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gifts for people who travel

Great Gifts for People Who Travel

Looking for a great gift for the traveler in your life?

Trying to find the perfect birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift for someone is a challenge we all face at some point. We want the recipient to know that thought and effort went into finding the right gift for them. We want them to love it but we also want it to be useful and complement their interests and personality.

If you’re shopping for the travelholic in your life the below list of gifts for people who travel will definitely hit all those marks.

As full time travelers we would LOVE to receive just about anything on this list. And so will the travel addict in your life. Of course the greatest gift a traveler can receive is an airplane ticket, but aside from that, these gifts are sure to impress as well.

Happy shopping and safe travels!

Gifts for Travelers

Osprey Sojourn Backpack

Osprey Sojourn 60L Bag

Choosing the right piece of luggage to travel with can be a challenging task. Do you get a backpack, or suitcase? It’s a dilemma every traveler has to face before choosing the right gear.

And that’s exactly why we love the Osprey Sojourn Backpack, because you don’t have to choose. It’s both a backpack and a rolling suitcase. Additionally, it is one of the best brands of luggage on the market and comes with the their “All Mighty Guarantee”.

If you really want to make the traveler in your life happy we highly suggest the Osprey Sojourn Backpack.

For more information, check out our full review of the Osprey Sojourn Backpack here.

Osprey Ozone 36 Carry On Bag

best carry on bag

If you’re trying to travel light and want to avoid checked luggage fees, we highly recommend the Osprey Ozone 36. It’s a small carry on roller bag that we’ve traveled all over Europe with. The bag is small enough to take on board flights, but big enough to fit everything you need for a 2 week trip.

It’s also super sturdy, has high quality wheels that make it easy to push or pull, and comes in a few bright colors that make it easily recognizable. If you want to learn more about this awesome bag, read our full review of the Osprey Ozone 36 here.

Gifts for Travelers – Water Bottle Filtration System

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

Traveling to foreign countries often means encountering undrinkable water sources.  Having food poisoning abroad (which is often caused by an unclean water source) is not fun so most travelers resort to buying loads of bottled water, contributing to “plastic pollution”, and increasing their daily budget.

Well having a bottle that can filter its own water saves not only money, but is also far better for the environment. As such it is out opinion that a water bottle filtration system is one of the best, and most responsible, travel gifts you can buy someone.

A water bottle filtration system guarantees drinkable water anywhere. We recommend the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle. It filters up to 264 gallons of water, removes 99.9999% of Waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, is BPA-free, and is leak-proof.

Great Gifts for Travelers – Amazon Kindle


If the traveler in your life is an avid reader there is no better gift to give than a Kindle.

Rather than lugging around heavy books, the Kindle makes traveling with an entire library possible without adding precious pounds to carry-on luggage. We couldn’t imagine traveling without one.

Travel Related Books

Books for Travelers

Loading a few travel related e-books to a new Kindle is a really nice gesture. If you’re not sure which ones to buy, we wrote an entire post on books that inspired us to travel here.

Gifts for Travelers – Mirrorless Cameras

mirrorless camera

The crown jewel of gifts for people who travel, a brand spanking new mirrorless camera. Mirrorless cameras have some great advantages for a photo taking traveler over their DSLR counterparts. They’re lighter, smaller, and better at shooting video while still taking high quality photos.

If you’re looking for the best mirrorless camera for under $1,000, Fujifilm’s X-T10 is it, according to many. Coming in at $700 the X-T20 takes great photos in all kinds of light, has a fast autofocus system, and is a ton of fun to shoot pictures with. We got a chance to play around with one earlier this year, and we loved the way this baby takes pictures.

So if you want to give the traveler in your life a gift that will blow them away, this is the one.

If you have a large budget to buy your loved one a travel related gift, and you want to splurge it on a great mirrorless camera you can go all out on the Sony A7III. This camera is pretty much a top of the line mirrorless for travelers, and packs a lot of high quality photo and video capabilities into a small package. It WILL cost you a pretty penny, but you’ll probably make the traveler in your life pee with joy. A perfect gift for people who love to travel, and want to photograph their experiences.

Gifts for Travelers – Portable Speaker

UE Roll Portable Speaker

Whether you’re at the beach, boating, hiking, or just at your hostel relaxing, music makes every travel experience better.

The UE Roll 2 is small, lightweight, and powerful which makes it perfect for any music loving traveler. Its waterproof, designed for adventure, and has a long battery life. The EU Roll works with Apple and Android.

Gifts for Travelers – External Battery Charger


Being on the road often means long periods of travel without access to power outlets to charge your phone. Whether you’re on an overnight bus, out and about sightseeing all day, or on a secluded beach, not being able to charge your phone means losing the ability to communicate with others, take pictures, look for directions, and listen to music. An external battery charger is one of the best travel gifts we can think.

This Power Bank Portable Battery Charger is super lightweight, ultra-slim, durable and will fully charge your iPhone or Android.

Gifts for Travelers – Universal Travel Adapter

Having to buy a power adapter in each country you visit can be annoying and costly. Luckily there are universal power adapters that work on most continents.

Gifts for Travelers – Head LampsEnergizer Brilliant Beam LED Headlamp (135 Lumens), travel gift ideas

Head Lamps are for more than just night-time hiking and camping. They can also be used when traveling as a reading light in dorms or on overnight buses and flights.

We consider headlamps to be an essential bit of backpacking gear, and a great stocking stuffer for the travel addict in your life.

Gifts for Travelers – Backpack Rain Cover

Osprey Backpack Cover, travel gift ideas

A Backpack Rain Cover cover isn’t just for keeping your backpack dry, it can also keep in clean when you check it in for flights or buses. Our covers have kept our packs looking brand new despite having checked them in to over 30 flights and countless bus luggage compartments.

Dry Bags

Sea Summit Dry Bags

Dry Bags are fantastic for keeping electronics and other non-waterproof valuables dry when traveling. They’ve allowed us to bring cameras, phones, and other electronics with us no matter if we’re on a boat, beach, or hiking on a rainy day. 

Gifts for Travelers – Toiletry Bag

Magictodoor Travel Kit Organizer Bathroom Storage Cosmetic Bag Toiletry Bag Yf8800

Toiletry Bags allow you to keep all your toiletries in one place and prevent them from leaking into the contents of your backpack during transport. They’re also nice to have when staying in a dorm with a shared bathroom because you can easily bring everything you need with you when you take a shower. 

Leatherman Tool

Leatherman Tool

A Leatherman couldn’t be a more perfect tool to travel with. It has a knife, pliers, wire cutters, scissors, a bottle opener, can opener, file, and three different sized screwdrivers. We’d never travel without one.

Travel Insurance

Is Travel Insurance Necessary

Travel insurance is probably one of the best gifts for world travelers because it’s something we all need yet something none of us like spending money on.

We (and Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, NAT GEO Adventures) highly recommend travel insurance with WorldNomads. They cover emergency overseas medical treatment and evacuation transportation, trip cancellation, and even lost or stolen items.

You can get an insurance quote here (it takes less than a minute) and full details on what they cover.

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Gifts for People Who travel

Disclaimer – Big thank you to Osprey for providing us with our Osprey gear. All opinions, as always, are our own.

As you can see we included handy little affiliate links for the above gifts. We receive a small commission for any sales made, without any additional cost to you, our dear reader.

Written by Just a Pack


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  2. I have the perfect item to add to the list. The 1/8″ wallet from Anson Calder. It holds everything you need and takes us minimal space in your pocket.

  3. Some gifts will encourage travelers to get creative in commemorating their trips. Read on to get more information on Best Gift Ideas for Travelers.

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