The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hostels in Prague

the best hostels in Prague

Looking for the best hostels in Prague? We’ve got you covered!

Prague is a prime destination for budget travelers and backpackers in Europe, and as such it plays host to a ton of various hostels and accommodations. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to pick one out of the big wide sea of choices. Never fear, we did the research for you, and picked out the very best hostels in Prague!

We have spent a LOT of time in Prague, choosing to stay here for 12 months out of the last 36 months of travel. We’re kind of in love with the city, to be honest. During our time in Prague we visited (and stayed in) many hostels in order to pick the ones we thought were the best of the lot.

Each of the hostels described below has its own unique way of accommodating backpackers and budget travelers of all age ranges. They all have budget friendly dorm options, are all clean and tidy, have free wi-fi, and are run with passion and care. Some of these hostels cater more to the party scene, while others are more relaxed and chilled out.

No matter their differences, they are all great choices for anyone looking for an awesome hostel in Prague.

Here are our picks for the best hostels in Prague, in no particular order.

Czech Inn

Czech Inn reception Best Hostels in Prague

  • Dorm Rooms: 28
  • Private Rooms: 24
  • Bathrooms: Dorms and twin rooms have shared or en-suite bathrooms. All other privates have en-suite bathrooms.
  • What Sets it Apart: focus on promoting local businesses and neighborhoods
  • Location: Francouzská 240/76, 101 00 Praha 10
  • Activities: movie nights, pub crawls, quiz nights, and sports screenings.
  • Communal Kitchen: All premium dorms and apartments have a kitchen.
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld,

From the moment you set foot inside the Czech Inn you’ll appreciate its beautiful and unique decor. The bright splashes of color against muted tones, the perfectly balanced mixed of modern and vintage furniture, and the odd baubles throughout the building, go a long way to making this one of the most visually attractive hostels we have ever visited.

Czech Inn isn’t “all style and no substance” though. The hostel has a lot more to offer guests. You’ll have your choice of room options including dorms (mixed and female only), private rooms, and even apartments. There are also plenty of entertainment and socializing options for guests like movie nights, quiz nights, and sports screenings in the onsite bar.

Aside from all of that awesomeness what made us decide to add Czech Inn to our list of top hostels in Prague is that it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to travel responsibly. The hostel promotes local businesses, shops, and products. They sell local micro-brewed Czech beer, custom postcards and notebooks, and locally written Prague guide books. Their custom maps also let guests know what businesses to visit in the area that are locally owned.

Additionally, the hostel is located outside of the center of Prague in a trendy neighborhood that most visitors don’t get to see, which makes it a great base for exploring Prague a bit off the beaten path.. They also promote alternative tours outside of the overcrowded city center. pretty sweet, and certainly makes Czech Inn one of the very best hostels in Prague.

Click here for more information or here to book your stay at Czech Inn.

Best Hostels in Prague – Sir Toby’s Hostel

great service at one of the best hostels in prague

  • Dorm Rooms: 12
  • Private Rooms: 15
  • Bathrooms: dorms and privates with shared or private bathrooms
  • What Sets it Apart: Brilliantly Smiling Staff, Style, Ambiance, Decor
  • Location: Dělnická 1155/24, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice
  • Activities: Daily walking tours and pub crawls, Free BBQs 2x a week in the summer
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld,

Out of all the hostels we visited Toby’s had the most unique and visually appealing aesthetic. Art Nouveau meets antique dark wood, Toby’s oozes atmosphere.

It’s clear the hostel was designed with care and thought by someone with an eye for feng shui. Instead of using numbers each room has a unique name suited to its individual theme. Upper levels are home to a bunch of really cool private rooms, while the dorms are a mix of modern and Old World and have comfortable beds and plenty of locker space.

Toby’s wants its guests to mingle and interact, encouraging communal breakfasts in its large dining area, hosting FREE BBQs once a week (yes free, no catch) in the backyard, and an on-site Pub where guests can gather over a cold beverage and get to know their fellow traveler. The staff at Toby’s operates with a “guest first” mentality, and does its best to address any problems, complaints, and answer any questions you might have.

While location may not be Toby’s strength (it is maybe 10 minutes by tram from the center) it makes up for that in spades with its design, philosophy, and hospitality, making it one of the best hostels in Prague.

Click here for more information or here to book your stay at Sir Toby’s.

