The Best Hostels in Budapest

best hostels in budapest

Hey guys, are you traveling Europe on a budget and looking for the best hostel in Budapest? Great, you’ve come to the right place.

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is really making a name for itself as a backpacker destination. Budapest is historic, lively, affordable, and plays host to one of the wilder party scenes in Central Europe. Excellent restaurants, clubs, and curious “ruin bars” really give the center of the city an energetic atmosphere once the sun goes down, and the twinkling lights come on.

There are many great party hostels in Budapest. However, budget travelers and backpackers looking for a hostel in Budapest have plenty to choose from, including everything from robust and rowdy party hostels to hostels with quiet and relaxing settings. Having a lot of options is great, but we put together a list of the best hostels in Budapest to help you narrow down your choices. Each hostel has something different to offer, so choose wisely. We’ve included links to reviews to help you make up your minds.

Enjoy exploring Budapest friends, and travel safe!

P.S. – Budapest shines like no other city at night. Check out our Budapest at Night photo tour for proof of that bold statement.

The Best Hostels in Budapest, Hungary.

Avenue Hostel – a Great Hostel for Budget Travelers in Budapest

best hostels in Budapest

Budapest is filled to the gills with party hostels. In the seventh district you can’t walk a block without running into one. The Avenue hostel, while perfectly located on the edge of the seventh, is NOT a party hostel. For those looking for a clean, modern, and laid back hostel experience, the Avenue might very well be the best hostel in Budapest.

We’re a big fan of how Avenue has their dorm beds set up, you never have the deal with the indignity of waking up with someone’s feet in your face, and the sectioned beds afford a sense of privacy that is sometimes hard to come by in a hostel dorm room.

Oh and hey, they serve free breakfast. While it’s not a massive feast the free fruit, bread, and beverage will get your day started the right way.

Quiet time starts at 10:00 pm in the hostel for those who want to turn in early and for those that want to go out, there are plenty of options to do so in the neighborhood.


Retox – the Best Party Hostel in Budapest

best party hostel in Budapest

Do you find the idea of a Jaeger Train intensely appealing? Do you like partying with other travelers all afternoon and all night long while visiting a foreign country? Would you prefer to remember as little of your visit to Budapest as possible? If so the Retox, one of the biggest party hostels in Budapest, should be where you choose to stay.

Retox is not the place to stay if you’re looking for a super clean hostel, or a quiet room to retreat to during your visit to Budapest.

However, if you want to meet people and are down to do yourself some liver damage, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to accomplish your goals. The staff at Retox is friendly and outgoing and the atmosphere is designed solely to facilitate a good time between strangers.

The above mentioned, and its “ruin bar” aesthetic make Retox one of the best part hostels in Budapest.


Maverick Hostel – a Great Non-Party Hostel in Budapest

backpacking in budapest

The Maverick Hostel is great for travelers who want to socialize but don’t want to feel like their staying at a 24/7 rave. As such it is one of the best hostels in Budapest for backpackers and budget travelers who want to meet other travelers but don’t feel like drinking all the beer in town.

Centrally located just outside the seventh district, in a fully renovated historic building, the hostel is within walking distance to many great restaurants and the best ruin bars in Budapest. With a 24 hr super market virtually next door, multiple kitchens, and free coffee and tea all day long, it is perfect for anyone looking to save a few bucks on food and beverage.

The dorm rooms in the Maverick Hostel are unique in that they do not contain bunk beds. So if you’re a backpacker in Budapest who dislikes riding the top bunk, don’t worry it’s not an issue here.

For those looking for a more private Budapest experience, Maverick also offers seven self-catering apartments. All of them come with an equipped kitchenette, a living area, washing machine, bathtub, and free WiFi. A few of the apartments also have a balcony. Six of the apartments are in the same renovated historical building as the Maverick Hostel, and the seventh is situated on the Danube River, offering a panoramic view. Anyone looking for a private apartment rental in Budapest, with hotel quality amenities and services, would be advised to look into booking one of these. You can book them here.


Wombat’s – One of the Best Hostels for Backpackers in Budapest

best hostels in Budapest

Wombat’s is a well-known and respected hostel chain with several locations across Europe. The Wombat’s in Budapest is one of the largest hostels in the city, so you’re guaranteed to run in to other like-minded travelers. The hostel sports large and clean rooms, a spacious lounge/common area, electronic lockers, a well equipped kitchen, and an affordable in-house bar. All of the above undeniably combines to make Wombat’s one of the best hostels in Budapest.


Grandio – One of the Best Party Hostels in Budapest

party hostel in budapest

The name says it all. If you are in Budapest and you want to get wasted with like-minded backpackers or travelers, stay at the Grandio Party Hostel. It’s not a pretty hostel, it’s not the cleanest hostel, but you’ll meet a ton of people who all want to get wrecked while visiting the Hungarian capital. Grandio puts together all sorts of social outings, pub crawls, and drinking games so it’s hard to imagine staying here without making at least a few friends. Drink up party people, you’re in one of the best party hostels in Budapest.


Friends Hostel – a Great Budget Friendly Hostel in Budapest

best hostel in budapest

For the mellower sort of backpackers or budget travelers visiting Budapest, Friends Hotel is a safe haven from the party scene. Super clean with a bright and cheery design, Friends Hostel is a calm oasis in a city known for it’s wild party scene.

If you’re looking for an intimate hostel experience and looking to avoid large crowds, this 45 bed establishment is a solid choice. We won’t say it’s THE best hostel in Budapest, however, it very well might be the cleanest and quietest.


best hostels in budapest



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