. Sound advice. One thing to consider (which a lot of people don’t do when on a long flight) is drinking too much alcohol messes everything up when a big time change is coming up. It’s often hard to resist having a couple of drinks when one is in ‘vacation mode,’ but modest amounts of booze and yes, plenty of water to hydrate are essential when traveling by air.

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