Best Hostels in Prague for Solo Female Travel – Sophie’s Hostel

the very best hostels in prague

  • Dorm Rooms: 3 female, 11 mixed
  • Private Rooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: dorms with shared or private; private rooms all en-suite
  • What Sets it Apart: Great female only dorms, family style breakfast.
  • Location: Melounova 3, 120 00 Nové Město
  • Activities: On site bar, Walking Tours, Pub Crawls, Event nights
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld,

Sophie’s Hostel is an ideal choice for the solo female backpacker in Prague. It has multiple female-only dorms which house five female travelers in twin sized beds (no bunks!). Each female dorm also has its own modern kitchen, a concept which we have never seen before but immediately loved. The dorms almost feel like mini apartments.

Sophie’s also takes pride in their breakfasts, and their cook whips up hot breakfast plates with such care you might swear Mom was cooking. A nice little garden out back of building 1 (Sophie’s is actually two large buildings, both designed by the same architect) adds to the communal vibe that starts at breakfast and ends after a late night pub crawl with your new hostel made friends.

If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, or are a solo female traveler looking for a great hostel in Prague, chances are very good that you will love Sophie’s Hostel.

Click here for more information or here to book your stay at Sophie’s Hostel.

Best Green Hostel in Prague – Mosaic House Hostel

Mosaic House art in one of the best hostels in prague

  • Dorm Rooms: 55
  • Private Rooms: 41
  • What Sets it Apart: Truly “Green” Hostel, Variety
  • Location: Odborů 278/4, 120 00 Nové Město
  • Activities: On site bar, karaoke night, organizes trips ,pub crawls, walking tours
  • Communal Kitchen: No, but their sister hostel across the street offers one.
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld,

Mosaic House is the largest hostel we visited during our time in Prague, and the one that contained the widest assortment of booking and activity options. It’s a Super Hostel in every sense of the word. New, modern, and sleek Mosaic lives up to its name in terms of the variety offered. You can get a bunk bed in a slew of differently sized dorms, or chose from an assortment of forty one private rooms.

Looking for something even swankier? Well, you can rent out a penthouse suite, with a garden, and awesome views of the city.

Mosaic House has the honor of being Prague’s first fully self sustaining Green building. It claims to be the first building with a water recycling system in the Czech Republic, the first hostel in C.R. to utilize 100% renewable energy, and the first hostel to achieve BREEAM In-Use “Excellent” certification. While many other hostels say they are “green” Mosaic House actually achieves this status on all levels. This makes Mosaic a great choice for eco consciousness travelers.

Not enough? Well, throw in a great bar/restaurant, a comfy lounge with leather couches, communal computers, a foosball table, and a decently priced yet lavish breakfast buffet for the hungry traveler. With so much going for it Mosaic House is certainly one of the best hostels in Prague, and is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a clean and modern hostel with tons of options.

Click here for more info on HostelWorld or here for info on

Best Small Party Hostel in Prague – The MadHouse Hostel

looking for the best party hostel in prague

  • Capacity: 38 Beds
  • Private Rooms: N/A
  • Bathrooms: 1 per room, 2 common area
  • What Sets it Apart: Intimate party atmosphere, interactive staff
  • Location: 39 102 Spálená, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia
  • Activities: Own Pub Crawls, Communal Dinners
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld

The MadHouse has fully embraced the label of “Best Party Hostel in Prague” but throws a familial twist into the old party hostel formula.

With a maximum capacity of 38 beds Mad House does the party scene on a intimate scale. Most hostels in Prague out-source Pub Crawls to the many companies that organize them for tourists and you can find yourself in a group of a hundred random people. Mad House prefers to organize its own outings, with staff leading the way for any guests interested in joining.

Communal dinners in the large kitchen are cooked up by staff for a cost that barely covers the price of ingredients, beer is readily available for $1.00 USD from a fully stocked beer fridge, and a comfy movie lounge offers tons of movies to watch and board games for guests to play together.


MadHouse only offers dorms, but breaks up each dorm into separate self contained sections. Some of the dorms even have nifty loft spaces, and all offer plenty of sunshine. Each is designed with custom spray painted art work that fits a theme. Very cool. If you are looking for a party hostel with an intimate close knit feel, or just looking for the best party hostel in Prague, you should definitely check this place out. You are bound to make some new friends and sleep off a few hangovers in the process.

