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There are a hundred and one reasons to visit Prague. And a hundred and two reasons to take some day trips from Prague.

So, what are the very best and most essential day trips from Prague? We’re glad you asked! 

The first place that comes to mind for most people when discussing the Czech Republic is Prague. Which is not a surprise, really. Prague is iconic, grandiose, and gorgeous.

We lived in Prague for three incredible years. During that time the City of 100 Spires has become our home base. It’s very fair to say that we genuinely love this city.

Best Day Trips from Prague

So, if the city is so awesome…why should you leave to take a day trip from Prague? Another great question!

Telc in Vysocina is a perfect day trip from Prague

Why Take a Day Trip From Prague?

As incredible as Prague is, (and there really are a million fantastic things to do in Prague) many people who visit never leave the city center. Instead, a large majority of tourists in Prague spend the majority of their time in Old Town. That’s perfectly understandable as Old Town Prague is basically Disneyland for adults.

Yet, there is far more to see in the Czech Republic than just its magnificent capital.

We tell everyone who visits Prague the same thing. As much as they fall in love with this beautiful city they NEED to take a day trip from Prague. Thankfully, reaching many of these destinations is quite simple, making them ideal for day trips (or longer) from Prague.

Some of the places we mention below can be seen in a couple of hours. Most of the towns listed deserve at least a day, and possibly more. So, if you have the time to stay longer you should definitely do so.

If your time while in Prague is rather limited, try to visit at least one of the places below. You’ll leave with a much greater appreciation and understanding of the Czech Republic. We promise!

The Best Day Trips From Prague

Please note – Some of our selections contain affiliate links. These allow us to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables us to provide all the information found on this site free of charge. 

Český Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov in the fall is a great day trip from Prague

So, as far as day trips from Prague go, Český Krumlov is a no-brainer. This wonderful town is the first place we recommend to anyone thinking of taking a trip outside of Prague.

Český Krumlov won us over before we ever set foot upon its venerable cobblestones. I mean look at the above picture! How can you not want to stroll through this living fairy tale? After seeing a few photos we absolutely had to visit, and Český Krumlov did NOT disappoint.

We had the good fortune of spending a few days in Český Krumlov in the fall, and the views all around town were an incredible melange of color. So if you are in around in the fall, we highly recommend you go then.

However, you can pretty much visit Český Krumlov year-round. If you go in winter you have a small possibility of encountering snow. If that’s not enough you’ll also encounter 50% less tourists. 

Vies of Old Town Cesky Krumlov in the fall

Regardless of when you go, the fact remains that you must take a day trip from Prague to visit Český Krumlov. You can make it a single-day affair, as the travel time is about three hours each way, but we highly recommend staying at least one night to get the most out of your experience.

Be warned, you won’t be alone. Český Krumlov is very popular with the tour bus crowd, unfortunately. The best time to see it without hordes of other tourists getting in your way is in the evening, or the early morning.

Cesky Krumlov Castle in the fall

How to Get to Český Krumlov from Prague

For anyone who enjoys tours, there are some great ones heading to Český Krumlov. Click the below button for an awesome day trip tour to Český Krumlov.

Check Price

If you want to visit on your own we recommend taking a RegioJet bus from Prague to Český Krumlov. Tickets can be obtained for under $10.00 each way and the bus ride is 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Buses to Český Krumlov from Prague depart from the Na Knížecí station, which is easy to get to via public transportation. The bus station in Český Krumlov is located a 10-15 minute walk from the town center.

Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church) in Kutná Hora

the Interior of the Kutna Hora Bone Church
Sedlec Ossuary” by Milan Boers is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Sedlec Ossuary is one of twelve UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Czech Republic. This small chapel is situated beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in the town of Kutná Hora.

So what makes this place unique? Well, the ossuary contains anywhere from 40,000 to 65,000 human skeletons. Not content to simply house the bones, the chapel is actually fully decorated in human skulls and bones. It’s pretty morbid and extremely fascinating.

The Sedlec Ossuary is very easy to reach, and its proximity to the capital makes it an ideal day trip from Prague. Leave Prague after lunch and be back before dinner (if you can stomach eating after all the bleached human remains you will see). A word of caution – this might not be a trip for the overly squeamish.

For more information about visiting Kutna Hora and the Bone Church on a day trip from Prague check out our complete guide!

Getting to Kutná Hora Bone Church from Prague

If you’re interested in an organized tour of Kutná Hora and the Bone Church click the below button for prices and further details.

Check Price

Trains for Kutná Hora leave the main train station in Prague every two hours in the morning, and every hour starting in the afternoon. Travel time is about an hour each way.

Once you arrive in Kutna you will need to catch a local connecting train and take it one stop to “Kutná Hora-Sedlec”. Make sure to request the stop on the local train, or you might end up in the town center instead.

The trip takes about an hour and costs around $5 each way. You can find train schedules here.

Karlštejn Castle

karlstejn castle czech republic

Karlštejn Castle, a mere 40-minute train ride from the capital city, is one of the easiest day trips from Prague.

Due to its proximity to Prague, and its fairy tale beauty, the castle is the second most visited destination in the Czech Republic. That means that during high season you should prepare yourself for crowds of tourists, souvenir shops, and overpriced restaurants near the castle. Despite that, the landscape and nature surrounding Karlštejn is stunning, lush, and peaceful.

Karlštejn Castle was built by Charles IV between 1348 and 1365 to house royal treasures and crown jewels. Over time the castle has been through a number of reconstructions with the most recent occurring in the 19th century.

