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You’re a couple, you’re fun. So what fun things are available to do in Nashville for couples?

You think activities for two should always be cute and romantic right? Wrong! This is Nashville, not Paris! So let’s kick off with something less conventional.

Things to do in Nashville for Couples

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For Adventurous Couples

For the more daring let’s start with some good ol’ axe throwing.

There are a few places to do this in Nashville, but with a name like AxeVentures Axe Throwing, this place hits the mark.

It’s best to book ahead, but walk-ins are available if you do get a sudden urge to launch a hatchet at something. A trainer talks you through the safety measures, then it’s away you go. Time to get competitive with your partner, the loser buys drinks at the bar afterward!

For a fun option that’s less strenuous but certainly uplifting, try a Hot Air Balloon Ride. Flights can be booked through this site. Climb aboard, poise the camera and prepare to be hit in the face with some breathtaking scenery. A memory which both of you will be sure to remember for a long time.

Back to a little healthy competition. Ever wanted to try swinging through skyscrapers like Spiderman? Get in the boxing ring with Rocky, or engage in ‘progressive dismemberment’ of zombies? Now you can!

Digital Worlds Virtual Reality has games ranging from the lighthearted to the downright insane. Grab your accomplice and immerse yourselves in a virtual world of carnage!

For the Foodies

Everyone can appreciate fine food. There are plenty of fun things to do in Nashville that involve your biggest love (food) and your second love, your partner.

What’s the most important thing for great food? The ingredients. Head to the Nashville Farmers Market to check out the newest and freshest the city has to offer. Walk around hand in hand and gaze upon the delicious beauty of great produce.

For those with a bit of a sweet tooth head to Goo Goo. These guys make the sweetest of treats; a delectable mixture of nuts and caramel doused in chocolate. Tip: book yourselves onto a class in-store. Get creative and assemble your own Goo to suit that impeccable palette of yours.

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Award winning, single-origin chocolate you say? Olive & Sinclair chocolatiers provide some truly fine confection. Head over to try bars of coffee crunch and candied lemon. One more for the sweet tooth, the donuts at Five Daughter’s Bakery are excellent. Their menu also features tasty paleo and vegan options.

Cooking classes are a great activity for couples in Nashville. Many venues offer courses from US classics to worldwide cuisine. Check out the upcoming classes at The Kitchen Nashville for an upcoming program.

Nashville is known for its chicken, it’s hot chicken to be specific. Hattie B’s is family-run and as southern as they come. Ranging from spice levels ‘mild’ to ‘shut the cluck up’, and with cracking sides of mac n cheese and homemade coleslaw, it’s simply not to be missed.

What else can you do for fun as a foodie couple in Nashville?

As you’re on holiday, it’s nice to chill out and let someone else take the organizational reigns for a while. Book a food tour with A Little Local Flavor. The knowledgeable guides will lead you through to feast on some of Nashville’s finest foods.

Romantic Options for Couples

Y’all are on holiday and you’re feeling the love. Nashville has some perfect romantic spots for couples.

The aptly named Love Circle is a gorgeous hilltop viewpoint attracting couples from all over. Pack a picnic with your bestie’s faves and head up here for a picturesque evening with a beautiful view.

On your walks, snap some beautiful photos with Nashville’s incredible murals as a backdrop. Clean, bright and colorful, these aren’t impulsive graffiti but real works of art. Perfect for a cute new profile pic. Check out this site for a handy map of the best locations.

The Candle Bar is a laid-back workshop where you can blend sensual perfumes to create a uniquely scented candle for you and your partner. A nice keepsake to take home and enjoy on those romantic nights in!

What’s delicious, romantic and also great fun? Wine tasting, and Nashville offers many options for couples. The Belle Meade Winery www.bellemeadewinery.com/ in particular is an exquisite venue with tastings of traditional Muscadine and blackberry wines.

Which leads you sweetly onto something more heady..

For Music Loving & Bar Hopping Couples

If you know Nashville you probably have heard of Honky Tonk, the no frills music genre. A little brash, a little tawdry, but for its ardent fans it’s simply defined as ROCKING.

Broadway, better known as Honky Tonk Highway, is a strip of bars that’s open 10 am to 3 am, and stuffed with live music and performers. An absolute dream for those into something raw, country and a bit wild!

The best way to experience this? Just head down to the strip and jump in boots first to a world of glorious bourbon and fried bologna sandwiches.

