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best hostels in madrid

The Best Hostels in Madrid, Spain.

Are you looking for the best hostels in Madrid? Not all Madrid hostels are created equal, and we’re here to help you find the right one for your needs.

Madrid, Spain’s heavily visited capital, is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. Art, culture, siestas, tapas, wine, and parties are some of the most common words associated with the life of Madrileños (people who live in Madrid).

In fact, Hemingway said: “To go to bed at night in Madrid marks you as a little queer. For a long time your friends will be a little uncomfortable about it. Nobody goes to bed in Madrid until they have killed the night. Appointments with a friend are habitually made for after midnight at the cafe.”

So if you’re prepared for a crazy trip to a city where people sleep during the day and stay awake all night Madrid is the place for you. However, if you do immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife you’ll eventually need a place to rest your weary head.

And what better place to get an affordable and comfortable sleep than a great Madrid hostel?

Why stay in a Madrid hostel?

The best hostels in Madrid have more to offer than just cheap dorm beds. The right hostel should feel like a cozy, secure, and comfortable little home away from home. The best hostels in Madrid should also offer its guests plenty of ways to meet other travelers, have a nice atmosphere, and be run by a pleasant and friendly staff.

A great Madrid hostel is also clean, tidy, organized, run professionally, and mindful of the needs of it guests. Huge bonus if it has a nice kitchen to cook meals in which will save you tons on your budget.

With all of this in mind we put together a list of some of the very best hostels in Madrid.

The Best Hostels in Madrid Spain

Madrid Hostels – The Hat

the hat hostel in madrid

If we had to choose the best hostel in Madrid it would definitely be The Hat. That’s because it has simply everything a budget traveler could possibly want. Besides the obvious features of any good hostel – such as a central location, welcoming staff, clean and good quality rooms, and cozy places to chill with strong wi-fi available – this Madrid hostel goes a step further.

It is the first boutique hostel in Madrid, and we’re sure you’ll admire the cleaver and simple design. Each bed in this dorm room only hostel has individual reading lamps, sockets, and a large locker for guests. There is also a rooftop terrace with a fantastic view over Plaza Mayor and the whole city center. If you are unlucky enough to catch one of the few days without sunshine don’t worry, they have a solarium so you can still say you’ve been sunbathing the whole time!

In mood for socializing? No problem! Just do it in one of the spacious common rooms or join the free walking tour. Breakfast in this Madrid hostel is also a great time to meet people too, allowing you to mingle over the delicious and diverse food selection, which is vegan friendly too!

For more information about why The Hat is one of the best hostels in Madrid, independent reviews, or the best prices click here!

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The Best Hostels in Madrid – Safestay Madrid

U Hostel Madrid

Another modern and stylish hostel that really caters to traveler needs is Safestay Madrid. The light and airy atmosphere replenishes every bit of energy you might have lost partying the night before. So does the breakfast which you can buy for a symbolic €1.00 to €3.00, depending on what you’d like to pay.

The selection of rooms in this Madrid hostel is wide, from double rooms ensuite to diverse dorms. Bathrooms in this Madrid hostel are usually shared between dorms, the exceptions being premium dorms with 4 or 6 beds. All the rooms are really spacious and light, and can be accessed only with security cards. Big lockers are there for you to store your luggage. A private light and power plug by the bed are also a sure thing. A cosmetic table and hairdryer in female dorms are also a nice touch.

The staff of this Madrid hostel have done a great job creating a home-like atmosphere. A cozy common room with a library feels like a living room, but the bar next to it adds it the social element. The TV room is a great addition for the colder months, as is the roof-top terrace for chilling on a pleasant day. For those missing a bit of nature in the city, they even have a small indoor “garden” with swings and a drinking fountain.

So, there’s almost no need to venture outside of Safestay Madrid! But that would be a shame since they also organize free walking tours to share the best from the city with you.

For more information about why U Hostels is one of the best hostels in Madrid, independent reviews, or the best prices click here!

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The Best Hostels in Madrid – TOC Hostel

toc hostel in madrid

If you are wondering where the centre of Madrid is, it’s between Puerta del Sol and Opera, which happens to be where TOC Hostel is located!

This Madrid hostel is one of the more fancy hostels we’ve seen. With historical paintings on the ceiling and other decorations you’ll feel like you’re in a 19th century palace saloon. But don’t worry, the hostel isn’t outdated. It’s newly equipped with modern facilities so you won’t have to cook over an open fire! You can even serve yourself food and drinks from their bar & restaurant.

The common room is a comfortable lounge with computers for guests and a game zone for those looking for a bit of offline entertainment. The rooms are clean and modern and vary from 2 to 8 bed privates or dorms and are fingerprint secured. They have big lockers for guests, privacy curtains on each bed, and a pocket for you phone and other valuables to rest next to your pillow at night. A private light and power plug is also included.

All that adds up to make this one of the very best Madrid hostels out there!

For more information about why TOC Hotels is one of the best hostels in Madrid, independent reviews, or the best prices click here!

