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Prague is a dream city. It’s simply overflowing with history, architecture; and friendly people. It’s a must-visit place for backpackers and luxury travelers alike. No wonder it’s one of the most visited cities in the world!

And the best part of Prague for a gay visitor? It’s super gay friendly! Compared to its neighboring cities, gay Prague is a paradise. You’ll find that Prague gay bars and clubs are cheap, funky, and bundles of fun to visit.

The Czech Republic is quite unusual in central Europe for being predominantly atheist. What this means is that there is little religious backlash against homosexuality. Overall, the Czech Republic is a very liberal country. It is also an incredibly safe country, crime, in general, is rare, and there is very little risk of a homophobic attack.

Although there is no solid community space for trans people, Czech people are friendly and rarely confrontational, and trans individuals should encounter no issues in Prague.

Gay in Prague – Gay and LGBT Guide to Prague

prague pride parade

Prague’s pride parade started in 2011 and is now one of the largest in Europe. It takes place in August – right in the middle of the amazing Czech summer. If you miss the parade, don’t worry, there are other great LGBT events in Prague throughout the year!

November brings you Mezipatra – a queer film festival screening films with LGBT+ themes. If you’re around the city in May, be sure to check out Prague Rainbow Spring. This is an international sporting event for LGBT athletes.

So, how do you go about navigating gay Prague? What are the trendiest gay bars in Prague? How do you find Prague’s coolest gay clubs? We put together a list of establishments and venues to get you started.

Gay Bars in Prague

Most of the gay bars and clubs in Prague are concentrated around the Vinohrady area. There are countless gay bars in the city, so to make it easier for you, here’s some of the best!

Piano Bar


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Established in 1996, Piano bar is one of the oldest gay bars in Prague. In some ways, it’s just like any traditional Czech pub – cozy and comfortable; with red brick walls and cheerful drink prices. Generally, the customers are local, but the bar is drawing an increasingly international crowd. Piano bar is perhaps best known for its dazzling drag shows; with a whole host of glitzy queens ready to entertain! Don’t miss Drag Bingo on Sundays – good fun and hilarious, but it’s advisable to book a table in advance for this event.

Klub 21

At first, you can be forgiven for missing this funky member of the Prague gay bar family. Klub 21 is hidden away in a basement (like all the best bars!). Once you manage to find the door, you’ll soon realize that this gay bar in Prague is fantastic! It’s simultaneously cozy and lively – the perfect place to enjoy a comfortable drink with friends; or to get moving on the intimate dance floor. It can get busy any day of the week, so if you’re feeling a need to let off some steam on a Tuesday or Wednesday, definitely stop by here!

The Bourgeois Pig

Although not strictly a gay bar, The Bourgeois Pig is committed to fostering an atmosphere that’s friendly and tolerant for all. Here you’ll meet all kinds of eclectics coming together to enjoy unique music, and sample some truly creative signature shots. There’s also a dog here, so it’s automatically one of the best bars in Prague. Whatever your sexuality or gender identity, you’ll feel welcome at this amazing, hate-free hipster paradise.

The Saints

The Saints champions itself as “the friendliest gay bar in Prague”, and it’s easy to see why. This bar is all about service, after ordering a few drinks from here; you’ll feel like you’re with old friends! It’s a small bar but totally dedicated to creating a positive, safe atmosphere. Relax and enjoy a drink whilst listening to some amazing music.

If you’re new to the city and looking to have the best experience in gay Prague, The Saints in the place for you. It’s the perfect bar to visit, and the staff are always ready to provide tips and information on other spots in the city.

Lesbian Bars in Prague

As with most cities, the gay scene in Prague is predominantly male. However, for queer women visiting the city, there are some spaces just for you.

Jampa Dampa

A staple of Prague’s lesbian scene, Jampa Dampa is a small bar with an intimate dance floor. After new owners took it on and gave it a much-appreciated makeover, Jampa Dampa is now the most well-known lesbian bar in Prague. It has a cute, typically Czech interior and a great little events calendar. With a video disco, ladies “secret party” (men are allowed as long as they’re with female friends), and of course, karaoke; Jampa Dampa is an amazing place for women who love women.

