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There are more things to do in Fredericksburg than you might expect. 

Texas is a huge state, with many well-known places to see and experience. Most people visiting Texas have probably never even heard of Fredericksburg, making it one of the better “off the beaten path” destinations in the Lone Star State.

Located in Texas Hill Country, a region best known for its high-quality wine, Fredericksburg may be small but it packs a big punch. Home to history and beautiful natural scenery, Fredericksburg is a town you won’t want to miss. 

Things to Do in Fredericksburg, Texas

So, what are the best things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas? Boy howdy, have we got recommendations for you! Do you love wine? We hope so because that’s where we’re going to start off our list. Let’s get into it. 

Grape Creek Vineyards

grapes in a vineyard fredericksburg texas

One of Fredericksburg’s premier vineyards, Grape Creek covers 100 acres of farmland.

Known as “Tuscany in Texas”, Grape Creek boasts beautiful Cypress trees and cultivars that are also produced in France and Italy. The quality of their grapes, and subsequently, their wine, is unrivaled in this region. Some favorites include Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot.

We recommend taking a guided tour of the production facilities and the vineyards before sampling the wine in the tasting room.

There’s also a restaurant on site that allows you to enjoy a meal with a beautiful vineyard view. 

Messina Hof Hill Country Winery

grapes picked from a vineyard in fredericksburg texas

Another one of Fredericksburg’s best wineries, Messina Hof is famous for its traditional port wines.

Spanning 10 acres of land, the Lenoir grapes produced here contribute to their four specialty wines: port, dry red, semi-dry/sweet, and dry white. This winery is perfect for wine lovers who know exactly what they’re looking for.

You can take a tour of the grounds followed by a tasting of these specialties. You’ll also learn about tasting techniques and recommended food pairings during the tour experience.

Or, hit the tasting room on your own and sample some of the 50 wines offered on-site along with their gourmet food menu. 

Heath Sparkling Wines

Calling all sparkling wine enthusiasts: Heath Sparkling Wines is the perfect tasting room for you. The first winery in Texas dedicated to the sparkling variety, Heath produces its wines in keeping with the tradition of the Champagne region in France.

This winery boasts an incredible brut cuvee, among many other varieties.

For the full experience, book a guided wine tasting which also includes pairing the samples with small seasonal snacks.

Both the patio and the interior are modern and chic, making it the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy some bubbly. 

290 Wine Shuttle

If you want to experience as many wineries as possible during your trip to Fredericksburg, the 290 Wine Shuttle is your best bet. This way, you don’t have to choose just one or two wineries to commit to.

The shuttle will drive you to any of the 13 wineries lining Route 290. It’s a hop-on hop-off system, and the shuttles depart every 15 minutes. Just be sure to plan ahead: the shuttle only operates on weekends.

The shuttle starts at the Fredericksburg Visitors Center before continuing along the 290 East Wine Trail.

This is the perfect way to enjoy all the Texas Hill Country wine your heart desires. 

Visit the Pioneer Museum

YouTube video

Fredericksburg was established in the early 19th century by German immigrants.

Today, the Pioneer Museum showcases the founding of this historic town, spanning 3.5 acres and displaying over 40,000 artifacts.

You can take a self-guided tour through the 11 buildings that make up the complex, including historic German homes, a schoolhouse, a church, and more.

Occasionally, the museum hosts living history events with reenactors of the original settlers.  You can also participate in workshops such as rope and soap making and storytelling, among many others.

Check the museum’s event calendar for your travel dates to see what’s on.

Shop on Main Street

Fredericksburg’s historic Main Street is one of the most popular attractions in town, especially for shoppers.

There are over 100 shops and boutiques lining this historic avenue, and the variety is such that you can find almost anything your heart desires. From clothing and art to musical instruments and antiques, these shops are worth a visit even if you’re just window shopping.

Chain stores are almost nonexistent on this street too, and local businesses dominate the market. So, if you’re looking for a unique souvenir, Main Street is the place to find it.

When you’re done shopping, pop into one of the restaurants, ice cream shops, or tasting rooms lining the street to cool your heels. 

Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site

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Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th president of the United States, and Fredericksburg is home to several landmarks commemorating his life.

In the visitor’s center of the park, you’ll find interactive exhibitions and artifacts from his presidency.

Of particular interest is the LBJ Ranch, or the “Texas White House.” This is where LBJ lived as a child, and you can tour the interior to find out what his daily life was like.

On the grounds of this state park you’ll also find the Johnson family cemetery and the president’s birthplace.

The state park is also home to the Official Texas State Longhorn Herd and has observation areas for you to view the wildlife. 

Visit the Fredericksburg Herb Farm

Located just off Main Street, the Fredericksburg Herb Farm is inside a former 1800s homestead.

The extensive gardens are home to a wide variety of herbs that are used in the onsite restaurant. There are walking paths through the gardens so you can explore the field of herbs on your own.

If you’re looking to pamper yourself, visit the 5000-square-foot day spa, featuring massages, facials, waxes, relaxation rooms, saunas, and more.