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The Best Hostels in Madrid – Mola

Mola Hostel Madrid

They call it a “poshotel” – full of design, smart decoration and good vibes – but we simply call it Mola. Mola means spring in Spanish so why not to try the Mola in these heady days of seasonal bloom!

Mola is located in the vibrant centre of Madrid, just 3 minutes walk to the famous Plaza Puerta del Sol or Plaza Mayor, and there are daily tours and events organized by the hostel. You can also enjoy the view over the city from the top floors of the hostel building.

This Madrid hostel offers dorm rooms in a variety of different sizes, each is light and spacious and equipped with new facilities. All beds have a private light, power plug, shelf for your stuff, and a huge under-bed locker. Upper beds need a bit of climbing – the ladders aren’t the best – but nothing impossible if you haven’t had a liter of sangria…

The best thing about this hostel is it’s large common/dining room. This subterranean space is quite urban with all its pipes and concrete walls and simple table. The breakfast (not included – €5.00) and other meals are served there but it works as a lounge and bar too.

For more information about why Mola is one of the best hostels in Madrid, independent reviews, or the best prices click here!

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The Best Hostels in Madrid – Bastardo Hostel

the best hostels in madrid

Bastardo is a newcomer on the Madrid Hostel scene, and we think its already one of the best hostels in Madrid. Bastardo is much more than a hostel or bar, it’s a meeting space for visitors and locals to come together and experience Madrid’s true character and vibrance. Situated between Malasaña and Chueca, a couple of hundred meters from Tribunal metro station, Bastardo is ideally located in the centre of the city, meaning exploring Madrid is a breeze whichever way you choose to travel.

As soon as you walk through the door to Bastardo, friendly staff are waiting to give you a warm welcome and a brief, but informative, introduction to the hostel. The vibrant atmosphere is obvious immediately, as the reception is in between a chilled out bar area and an open plan restaurant where you can see food being prepared right in front of you (we’ll come to that later).

This Madrid hostel has a variety of affordable room options to cater to everyone. This range includes family rooms, private rooms and intimate dorm rooms for no more than 6 people. Each room is accessed with a QR code, meaning you can worry less about losing your key on a night out. Each bed has a USB port and sockets for charging your electronic devices, as well as a private locker for keeping your valuables safe in while you’re out and about.

Fantastic location, amiable staff, impeccable standards and a trendy, youthful atmosphere are just some of the reasons why Bastardo makes it onto our list of the best hostels in Madrid. If what you seek in a hostel is comfort, atmosphere and affordability then look no further than Bastardo.

For more information about why Bastardo is one of the best hostels in Madrid, independent reviews, or the best prices click here!

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The Best Hostels in Madrid – Sungate One

Sungate Hostel Madrid

Located in the heart of the city between Puerta del Sol and Callao, this Madrid hostel was established with young travelers in mind. It is specially designed for them and the overall atmosphere corresponds accordingly.

Apart from the facilities which many are made of recycled materials (palette sofas, a library from wine boxes…), the young spirit can be seen especially in the multicultural hostel crew which is doing its best to get travelers together.

The best way of doing this is through their free dinners (budget travelers take note) where guests enjoy a communal dining experience. A great experience to get you ready for an epic pub crawl!

The reception in the Sungate One sometimes serves as a common room too since the staff is fun and entertain people with their guitar and songs.

The rooms are either private twin or dorms with 4 or 5 beds – no climbing because they don’t do bunkbeds at all. All the facilities such as private light, power plugs, and lockers are available in the room, is as air conditioning which can come handy in the summer time.

So if you came to Madrid for party but you are on a tight budget, Sungate One is the way to go.

For more information about why Sungate One is one of the best hostels in Madrid, independent reviews, or the best prices click here!

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The Best Hostels in Madrid – OK Hostel

OK Hostel Madrid

It’s a hostel with all the typical things on offer, like rooms, social events, and a central location near to the main attractions. But don’t stop reading because there are many little touches that make OK Hostel unique.

Located in a bohemian quarter known as Barrio La Latina, the hostel’s interior and staff are also bohemian. They’ll even remember your name. That’s just one of the personal touches that makes the experience at this Madrid hostel unique.

All rooms are super clean and modern. For the maximum comfort they are all ensuite and also have a sink in the room to boot. A soft armchair and make-up mirror are also neat upgrades, as are the generous allocation of 2 lockers for each person – one big one under the bed and one one small next to your head.

The common lounge is cute and cozy, decorated in a red color along with the rest of the OK Hostel. So make yourself comfortable on one of the red sofas or plush seats, grab a book, or just enjoy the sounds of someone playing guitar.

Evenings are never lonely here. Amazing dinners (unlimited sangria and beer…) and pub crawls are organized every night for a reasonable price.

Furthermore, the hostel is equipped with the newest Mac computers. So if you are an Apple geek (we aren’t, just FYI), you will love this Madrid hostel!

For more information about why OK Hostel is one of the best hostels in Madrid, independent reviews, or the best prices click here!

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And there you have it guys, our list of the best hostels in Madrid. We hope you enjoy the heck out of your visit to the capital of Spain. As always, happy travels and we’ll see you on the road!

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