Fantastic must see places: Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Redneck Riviera and Bootleggers Inn. Here and at many joints along the strip you’ll find yourself yollerin’, hollerin’, slapping those knees and having a damn good time.

people inside a nashville bar

Next up is the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry. These venues are celebrated for having incredible acoustics for live music and have hosted countless famous and brilliant artists throughout the years.

Something else for the music-loving fun couples in Nashville, the Country Music Hall of Fame. Exhibits crammed with instruments, records and outfits worn by musical heroes, you both can easily spend a great afternoon steeped in musical history.

One last thing for you music lovers.

The Wildhorse Saloon is not only a terrific bar with the best name ever, they also feature free line dancing lessons! Serve yourself up some fine southern food, knock back a yee-haw IPA (yes, those are on the menu) and kick up those heels.

For Cultural Couples

Time to step away from the neon lights of the strip and look for something more thought-provoking in Nashville.

The plantation at Belle Meade is a landmark committed to preserving Tennessee’s history.

Tours include the mansion itself and the grounds of the surrounding plantation. An experience that will definitely evoke meaningful conversation between you and your partner afterwards.

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If feeling contemplative, wander around the Frist Art Museum. Set in a renovated post office, the collection of paintings and sculptures are rotated regularly to keep the features fresh.

United Street Tours illustrates black history and civil rights in Nashville. The tours are run by locals, and you’ll leave feeling inspired and empowered to find ways to protest injustice. A powerful tour not to be missed.

If you are both visiting over the weekend, a great way to view more art in Nashville is to join Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl. A mixture of artists ranging from old to modern, the guide features The Arts Company, the Rymer Gallery and the Hatch Show Print Heley Gallery.

Off the Beaten Track Options for Couples

You get those couples that are a little quirky, a bit kooky perhaps. They want something to experience something special when traveling. Nashville has special. Oodles of special.

On Sundays at noon sharp, Elmington Park becomes a battleground. Dur Demarion is a fantasy fighting sport with a medieval theme.

Costume and roleplay is encouraged, and those in attendance battle in hordes with weapons made from foam. Go bravely into combat with your best ally or watch the skirmish from the sidelines.

If original and stylish describes you best, head to Five Points Alley Shops . Clothing, jewelry, books and much more from independent and local sellers are found here, if what you are looking for is something one-of-a-kind.

Next up is an ominous establishment. Dark, grim and definitely not on a regular list of holiday hotspots, former correctional facility Tennessee State Prison. Seem familiar? The prison has been featured in films such as The Green Mile and The Last Castle.

Abandoned since 1992, public access is now prohibited and considering the history inside the walls, a visit from the outside is more than enough.

Alright, now to lighten the mood with something fun for couples to do together in Nashville!

If celebrity culture is an interest of yours, hop on a bus and take a Nashville Homes of the Stars Narrated Bus Tour guided tour. Awe at the splendid homes of Taylor Swift and Kid Rock whilst chattering with other like-minded fans.

For Nature Loving Couples

green grass and trees on a hiking trail in Nashville

If the great outdoors is more your flavor, Nashville is packed with parks and surrounded with stunning natural landscape. Check out our article on hikes in Nashville for some of the best!

It wouldn’t be Nashville if it didn’t have something of contrast. Head to Centennial Park for a slice of Athens in the south of the States, because why not? A full blown replica of The Parthenon stands here tall and complete with statues. The park itself has very pretty gardens filled with colorful flowers and a nearby lake perfect to unwind by.

Where to Stay in Nashville

We got together with the folks at Hotels.com to share fun things to do in Nashville as a couple.

There are a wide myriad of amazing places to stay when visiting Nashville

A favorite with couples, Hyatt House Nashville Downtown SoBro is a cool industrial-designed hotel, complete with indoor pool and gym. Another option is the eccentrically decorated Graduate Nashville. It has wicked service and an eclectic mixture of snazzy armchairs. Central, bright and fun, the hotel is a shining gem. Fancy something more boutique, with a rooftop bar perhaps? Thompson Nashville is sleek and stylish, complete with a minibar by the bed and luxury bathrooms kitted out with waterfall showers. The holiday just got started!

So there you have it folks, a great mixture of fun things to do for couples in Nashville. From the wild to the whimsical, and the calm to the cultured, whoever you are and whatever you like, you’re guaranteed to find it here!

As always, happy travels everyone and we’ll see you all on the road!

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