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Looking for the best beaches in Galveston Texas? Don’t worry, we’ve got y’all covered!

Galveston is a buzzing city island on the Gulf Coast of Texas. There are a lot of awesome things to do in Galveston, includes some pretty sweet beaches to soak in the sun and enjoy sand, surf, and fun.

15 Best Beaches in Galveston for Peace & Quiet

Galveston beaches come in all varieties, ranging from family-friendly beaches, activity-packed beaches, party beaches, and peaceful, secluded beaches. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll be pleased with what you find in Galveston! So, let’s get into it. 

PS – We know you’re gonna be starving after a day at the beach. So, we made a guide to the Best Restaurants in Galveston just for you!

[Editor’s Note]- During peak summer seasons some of the beaches that may otherwise be relatively quiet get pretty full on. Take that into account when reading this selection of beaches in Galveston. And once you’re out there, enjoy the sun and surf! 

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PC: Galveston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Get your slice of peace and quiet at one of these Galveston beaches. The beaches in this section are best for romantic getaways, catching up on your reading, or some quiet reflection. 

Jamaica Beach

Tucked away, Jamaica Beach is the place for peace and quiet. There are no lifeguards and no chair rentals. Just the sand and the waves. Take a towel, sunscreen, snacks, a few drinks, and a good book. Then find a sandy patch and enjoy some well-earned time by yourself.

Sea Isle Beach

A short footpath leads you to a well-kept stretch of sand that is Sea Isle Beach.

Driving is not allowed here, ensuring that you aren’t disturbed by distracting noises. So, go ahead and have a snooze in the sunshine in peace.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a smaller location with fewer visitors. It’s a back to basics, sand and gulf package.

A low-key space for sunbathing and swimming. Bonus: the beach is accessible 24 hours a day for pure tranquility.

Beachtown Development

A collection of little waterfront villages, Beachtown Development can be found on the East side of Galveston.

Due to its location, it receives less visitors and therefore is a restful and undisturbed place. The area is very pretty, with interestingly styled housing and tasty places for ice cream.

Best Family Friendly Beaches in Galveston

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PC: Galveston Convention & Visitors Bureau

A day out at the beach is a quintessentially picture perfect family day out. Children are curious creatures however, and sometimes they’ll require a little more entertainment than swimming and digging holes.

Here is the best selection of beaches in Galveston brimming with amusements for the whole family to enjoy.

Stewart Beach

The ideal family beach in Galveston has a playground, a snack bar and a shop selling toys to play with in the water. For the parent’s peace of mind it has full facilities; showers, rest rooms and changing areas.

Stewart Beach has it all. Rent out an umbrella and chairs, get a BBQ going, and have a great family day at the beach.

Surfside Jetty County Park

Filled with activities at a more laid back pace, Surfside Jetty is a great area for bird watching and fishing. Along with swimming and building sandcastles, the kids will enjoy the beachfront playground and slides.

Known for being a great picnic place, see if you can spot some wildlife when stopping for lunch.

Sylvan Beach Park

For another beach that’s great for kids, head to Sylvan Beach Park. The waves here are very gentle and lifeguards are always on duty.

If the kiddos want a break from the water, there’s also a playground and a skate park.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston

The beaches in Galveston cannot be mentioned without a nod towards the ultimate children’s dream, Schlitterbahn Waterpark.

Stuffed with fairground rides, waterslides and enough candy, pizza and soda to ensure each minute spent here will be a blast. Adults, good luck! You’re going to be hearing a LOT of screaming kids here. Happy screams, sure, but screams nonetheless. 

Best Galveston Beach for Partying!

The kids are taken care of, what’s available for the adults? Parties are great, but beach parties are even better. Dress in your best swimsuit and follow the music to the next location for some lively festivities.

East Beach

The biggest, and considered by many, the best beach in Galveston is East Beach. Alcohol is permitted here and the location hosts many festivals and concerts.

Fill up a cooler with your favorites and head here for some music and dancing on the beach.

Galveston Beaches for Activities

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Along the coast there is plenty of opportunity for surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Galveston beaches also offer birdwatching and a whole bunch of other tourist activities to keep those busy folk happy.

Seawall Urban Park

A hotspot for runners and cyclists, Seawall Urban Park has the longest continuous sidewalk in the country.

The 10 miles of beach is lined with restaurants and cafes. It’s here where you’ll find Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. Decked out with plenty of roller coasters and rides to keep everyone easily entertained for the whole day.

Quintana and Matagorda

Two perfect spots for surfing, each offering different experiences.

Quintana is an ideal place to surf from beginners to intermediate, with all tides producing great waves.

Matagorda alternatively, is a patch of deep gulf water with larger swells and swirling waters. Awesome waves can be caught here, and it’s strongly recommended for experienced surfers only.

Galveston Island State Park

Although it might seem quieter at first glance, Galveston Island State Park offers a wide range of activities.

The beach has kayaking, fishing, walking tours and there are also opportunities to camp out overnight to extend that special day out!

Seawolf Park

For a bit of history on your sunny day out, check out Seawolf Park. Named after the USS Seawolf, the park features a World War II submarine USS Cavalla and the destroyer USS Stewart.

There is also a fine beach for sunbathing and building sandcastles, and the park is host to a perfect area for picnics with a playground on site.

Best Super Clean Galveston Beaches

best beaches in Galveston texas

Cleanliness is pretty key for a beach, right? So, where should you go if you want a CLEAN beach? One that’s maintained regularly and known for being absolutely sparkling? Here are some suggestions.

Babe’s Beach

Babe’s Beach is so well maintained that it was named one of America’s top restored beaches. Simply pristine, the golden sands and clear water will ensure a beautiful visit.

The water is very safe for swimming, and there are also lifeguards on duty around the clock.

Crystal Beach

Just as its name suggests, Crystal Beach is spotless. Seven miles of immaculate sand, lined with warm shallow water that’s perfect for paddling.

Tip: help keep the beach clean by taking one of the visitor trash bags and keep the area looking beautiful! Easily one of the best beaches in Galveston.

Saint Luis Pass Beach

For a gorgeous stretch of white sand check out Saint Luis Pass. The surface is so smooth that it makes a great place for kitesurfing.

While the choppy waters aren’t recommended for swimming, plenty will have fun building castles in the gloriously pure sand or sitting back to watch the sun set.

Where to Stay in Galveston

After a day of sunshine, you’ll need somewhere to rest your head. Here are two suggestions on where to stay in Galveston.

Casa Del Mar Unit 361 is rated for cleanliness and great location, it’s an ideal stay for couples taking a trip to the seaside.

If traveling with family a vacation home might be a good option. Oceanfront Crystal Beach Haven View and Decks is a stunning place right on the beachfront, and it houses several bunk beds for the little ones.

Where to Eat in Galveston

Having so much coastline guarantees and abundance of fresh seafood!

  • Check out Fish Tales, a fun establishment serving excellent seafood and colorful cocktails.
  • The Saltwater Grill offers the same exquisite fish dishes but also alongside pasta and meat dishes to keep everyone well fed.
  • Taquilos offers a wicked vegetarian zucchini and pineapple fajita. Tip: wash it down with a fresh Summer Sparkler cocktail.

Pack your sunscreen, a big floppy hat and explore some of the best beaches in Galveston to make some memories that’ll last forever! As always happy travels, and we’ll see you on the road! 

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