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Rich with history, brimming with ambiance, and unspoiled by mass tourism, Romania is beyond photogenic. It is simply beautiful. And often magical.

We were so impressed by the rugged charm we found in Romania and its people that we haven’t been able to stop writing about it. We already told you why you should visit Romania, but just in case you weren’t convinced we put together a brief photo essay to illustrate why this country won our hearts, and why it will win yours as well.

If it doesn’t, well, chances are you don’t have a heart. (You might want to get that checked out.)

Beuaitful Romania - Biertan Romania
Beautiful Biertan. Photo by Nicu Hoandră

From dark shadowy depths of its virgin forests to wildflower sown meadows, from the rolling misty foothills of the Carpathians to the wetlands of the Danube Delta, Romania’s landscape is inundated with vibrant color, charming character, and fascinating relics of a history steeped in human machination.

Images of Romania - Rasinari Romania
Autumn in Rasinari. Photo by Nicu Hoandră

Romania is a country with an expansive and storied past, one that is etched symbiotically into its multifaceted countryside.

The remains of a time bygone are plentiful, nowhere more so than in Transylvania, where a multitude of walled cities, restored towns, fortified churches, and grand castles bring history to the present.

Romanian People
Mirth. Photo by Gianni Bianchini.

The entire Transylvanian region is a living breathing time capsule, where the lines between past and present are constantly being blurred.

Squint your eyes a little bit when looking out at the Transylvanian landscape and you can almost feel yourself being magically transported centuries back in time.

Sibiu, Romania.
Sibiu’s summer views. Photo by Michael Miszczak

Historic Brasov, grandiose Sibiu, stately Alba Iulia, and tiny Sighișoara are filled to the brim with ambiance and charm. Colorful old buildings, tiny cobble-stoned side streets, and old churches adorn these lovely Transylvanian towns.

Moldovita, Romania
Steaming through the snow in Moldovita. Photo by Cezar Gabriel

A snowy train ride in the heart of winter through the Romanian countryside might be enough to convince even the staunchest skeptic.

Maybe it’s not quite magic, but it’s as close as we’re going to ever get.

Peleș Castle Romania
Peleș Castle. Photo by Michael Miszczak

Once winter’s embrace has thawed, the Romanian countryside explodes in a hundred shades of green. Green is a common color in Romania, even in its cities.




Sibiu Romania
A sunset in Sibiu’s Old Town Center. Photo by Michael Miszczak

Summer brings blue skies laced with puffy white clouds, glorious sunsets, and all sorts of opportunities to explore. The town squares are common a gathering place for socializing as the heat of the day fades away.

Autumn’s morning embrace. Photo by Cezar Gabriel

During Autumn fog is almost always present in the valleys, coating everything in tiny glistening water beads, and making for a wonderful view from above.

To get to the top of the hills you may have to navigate your way over private properties, but the locals are friendly, and they are used to zealous photographers trying to capture the magic.

Brown Bears Romania
Ancient eyes. Photo by Gianni Bianchini

The pristine mountains and virgin forests of Romania represent Europe’s last true wilderness. The Carpathians are home to 60% of Europe’s brown bear population, 40% of Europe’s wolves and 35% of its lynx, all roaming the unspoiled landscape, harking back to a time where man had not yet gentrified the wild, but lived symbiotically with it.

The Libearty Bear Sanctuary – 70 hectares of oak and hazel forest in the Carpathian Mountains above the Transylvanian town of Zarnesti, is home to 80 of these magnificent creatures. When you visit Romania make sure you stop by and visit the sanctuary, and help them continue to do their important conservatory work.

Corvin Castle Romania
Corvin Castle. Photo by Carcea Daniel.

If you fancy medieval architecture, castles, towers, and walled cities then Romania should definitely be on your shortlist of places to visit.

Alba Iulia Romania
Alba Iulia from above. Photo by Romulus Opriscan

The Citadel of Alba Iluia, presides over two thousand years of history (yes TWO thousand), dating back to the Roman Empire. This massive structure is home to a Roman Catholic cathedral, a Romanian Orthodox church, a museum, a parade ground, and Roman ruins.

Romania Countryside
Cutting grass above the clouds. Photo by Tim Whitfield

A fascinating amalgamation of very old and new, Romania is standing on the edge of a huge tourism boom.