After your spa treatment, head to the bistro, which utilizes the herbs grown onsite to create a fresh and unique seasonal menu. Be sure to browse through the gift shop too on your way out! 

Hike Enchanted Rock State Park

view of a sunset from Enchanted Rock fredericksburg texas

Just a short drive north of Fredericksburg, Enchanted Rock State Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Texas.

Enchanted Rock, the namesake of the park, is a giant pink granite formation that the Native Americans believed had magical powers.

Standing 425 feet tall, the view from the top of the rock is breathtaking. There are 8 miles of trails leading up to Enchanted Rock, and there is a plethora of rock climbing and picnicking opportunities along the way.

If you’d like to extend your trip, you can also camp in the park. Just be sure to remember your camera to capture these amazing views. 

Visit the peach orchards

Peaches hanging on a tree in a peach orchard in fredericksburg texas

If the South is famous for anything, it’s peaches!

The area surrounding Fredericksburg produces about 40% of all Texas’s peaches, so there’s no shortage of them here. Visit any of the local orchards, such as Jenschke Orchards, to pick your own peaches.

You’ll also find tons of roadside stands offering peach products, and you’ll want to try them all. Choose from peach ice cream, cobbler, and even beer and wine.

You can also check out Das Peach Haus, a store with every peach product you can imagine. They have a tasting room where you can sample beer, wine, and food, or head outside to enjoy the vibrant view of the orchards. 

Catch a show at the Rockbox Theater

Located just a short walk from Main Street, the Rockbox Theater is the best live music venue in town.

The former warehouse was transformed in 2007 into the modern but nostalgic space that it is today.

Originally meant to commemorate the iconic rock music from the 50s and 60s, the venue now hosts a diverse range of local and touring bands. It even hosts live comedy events from time to time.

Check out their event schedule for your travel dates so you can catch a show during your visit. 

Wildseed Farms

If you’re a nature enthusiast, Wildseed Farms is the destination in Fredericksburg for you.

This wildflower farm is home to a wide variety of Texas flowers, such as the famous bluebonnet, red Cypress trees, purple coneflowers, and more. You can also find succulents, cacti, and ornamental grasses onsite.

Take advantage of the walking trails and infinite photo opportunities among the gardens.

The flowers are grown for both viewing and purchase purposes, so this is perfect if you’re looking for a colorful souvenir.

There are a few gift shops on the farm where you can also find flower-inspired clothing, art, and jewelry. At the end of your visit, cool your heels at the Brewbonnet Biergarten with a drink in hand.

Drive the Willow City Loop

flowers on a hill in Willow City Loop fredericksburg texas

Located just northeast of Fredericksburg, the 13-mile Willow City Loop is the best way to get a gorgeous view of the famous Texas wildflowers.

It’s a beautiful drive during all seasons, but if you want to see the blooming bluebonnets, visit between the months of March and May.

You’ll drive through canyons, meadows, hills, and creeks. However, most of the land is privately owned, so try to resist the temptation to get out of the car to go exploring.

You’ll also likely run into deer and other wildlife taking advantage of the beautiful meadows, so keep an eye out! 

Sample German food and beer

What would a visit to Fredericksburg be without trying the local cuisine?

First up: German beer.

There are two breweries in town: Altstadt Brewery and Fredericksburg Brewing Company. Altstadt focuses on authentic German-style craft beers. They also offer tours and a restaurant onsite.

Fredericksburg is teeming with restaurants selling German classics like sausages, schnitzels, apple strudel, pretzels, and more. 

Fredericksburg Brewing Company is the oldest brewpub in the state of Texas, they’re known for their classic German brews. Their onsite restaurant also features a number of German specialties.

Visit the painted churches

The Painted Churches of Texas are famous across the country as unique landmarks.

The German settlers built these churches with arches and altars and painted them to look like the Gothic churches of their homeland.

These churches are dotted all throughout Hill Country, but Fredericksburg’s own painted church is St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Constructed in the early 1900s, it features stained glass, a depiction of Jesus above the altar, paintings of the apostles, decorated arches, and more. 

National Museum of the Pacific War

For history buffs, this is one of the best things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The museum houses thousands of artifacts and machinery from the Pacific conflict of World War II. This in-depth museum is made up of three buildings. One focuses on Admiral Nimitz, another on the WWII battle zone in the Pacific, and finally, an outdoor zone for reenactments of the battles.

This museum honors the veterans who fought in the war while educating visitors on the details of the battlefront. Any visitor who’s at all curious about military history should have this attraction at the top of their list.

Things to do in Fredericksburg – Wrap-up

There you have it – the best things to do in Fredericksburg, Texas.

The Lone Star State is known for many things: cowboy boots and its legendary barbecue, to name a couple. It also boasts many popular tourist destinations, such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, and New Braunfels. You can now add Fredericksburg to that list. 

There’s a lot more to this small historic town than meets the eye, and all of it is worth exploring. From the beautiful wildflowers and German heritage to some of the best wine in the entire country, Fredericksburg has it all.

Happy travels and we hope to see you all on the road! 

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