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Where are the best bars in Prague? We’re glad you asked. 

The capital city of the Czech Republic is a red hot tourist destination, and for good reason. We have long preached the beauty and affordability of Prague, and have written many articles on one of our very favorite cities. There are a hundred and one things to do in Prague, and among those things are exploring Prague’s bar/pub culture. 

In a city where winter brings wet grey weather six months out of the year, cheery pubs were an integral part of surviving the gloom. Prague is inundated with all manner of bars and pubs, beer gardens, wine shops, and cocktail bars, all serving the delicious lager beers that the Czech Republic is famous for. 


With so many bars to pick from it is no wonder most tourists and first time visitors are sometimes at a loss as to which one to visit. Luckily we’ve lived here for over 3 years now and have explored dozens upon dozens of establishments in Prague. 

The list below is a compilation of what we consider to be the best bars in Prague. This list includes choices within Prague’s Old Town, but you will also find many establishments beyond the narrow confines of a typical tourist map.

From the hills of Žižkov, where there is a pub (at least one) on seemingly every street, to the leafy streets of Letna, these bars and pubs are spread across the city. Making your way from one to another will not only leave you happily inebriated, it will also help you discover some of the lesser known treasures of Prague

So, get ready, because we’re about to get you well and truly drunk. Enjoy the best bars Prague has to offer and feel free to leave us comments as to which is your favorite! Cheers and Na Zdravi!

The Best Bars in Prague


lokal pub prague
PC: Lokal
  • Address: Dlouhá 33
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

Looking for a place to drink fresh, delicious Czech beer? Lokál is your spot! With five locations around Prague, it’s easy to fit this place into your schedule no matter where in the city you end up. Try the Pilsner straight from the tank or get a little more adventurous with the unfiltered dark Kozel – either way you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a pregame to your night out, check out the Dlouhá location in Prague 1. Or, if a quieter, more relaxing pub night is what you’re after, the Nad Stromovkou location in Prague 7 or one of their many other locations listed on their website.

And don’t forget to try the food while you’re at it! Lokál serves a variety of Czech classics with a unique twist, so you’ll get a truly authentic food and beverage experience during your visit.


best bars in prague, guide to prague nightlife
PC: Bukowski’s
  • Address: Bořivojova 689/86
  • Neighborhood: Žižkov

Situated in the heart of Žižkov, this is the perfect place to start a night out. With friendly staff, a cozy interior, and delicious cocktails, you can’t go wrong with Bukowski’s. A favorite of locals and tourists alike, this trendy bar in Prague can get pretty crowded, especially on special nights!

Every Tuesday is Ladies Night with free pitchers of sangria, and every Sunday is Seven Crown Night where you pay only 7 crowns for a small draft beer. These deals and the quality of the cocktails make Bukowski’s one of the best bars in Prague. Be sure to order one of their specials – we recommend the Greenback!

If you want to grab a seat be sure to get there early and have a drink to kick start your night, or end up staying for hours chatting with the eccentric crowd that frequents the bar.

Bad Flash

bad flash bar interior prague
PC: Bad Flash Bar
  • Address: Krymská 126/2
  • Neighborhood: Vršovice

Bad Flash offers 12 beers on draft as well as over 300 bottled beers and several wines to choose from. With two locations – one in Vršovice and one in Karlín – they are one of the best bars in Prague. Serving beer from their own Bad Flash Brewery in the Czech Republic and other specialty beer from around the world, you’ll be dying to try all the options.

The bartenders know their stuff so feel free to ask them for recommendations if you’re not sure what to order. Bad Flash doesn’t take reservations but be sure to stop in and make some new friends who share your love of good beer!


best bars prague cobra bar
PC: Cobra
  • Address: M. Horákové 688/8
  • Neighborhood: Holešovice

Situated in the industrial-chic Holešovice district, Cobra is a trendy bar-adise (that’s a bar paradise, just FYI). Once a non-stop gambling bar with slot machines and outdated carpets this intriguing building was converted to its beautiful and current form in 2017.

Buzzing coffeehouse by day, hip bar with live DJ by night, Cobra is an eclectic and exciting multi-tasker. Their tasty food is served until 10 pm, which is when restaurant changes its vibes and becomes a cool hangout for creative-minded folk. The stained concrete interior and floor-to-ceiling windows only add to the unique ambiance. Try one of their various affordable cocktails, or a fresh foamy beer.