Once known only to a few savvy travelers, the secret is getting out, and when it does the flood gates will open.

Romania Countryside
East of Eden. Photo by Tim Whitfield.

Thank you for taking this photo tour with us. We know that the internet is filled with superlatives, and that words like “magical” and “beautiful” are used far too often, and sometimes lose their meaning.

However, there is truly a unique sort of mystique, a graceful and historic weight, to Romania. We felt it quite often when exploring the country for three months this past summer, and are keen to return and explore some more. If you have not been to Romania we hope that you find out for yourself one day, sooner rather than later.

A huge thank you to the talented photographers that allowed us to use their images in this article.


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Written by Michael Miszczak

Michael has been traveling the world while writing, photographing, and sharing his stories and travel tips since 2010.

He is originally from New York City, and currently lives in Prague.


24 thoughts on “13 Photos That Prove Romania is Magical

  1. Wow, this looks amazing. I am actually traveling around Romania at the moment and I have already visited some places on this list. I am actually in Alba Iulia at the moment! The only thing I am missing here is the Transfagarasan road. To me the most beautiful experience in Romania so far!

  2. Thank you for writing such beautiful words about my country! It’s nice to see that people are starting to look with other eyes at this tiny but indeed magical place.
    We like to call it the land where fairy tales were born and hope that now people understand why. ^_^

  3. Thank you for the beautiful words about România. The Government is selling this beautiful country and it’s thick forests….

    1. Romania is a beautiful country indeed. If you love Romania do something positive about her! Post some pictures of mirifique, mystic and magical places! Invite some friends to come over and visit the country!

  4. i would love to visit and enjoy the beautiful Romania. I’ve never been to Europe so this is my chance to see the nice pictures of romantic Europe in person.

  5. Amazing photos, Romania is even higher on my wishlist now and all these places seem to be worth checking out… has to be a 1 month holiday.. at least. 🙂

  6. Wonderful photo collection! I must say, it makes me feel real produs when I see that there are many people who do appreciate eveything that Romania has to offer. the photographers are also all very talented.

  7. What a bunch of crap…i live in it (Sibiu/Hermannstadt to be exact) and there’s nothing magical about it. But might be magical to some tourist that has no bloody idea about what’s going on here…

    1. Alexa,

      I understand your frustration. However, your anger is slightly misguided. We know Romania faces many challenges as it climbs out of the terrible hole Communism left in its wake, and we know your people are not in the least bit content with the corruption within your ruling parties. That said, your country is a beautiful place, filled with incredible history, kind and generous people, and spectacular scenery. We want more people to visit Romania, to learn about its history, and to appreciate its beauty.

      1. It’s nothing wrong about Romania, it is a peace of heaven the other richest countries have lost. Romanian people don’t understand how lucky they are!

      2. You are absolutely right! There is nothing wrong with the country! But let’s not confuse Romania with the nation or with the people who are inhabiting the country

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Romania with us!
    I love it when people write about forgotten countries and not just the obvious tourist places!

  9. Stunning photos! I’m actually looking at going to Romania soon and was wondering how you got around? Car or public transport?

    You’ve certainly put Biertan on my radar? Did you get a chance to visit the Maramures region?

    1. The best thing is to rent a car if you go to Maramureș. We rent the car in Cluj, from a company near the airport. The roads are OK and many restaurants along the way. Depending on where you’re going, I can give you specifics.

  10. I’ve been going back every year the past 5 years. I’m from a village at the foot of the Carpathian mountains. It is absolutely magical, brings back all those childhood memories. It’s like going back in time. Transylvania is the most gorgeous region, unspoiled even after hundreds of years. But they do have great Wi-Fi ☺

    1. Magical is the perfect word to use to describe Romania! We absolutely fell in love with its natural beauty…and the super WiFi 😉

  11. lovely people ,untouched beauty of nature we can see here,Maramurese ,Vulcani Noroyosh, my favorite places,more and more to explore on this Dracula,s land

  12. I adore Romania. Was lucky enough to spend some time there in the late 1990’s. It was beautiful, the people were wonderful, and the architecture was awe inspiring. I very much enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing your excellent photos as well.

    The Broke Dad

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