Freedom Night

Currently, Freedom Night is the only regular event for gay and bisexual women in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is running monthly, not just in Prague, but in Brno, Bratislava, and sometimes Pilsen. So, if you miss it in Prague, check to see if you can catch it in another city!

It’s popular with locals and tourists; showcasing amazing Djs and encouraging you to dance until you drop in one of the most fun party atmospheres in central Europe! The event is often held at Friends bar, but sometimes it will be at a different location; so be sure to double-check the event so that you go to the right place!

Rozdilne Rytmy (Different Rhythms)

This is neither a gay bar, nor a cafe, nor a party. Different Rhythms is something really amazing in Prague. It is a community project for gay, bi, and trans women; organizing lectures, discussions, trips, and sporting events. It is committed to providing a safe space and meeting the needs of marginalized women in the Czech Republic. If you want to enjoy some relaxed social time with other women, make sure to meet up with the amazing people at Rozdilne Rytmy.

Gay Cruising Clubs in Prague

man drinking bar

If you’re looking to explore the uninhibited side of Prague’s gay scene, these cruising bars are perfect for you.

Sauna Labyrinth

This huge sauna is a luxurious hotspot for the best cruising that Prague has to offer. It’s open daily, with naked parties on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (it’s a good idea to bring your own towel!). Sauna Labyrinth is a huge cruising space – it has three floors and all kinds of facilities. Whether it’s a Finnish sauna, a TV room, or dark rooms; Sauna Labyrinth has it all. So, relax in hot water at one of Prague’s most risque spots.


Open 24 hours, this is perhaps the most indulgent gay bar in Prague. Enjoy your drinks at the cozy, welcoming bar; before wandering into the huge labyrinth. This labyrinth is the main cruising area and the perfect spot to meet a mysterious stranger. As far as gay clubs in Prague go, Drake’s is surely one of the raunchiest – and that’s saying a lot! Since Drake’s is open 24 hours, choose your times wisely for the best experience – Tuesday afternoon will for sure not be as busy as Saturday night!

The Factory

For those travelers with a kinky side, this gay club in Prague provides all your fetish needs. The Factory comes equipped with dark rooms, glory holes, a dungeon, and (crucially) showers! In case you forgot to pack any of the essentials, The Factory also has a small sex shop on site. Boasting a huge interior that spans three floors, and with sexy barmen ready to serve you great drinks; this is a cruising spot in Prague that cannot be missed.

Gay Clubs in Prague

dj club

One of the most fun parts of traveling is surely the freedom to let go on the dance floor and have an amazing night! So get your dancing shoes on and check out these amazing clubs.


Kitted out with two bars, and a huge dance floor; TerMax is the most popular gay club in Prague for dancing the night away. Showcasing some amazing electronic music, TerMax has a dark party vibe like no other. The club has many different theme nights, so check the calendar to find out which kind of party you’re going to. TerMax is mostly a dancing club for letting your hair down, but for those who want to cruise, there are opportunities for you here; and a dark room that you can use.


This stylish sister club to the formidable TerMax is happily placed right in the heart of the gay district. TerMix is the perfect spot to find yourself staggering to after a few too many warm-up drinks at one of Prague’s gay bars! It attracts a large crowd of locals and foreigners, and just like TerMax, TerMix is equipped with a dark room for all your cruising needs. Hip and friendly, this is definitely one gay club in Prague that you don’t want to miss!


Officially open from 18:00 until “the last guest leaves”, Friends is a gay club in Prague that just beckons you to accept that challenge and be the last one on the dance floor. Friends has different events every night – don’t miss Karaoke Tuesdays! The club comes with everything you need – comfy seats, a dance floor, cheap drinks, and great music! Situated in the beautiful old town district, round off a day of sightseeing in Prague with a night of dancing in Friends!

So this rounds up our Prague Gay Guide. The list of places here is by no means exhaustive – be sure to explore the city and let us know in the comments if you find any other great places in Prague!

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Visiting Prague and want to dive into the LGBT scene? Then this Prague Gay Guide is for you! Here are the best gay bars, clubs, and events in Prague Czech Republic!

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