Tip: If you are a bruncher, rejoice. You can stop in for a very tasty brunch on the weekends.

The Down Under Gastropub

Looking for a place to watch rugby and eat a meat pie while downing beers? The Down Under in Vinohrady is where you need to go. Featuring Pilsner and a Raven “Sydney” IPA you can quench your thirst AND fill your belly with a wide selection of homemade pies. We recommend getting the mash and peas to go along with your pie and cold beer.

That’s not all you’ll find at this delicious and budget-friendly joint. The Down Under has a nice and large play area for kids, making this one of the best family-friendly pubs in Prague. This gastropub also runs a great pub quiz every Thursday night. See you there?

Cash Only Bar

cash only bar prague
PC: Cash Only Bar
  • Address: Liliová 218/3
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

Located right in the heart of Old Town, this unique bar in Prague serves a variety of cocktails as well as their own specialty hot dogs with homemade, high-quality ingredients. So, whether you’re looking for a quick drink or a full meal, you won’t be disappointed here.

They permanently offer a full menu of signature cocktails, including timeless classics as well as more contemporary creations. They also offer seasonal menus for you to choose from, so stop in and try some of the specialties!

The cozy interior, delicious cocktails, and hot dogs and popcorn galore make this one of the best bars in Prague. Don’t forget to bring cash though – this bar is true to its name!


vinograf wine bar prague
PC: Vinograf
  • Address: Senovážné nám. 978/23
  • Neighborhood: Nové Město

Prague may be known for its proud beer culture, but you can find countless wine bars scattered throughout the city. And it’s no secret that the Vinograf wine bars are among the best.

With two locations in the center, this hip wine bar offers a massive selection of wines from the famous Moravian wine region of Czechia, as well as the Bohemian region and around the world. You can choose from over 50 wines poured by the glass, and about a thousand by the bottle. After sitting at your table, the bar staff will bring you a tablet where you can browse all of the wines in their cellar and make you choice.

They also feature an extensive food menu. Pair your wine with an assortment of meats and cheeses, or go for something heartier, like a Croque Monsieur or pasta dish.


tanker best bars prague

  • Address: Náměstí Republiky 656/8
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

If you’re looking for good food, great beer, and a fantastic view, T-Anker is the spot you won’t want to miss. Located at Namesti Republiky, T-Anker’s terrace provides the perfect panoramic view of the city. Look out over Old Town Square or sit facing the Prague Castle – either way you’ll want to snap a quick photo!

As for the beer, choose from over 40 bottled varieties from around the world or try the T-Anker light lager. If you’re looking for something a little different, they also have a rotating beer menu from Czech microbreweries on tap, so be sure to stop in and see what they’re offering during your visit.

They’re only open until 10 pm each day, so if you can time it right, we’d recommend popping up to the terrace for dinner and drinks during the sunset! It’s bound to be an experience you won’t forget, making T-Anker one of the best bars in Prague.


harleys music bar prague
PC: Harley’s Music Bar
  • Address: Dlouhá 704/18
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

Calling all rock music lovers! Harley’s is the best bar in Prague for you. Centrally located on Dlouhá street, this bar serves up delicious cocktails along with some killer playlists.

The bar is underground so it’s a bit dark and dingy, which fits in perfectly with the rest of its hard rock and Harley’s motorcycles aesthetic.

On weeknights feel free to pop in for a quieter experience and enjoy some mixed drinks, music, and good conversation. On the weekends, though, be prepared for a wild night. The entire place, including the tabletops, turns into a dance floor, but this isn’t your typical dance club. The crowd here goes crazy for a little Sum 41, Blink-182, and old-school Eminem.

So, if you’re looking for a little moshing and a more alternative crowd than the typical night club, be sure to check out Harley’s!

The Electric Sheep Book Bar

  • Address: Nitranská 1355/7
  • Neighborhood: Vinohrady

If sipping on a craft cocktail while perusing a curated assortment of new and used English language books sounds like an ideal evening, The Electric Sheep Book Bar is the spot for you. This new-ish bar has quickly become one of our favorites in Prague. 

Located near náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, this vegan bar boasts a selection of book-themed signature cocktails and a rotating menu of vegan snacks. Sip a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster while exploring the science fiction shelf or an In Cold Brew’d while unraveling the thriller section. The book bar also offers a wide range of events, such as book clubs, “drunk poetry” workshops, and cocktail masterclasses – as well as some more unexpected evenings like burlesque and circus knife-throwing.