Best Hostels in Prague – Brix Hostel

best hostels in prague, brix hostel

  • Dorm Rooms: 8 rooms, ranging from 6 to 18 beds
  • Private Rooms: 4
  • What Sets it Apart: Amazing free tours, great staff
  • Location: Roháčova 132/15, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov
  • Activities: On site bar, occasional live music, communal holiday dinners, free tours. (Yes, FREE)
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld,

One of the newest hostels on the scene in Prague, Brix is a hostel built by people who love hostels.

Located in the trendy Zizkov neighborhood the hostel is not in the city center, but is extremely easy to reach from the main bus station, or by tram. Zizkov is a great place to stay, in our opinion, as you get to experience local life in Prague while still having very easy access to all the touristy spots you can visit. There are numerous (too many to count) bars, restaurants, and shops within a 5 minute walk from Brix’s front door, assuring you will never go bored or hungry.

Featuring a gorgeous bar and multiple indoor and outdoor hang out areas Brix definitely tries to provide its guests with a warm and fun environment for socializing, should they choose to do so. Brix offers various activities for guests to participate in as well, including a custom pub crawl, various city tours (take the Zizkov tour led by Neil, its free and fascinating!), art exhibitions, live music in the bar, and communal holiday meals.

Dorm rooms at Brix range from 6 to 18 beds, and there are 4 private rooms available for rent. The price of a bed in off season starts at a paltry 8 Euro, leaving you with tons of money left over for activities (and beer!). Beds do not have privacy curtains or personal charging stations YET, but the staff is working on getting those installed this winter.

The hostel has two kitchens and a laundry room, and offers free coffee and tea all day long.

A vibrant social setting, great location outside of the center, and amazing free tours all combine to make Brix one of the best hostels in Prague.

Best Hostels in Prague – The Clown and Bard

Clown and Bard hostel, party hostel in Prague

  • Capacity: 27 private rooms, 13 dorm rooms
  • What Sets it Apart: Extremely affordable party hostel with great alternative location to the center. One of the original hostels in the city, on the backpackers’ map since 1995.
  • Location: Bořivojova 758/102, 130 00 Praha 3
  • Activities: On-site Bar, Garden with a Grill, Terrace, Pub Crawls, Movie Nights, and Live Concerts
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld

If you are looking for a great party hostel in Prague, the Clown and Bard might be just the place for you.

Located in the Zizkov neighborhood of Prague 3 the Clown and Bard is surrounded by bars, cafes, restaurants and beer gardens. Hop on the Number 9 tram and find yourself in Prague’s center in just a few minutes. The hostel is also a few minute walk from one of our favorite spots in the entire city, Reigrovy Sady, which is home to great sunset views and two beer awesome gardens in which we have spent many a spring/summer evening.


The hostel itself is sort of basic but if you are in Prague and looking to party this shouldn’t concern you very much. Dorm beds in large dorm rooms (14 beds +) are very affordable, even during weekends on high season. Which leaves you with tons of spare Czech Koruna to spend on beer in the cozy onsite bar as you get to know other travelers over pre-game drinks.

So, lets summarize. You are looking to party in Prague. You want to meet other people to party with. Ergo, you need to find a great party hostel in Prague. Looks like your job here is done. Click below to book one of the best party hostels in Prague.

Best Hostels in Prague – Hostel DownTown

basic and affordable best hostels in prague

  • Dorm Rooms: 6
  • Private Rooms: 38
  • Bathrooms: 35
  • What Sets it Apart: Super chilled atmosphere, enormous kitchen
  • Location: Národní 19, 110 00 Praha 1
  • Activities: Free Cooking Classes, Marionette Shows, Walking Tours
  • Communal Kitchen: Yes
  • Independent Reviews: HostelWorld

Hostel DownTown is conveniently located in, you guessed it, downtown Prague. It offers a wide variety of private and dorm style rooms spread out over six floors. The front desk staff is extremely friendly and will help you with anything you might need while you are staying in The City of a Hundred Spires from transportation, activities, and advice on what to do and see while in Prague.


The communal kitchen is huge (and clean!) containing several stoves, plenty of counter and refrigerator space, and a very well organized bin system to store all of your groceries.  Hostel DownTown is a well-kempt and comfortable establishment hosting a younger, yet relaxed, crowd. A great place for the budget conscious traveler that wants to chill, stay somewhere clean, and have a good time without having the “party” scene shoved in their face. All that makes Hostel DownTown one of the best hostels in Prague.


Have you stayed in any of the above hostels? What was your experience? Do you think we missed any hostels you love? Let us know!

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