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There are tons of things to do in Moab, Utah.

Utah is blessed with a wide variety of natural wonders. From snowy peaks to craggy deserts, pristine lakes to canyon valleys, you can spend weeks exploring Utah’s beauty.

One of the best places to explore a slice of Utah’s natural exquisiteness is Moab. Sitting within close vicinity to three AMAZING national and state parks Moab is a gateway to adventure and exploration. It’s safe to say that Moab is one of the premier destinations for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies in the USA. 

Things to Do in Moab, Utah

When first arriving in Moab you will find yourself staring in wonder at all the red cliffs and crags surrounding the town. When golden hour comes and the sun hits the red dust at just the right golden angle you might feel as if you’ve landed on another planet. And that’s just the start of your amazing trip into one of America’s most unique destinations.  

Below we will explore a variety of adventures you can embark on while in Moab. Whether traveling alone, with your partner, friends, or the entire family you will find a WIDE variety of things to do in Moab. So let’s get into it! Beautiful views and rugged wilderness await!

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Arches National Park 

a natural sandstone arch formation in Arches National Park Utah with a sunset in the background

Located a few miles north of Moab sits the iconic Arches National Park. Visiting Arches is akin to leaving Earth and finding yourself on Mars. This absolute gem of a park offers one of the most unique landscapes in the USA. That’s not us being hyperbolic, it’s just a fact. We only spent a couple of days exploring while on a road trip across the USA, but it’s two days we will never forget.

Arches is home to over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, which is where the park gets its name. These formations are awe-inspiring to look at, a joy to photograph, and a pleasure to explore. 

Activities in Arches National Park 


There is one legal campsite located within Arches National Park. The 52 site Devils Garden costs $25 and is located near the Devil’s Garden trailhead. More camping options are available at the nearby Bureau of Land Management campgrounds.


There is a ton of hiking to be found in Arches, with trails that are mostly pretty easy to navigate. For some of the best hikes in Arches National Park have a look here.

4X4 Tour 

Go off-road and see Arches from the comfort of a 4×4 with this sweet tour


A drive in Arches is one of the nicest drives in Utah. A car pass to Arches costs $30, and expires after 7 days. Arches Scenic Drive is the only road in the park.  It offers 19 miles of views, arches, viewpoints, and hiking trailheads. Take as long as you would like to make the journey, but plan for a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes, depending on how many people are visiting the park that day. 

white water rafting in a rover canyon near Moab

Rafting and white water rafting are some of the more popular warm-weather activities around Moab. There are many levels of rafting available, from easy floating between the red canyons to some wild white water shenanigans. 

Rafting novices will find wide calm Class I and II rapids, while enthusiasts and veterans of white water can enjoy the Class III to V rapids in places like the 46-mile-long Cataract Canyon, where the Green River meets the mighty Colorado River. 

If you don’t have your own gear and want to go with a seasoned guide, book a rafting trip in Moab in advance – 

For easy rapids check out this tour – 

more info

For Class IV – V Rapids – 

more info

Canyonlands National Park

View from under a red rock arch in Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands is home to wide flat mesas, deep red canyons, and a whole myriad of unforgettable sandstone and rock formations.

The park is split into four main areas. The Needles, the Maze, the Island in the Sky, and the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers. You’ll find colorful sandstone spires in the Needles, wide majestic mesas in the Island in the Sky, and untamed rugged terrain in the Maze. 

With over 500 square miles of terrain to explore you can truly get lost in Canyonland for days, if not weeks. There are a couple of campsites to be found for campers, and some back-country sites for which you will need a camping permit for. 

If you are visiting with the family and aren’t really into camping you should, at the very least, check out the Island in the Sky section of this park. You’ll find some exquisite views here, and its well worth your time. 

Incredible Views at Dead Horse Point National Park

Dead Horse Point Park might have a pretty weird name, but there’s nothing morbid about the views you will find here. Positioned above the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park head here if you want to experience magnificent vistas and glorious sunsets.

You can also venture out here at night for some amazing star gazing. 

Colorado River Cruise

Take a leisurely cruise down the Colorado River and watch the terrain roll by. A daytime river cruise is a good idea, but we recommend going at night, for a totally unique experience.

Check out this cruise for a three hour night time river cruise that’s bound to give you memories you will never forget.

more info

Visit the Corona Arch

the sandstone corona arch near moab during golden hour

The Corona Arch is one of the most photogenic and iconic arches near Moab. This monument to nature’s untamed beauty can be accessed via the 1.5 mile Corona Arch Trail.

This is a relatively short hike you can take with the entire family, and is one of the unmissable things to do in Moab during your visit. Don’t forget to make sure your camera batteries are charged, you’re going to be taking a LOT of pictures here! 


For the dinosaur-obsessed child in your family no trip to Moab is complete without visiting Moab Giants. Your kids are going to love walking along the on-site Dinosaur Trail, where they will find dozens of dino replicas “roaming” the red and orange landscapes. 

The kids can also try their hand at being paleontologists in the “dig out” sites. It’s exactly as it sounds, your kids will dig for dinosaur artifacts and uncover the past buried in the sands.  

Individual admission starts at $24, and you can purchase a family pass for $74. Money well spent, we reckon. 

Drive Utah Byway Route 128 

Also known as the “Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway” this 45-mile stretch of state highway navigates through some truly spectacular terrain. If you like to turn up the stereo and just ride while the landscape rolls by you will be hard-pressed to find a better drive in all of Utah. 

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So there you have it folks. Our starter guide to all the adventure that awaits in Moab. Let us know if we missed anything you feel should definitely be on the list of things to do in Moab by leaving a comment. 

As always safe travels, and we’ll see you on the road! 

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