ESBB’s relaxed atmosphere is reminiscent of hanging out in the parlor of your coolest friend, who always has a new book to recommend or the ingredients for the cocktail you’ve been dying to try



best bars prague 2b
PC: Popocafepetl
  • Address: Michalská 15
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

For those of us on a budget, this bar in Prague will not disappoint. This is technically a student bar and is frequented by study abroad students and young locals because of the cheap drinks (hello, rum and cola for 39 crowns!). It’s an easy place to meet people and it won’t make your wallet sad like a lot of the other bars around the center.

Popocafepetl has five locations in and around Prague’s center, each with a very different vibe. The one closest to the center is on Michalská street. This one gets pretty crowded but it has a lot of seating and a dance floor, usually with a DJ on weekends. Karoliny Světlé and Újezd also have dance floors, while the locations on Italská and Na Struze offer a quieter experience as a cafe-bars, but all with the same prices.

So no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, Popocafepetl has got your back!

Planeta Žižkov

planeta zizkov bar
PC: Planeta Žižkov
  • Address: Tachovské nám. 1
  • Neighborhood: Žižkov

This is one of our favorite bars in Prague because it’s close to everything, it’s cheap, and there is a full bar along with 5 different beers on tap, including all the Czech classics. Or, if you’re not much of a beer person, try some wine, cider, or a cocktail of your choosing.

This pub in Prague can be perfect for many occasions, whether you’re looking for a tasty meal and a beer before you go out for the night or a lively place to watch a sports match. Planeta Zizkov is pretty famous with locals, and it’s location at the bottom of Zizkov, right near the Karlin tunnel makes it a bit of a “cross roads” pub, where neighborhoods intersect and good times flow. 

The friendly staff and the cozy interior will make you feel right at home, and if you’re in the market for a meal, we recommend the goulash – it’s some of the best you’ll find in Prague!


anonymous bar prague
PC: Anonymous
  • Address: Michalská 432/12
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

This is one of the best bars in Prague purely because of the unique experience it offers. With the interior modeled after V for Vendetta’s hideout for V, an extensive cocktail menu, and classy, experienced staff, you’re in for a night you’ll never forget.

The bartenders wear masks and they truly put on a show while they make your drink. Bottles will be flying in the air and drinks will be set on fire. Don’t be alarmed. however, as the bartenders are some of the best out there.

They offer a wide variety of spirits and their cocktail menu can change, so you’ll have to visit to find out what they’re offering! The drinks here are a bit pricier, but they are worth it for the quality of ingredients and quality of service you’re getting. Stop in and see for yourself – it truly is a one-of-a-kind experience.

U Sadu

u sadu pub prague
PC: U Sadu
  • Address: Škroupovo nám. 1282/5
  • Neighborhood: Žižkov

Just around the corner from the Žižkov TV Tower, U Sadu is truly one of the best pubs in Prague for both locals, expats, and tourists. It’s also one of the oldest pubs in the entire neighborhood, serving beers for almost a hundred years!

Open until 4 am in the morning U Sadu offers a variety of delicious beers on tap, along with a small selection of Belgian Trappist brews.  We recommend you try the local Sadek unfiltered beer, especially on a warm summer day.

The pub is often crowded in the late hours of night as the kitchen is open until 2 am, and sometimes later than that. Aside from a classic Czech menu with staples such as Svíčková and goulash, they also offer international options ,and even breakfast.

No matter what time you arrive, you’re bound to find seating in one of the numerous nooks and crannies of the pub. They also offer outdoor garden seating that’s open in the summer. If you don’t see seating options upstairs walk to the back and take the spiral staircase down into the cavernous basement of this historic pub!

Gastropub 20 PIP

20 pip prague
PC: Gastropub 20 PIP
  • Address: Slezská 1357/1
  • Neighborhood: Vinohrady

Less than a 2-minute walk from Namesti Miru, Gastropub 20 PIP is a 2-story pub that matches the trendy vibe of the Vinohrady neighborhood.

With a colorful wall decorated with brewery beer coasters, it’s no secret that they specialize in craft brews. This watering hole offers a nice selection of 21 Czech and international beers on tap, many of which are ales. While their prices are a bit steep for Prague, it’s a refreshing break from the pilsners offered at all of the traditional corner pubs.

Whether you stop in for one beer or seven, the friendly staff and warm atmosphere will make you happy you did!

Beer Geek

beergeek pub prague
PC: Beergeek
  • Address: Vinohradská 988/62
  • Neighborhood: Vinohrady

While the craft beer scene is far from what you’ll find in US cities, Beer Geek is one of the best pubs for microbrews in Prague.

Located across the street from the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station, your first visit to this place might be slightly overwhelming, especially if it’s following a long tour of traditional Czech bars. Beer Geek offers a rotation of 32 local and foreign beers on tap, none of which you’ll be able to find on the shelf at the Albert or Billa grocery stores.

Aside from their bar on Vinohradska, you can also find their bottle shop in Žižkov. What makes this spot so great is the knowledgeable staff and vast selection of beers. Seriously, it’s like being in a candy store for grownups. Pick up a few of your favorites to take with to a barbecue or house party.

Hemingway Bar

nightlof ein prague - bet bars in prague
PC: Hemingway
  • Address: Karoliny Svetle 26
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

In case you hadn’t already guessed by the name, Hemingway Bar is inspired by one of the great American writers, who spent much of his time in Europe.

Located in Old town, this upscale bar is famed for its ingeniously mixed fresh cocktails and old-time atmosphere. In honor of the boozy Hemingway himself, they carry over 200 varieties of aged rum, as well as rare replicas of absinthe. Hemingway Absinthe is a brand distilled exclusively for their bar, and will surely appeal to the curious drinker. 

If you’re not sure what to sample first at Hemingway’s consider their classic Manhattan cocktail or ask the friendly and knowledgeable bar staff for guidance. Planning to come during peak travel season? Make a reservation because this chic spot fills up fast!

Black Angel’s

black angle bar best bar prague
PC: Black Angel’s
  • Address: Staroměstské nám. 29
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

If you enjoy the atmosphere of speakeasy pubs, Black Angel’s should be at the top of your list.

Tucked away in the Gothic cellar of the U Prince Hotel in Old Town, this elegant cocktail bar is marked by its prohibition-era ambiance.

The menu consists of classic American cocktails, including their twist on the Manhattan and Tom Collins, as well as an impressive wine selection. What makes the menu truly unique is that its supposedly based upon the diaries of Alois Krcha, a 20th-century bartender who studied spirits and made inventive cocktails.


parlour best cocktail bar prague 1a
PC: Parlour
  • Address: M. Krakovská 15
  • Neighborhood: Nové Město

Just a few steps from the bustling Wenceslas Square, Parlour is a hidden gem that you don’t want to miss during your trip. This down-to-earth bar doesn’t mess with Wi-Fi or signage. Their bar staff cares about one thing, and that’s making unique cocktails customized to each patron’s tastes.

Take a seat and a bartender will come by to ask about your flavor preferences. Sweet or sour? Fruity or bitter? Whatever your preferences, you can count on the bar staff to whip up a delicious cocktail designed especially for you.

Their interior may not look like much, but the dim lighting and jazz music will make it easy to sink in to one of their cozy armchairs and lose yourself in the relaxing ambiance.

Boudoir – U Sta rán

  • Address: Francouzská 765/50
  • Neighborhood: Vršovice

Tucked away in Vršovice, Boudoir- U Sta rán might be a local spot, but you don’t have to be from the neighborhood to hang there. This chilled out bar offers a friendly staff, endearingly divey atmosphere, and a number of beers on tap. They’re also unofficially queer-friendly.

Whether you want to contemplate the meaning of life over a pint of beer or play board games with friends in the seasonal beer garden, you can spend hours at this brooding bar and feel right at home. Check out the laid-back food menu or try one of their quirky cocktails.

Bar v Krymský

best bars prague krymsky
PC: Bar v Krymský
  • Address: Krymská 294/21
    Neighborhood: Vršovice

Located in Vršovice, Bar v Krymský is an effortlessly cool bar with an intimate ambiance.

Upon entering, you’ll find that the bar is a bit small, but it has cozy seating and kitschy décor. They feature a live DJ on weekday nights, so it can get crowded. But if you stumble in after the set is over (perhaps from one of the other cool bars along Krymská) you’ll find a fun atmosphere with affordable drinks.

Recommended for those of you who enjoy drinking in intimate pubs.

The Pub

the pub best bars prague

  • Address: Veleslavínova 3
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

Ever run out of beer and the waiter takes forever to come take your order? Wish you could serve yourself so your glass is never empty? This bar in Prague makes all these dreams and more come true for all you beer lovers out there.

At The Pub, there is a beer tap at every table, so you can pour your own whenever you’re feeling thirsty! To add to that beer-tappin’ fun, there are screens that compare your table’s consumption to other tables around the restaurant and even at the other locations around the Czech Republic. Don’t be afraid to get competitive, but beware that this challenge can make some visitors a little rowdy. It’s bound to be a lively atmosphere in here!

This is a perfect place to bring big groups, as the tables are quite large and there is a full dinner menu for you to choose from to make sure you’re lining your stomach before you drink all that beer! Just be sure to make a reservation as this a popular place for large groups of tourists.

Prague Beer Museum

things to do in prague at night, the best of prague's nightlife

  • Address: Americká 341/43
  • Neighborhood: Vinohrady

Beer lovers: this is a place you cannot miss. The Beer Museum offers 30 Czech beers on draft (that’s right we said THIRTY). With that many choices you might as well try a flight! There’s no way you can pick just one beer off the bat. Some of the beers on the menu are permanent and others change seasonally. All the more reason to come back more than once!

This bar in Prague is designed to look like a classic Czech pub, and it does! They serve up some well-priced traditional Czech meals, as well. You’ll definitely need something to pad your stomach with all that beer you’re about to drink!

With two floors and plenty of space this is a great spot to start a night out. Plus, they have live music downstairs every Wednesday through Saturday so be sure to check it out! Happy drinking!

Tiki Taky

ticky tacky bar prague

  • Address: Cimburkova 231/22
  • Neighborhood: Žižkov

Tiki Taky is a pretty trendy spot located in Žižkov just above the Karlín tunnel. The decor and the atmosphere they’ve created is unlike any other bar in Prague. Upon stepping inside you’ll feel like you’re in the tropics. Oh, and the cocktails are delicious!

With a long list of creative cocktails, you’ll have a hard time choosing what to order, but no matter what you settle on you won’t be disappointed. Plus, the drinks are all pretty reasonably priced.

Along with the stylish, unique atmosphere and the extensive cocktail menu, the staff is super friendly! They will make sure you have a great experience and are even able to personalize your cocktails if you just tell them what kind of mood you’re in. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out Tiki Taky – you won’t regret it!


the best bars in prague becketts

  • Address: Londýnská 473/22
  • Neighborhood: Vinohrady

Located in the Vinohrady neighborhood, Beckett’s Irish Pub is the quintessential spot for avid European sports fans. It’s also a great spot for lovers of Irish and British fare. And for lovers of all things Guinness, of course. 

Like every authentic Irish sports pub, you’ll find flat-screen TVs, ample seating, and delicious cold beer. The mouth watering menu features the traditional fish and chips, bangers and mash, and an assortment of burgers and wings. You can enjoy a sunny day with a pint of Guinness in the outdoor garden area, open throughout the summer.

Czech drafts are within the normal price range, while Guinness and O’Hara’s are understandably on the steeper side. They also offer a nice selection of Irish whiskeys. So, if you lot are looking for an Irish pub in Prague, look no further than this gem. 

Al Capone’s

al capones bar prague
PC: Al Capone’s
  • Address: Bartolomějská 305/3
  • Neighborhood: Staré Město (Old Town)

This cozy bar in Prague was modeled after the Prohibition era in America and it stays true to its speakeasy style. It’s a small place but it fills up quickly, so be sure to get there early so you and your friends can get a table.

This place is one of the best bars in Prague because of its reasonable prices, especially for being located in the center of the city, and because of the wide variety of beer, wine, cocktails, and shots they serve. Trust us, you’ll want to try everything on the menu – but be careful, they make their drinks strong!

Stop in with a group and try a Sixpack of shots or one of their beer cocktails. With friendly service, cheap (but strong!) drinks, and a central location, this bar in Prague is a must-visit if you’re going out in the city.

And there you have it folks, that’s 25 of the best bars in Prague. The beauty of this city is that you will find 25 other amazing bars as well, so if there are any establishments that you are certain we shoud include in this list, please feel free to let us know!

Until then, happy travels, and na zdraví!!

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