The updates were led by Josef Mocker with the intention of returning it to the original style, however, a great deal of controversy exists around his updates as his imagination, rather than any historic references, were his only guide. Despite that, the resulting updates are likely the only reason the castle still exists in its pristine state.

The interior of Karlštejn Castle is only accessible through guided tours which must be arranged in advance. We recommend the 100 minute tour which includes entrance to The Chapel of the Holy Cross, a gold-encrusted chapel where the Crown Jewels were stored for nearly 200 years.

Alternatively, you can book a half day organized tour of Karlštejn from Prague. Click the below button for more details and pricing.

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How to get to Karlštejn Castle from Prague

Karlštejn Castle is a direct, 40 minute train ride from Prague. You can find train schedules and buy tickets here. Ticket prices start at about $2.00.

For our complete guide to visiting Karlstejn on a day trip from Prague click here!

Bohemian Switzerland

Pravcicka Brana, Bohemian Switzerland, one of the best day trips form Prague

It would be a real shame to visit the Czech Republic and not get to see any of its natural beauty. Thankfully Bohemian Switzerland is just a couple of hours outside of Prague, and crams a ton of gorgeous scenery and great hiking into a relatively small region.

Home to verdant gulches, towering sandstone cliffs, peaceful swaths of farmland, quaint little villages, and majestic rock formations Bohemian Switzerland is a delight for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Among the many highlights of the region is the Pravčická Brana (Pravčická Gate), pictured above, which is the largest sandstone arch formation in Europe. It is a towering monument to the beauty and organic creativity of mother nature and is not to be missed when visiting Bohemian Switzerland.

So if you are a lover of the outdoors, take some time to get out of the city when visiting Prague, and give Bohemian Switzerland a shot.

Check out our photo tour of Bohemian Switzerland for some extra motivation and inspiration!

Views of Bohemian Switzerland during Golden Hour

How to Get to Bohemian Switzerland from Prague

Bohemian Switzerland isn’t the easiest destination to reach by public transportation, but it is certainly possible to arrange on your own.

The best way of going about doing so is to take the train to the city of Děčín (travel time 90 minutes), where you will need to transfer to a bus heading to the village of Hřensko.

From there you can begin your hike, and enjoy your awesome day trip from Prague.

Brno – The Czech Republic’s Second Largest City

Moravian Square in Brno

Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, is a lively town with plenty of things to see and do! This city of about 400,000 has multiple beautiful squares, breathtaking churches, hidden treasures, and a thriving nightlife.

Since Brno is only a two hour train ride from Prague you can absolutely visit it on a day trip if you don’t have a lot of time. However, if you can devote at least a few days to this city we highly advise doing so.

The top things to see in Brno include a fantastic farmers market, a weird astrological clock, the second largest ossuary in Europe, and a castle with a dark history. You can easily see many of Brno’s top sites by booking a half day walking tour. Click the below button for more details.

Check Price

Want to know more? Check out our complete guide of awesome things to do in Brno.

How to Get From Prague to Brno

The easiest way to get from Prague to Brno is by private car transfer.

Alternatively, you can easily get to Brno by train. Trains depart several times a day from Prague’s main trains station (Praha hlavní nádraží) to Brno’s main train station (Brno hlavní nádraží).

Once you arrive in Brno you can easily walk to the center in just a few moments. You can check schedules and pricing here: RegioJet.

Easiest and Fastest Day Trip From Prague – Divoká Šárka

Divoka Sarka in Prague

Divoká Šárka nature reserve is by far the easiest day trip from Prague mainly because it’s actually located in Prague. Rather shockingly this sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life can be reached from the city center by Prague’s public transport system in about 40 minutes.

The reserve is an excellent way to spend a day hiking. Traverse one of its many well-marked trails. Take in the wild landscapes of rocky cliffs, deep forests, and a natural spring – which eventually empties into the city’s most beautiful public swimming pool. As it goes in the Czech Republic there is also a beer garden where you can enjoy an icy brew after a long hike.

How to get to Divoká Šárka from Prague

Take the A (Green) Line metro to Nádraží Veleslavín and change to the 20 or 26 tram to their final destination on the outskirts of Divoká Šárka. Super simple, super quick, and super worth your time if you want to get away from the city!

Plzeň aka Pilsen

Pilsner brewery, in Pilzen Prague

Do you LOVE beer? Are you visiting Prague soon?

If you answered yes to both those questions you should do yourself a massive favor and consider a day trip from Prague to Pilsen. Pilsen, or Plzeň in Czech, is the home and birthplace of the iconic Pilsner Urquell brewery. As such it’s also the birthplace of 70% of all the beer crafted and consumed on our planet.

Touring the Pilsner Urquell Brewery is a MUST-DO activity for anyone with even the slightest interest in the history, creation, storage, and consumption of beer. Plus the tour ends with a beer pour, fresh from the massive barrels storing the freshest Pilsner you will ever taste. Yummy!

Beer isn’t the only thing to do in Pilsen. See our article on things to do in Pilsen for more ideas on how to get the most out of your visit.

Plezn town square, as seen from above

Getting to Pilsen from Prague

For anyone who enjoys tours, there are some great ones heading to Plzeň. Click the below button for an awesome private day trip tour to Pilsen from Prague.

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If you want to visit on your own, trains leaving Prague’s main train station depart for Pilsen every hour or so, and cost about $5.00 USD one way. You can find train schedules here.

RegioJet also runs buses out of Prague to Pilsen. They depart once per hour starting at 6:00 am, and take about 70 minutes to arrive. They also cost about $5.00 USD each way.

Karlovy Vary aka Carlsbad

Buildings in Old Town Karlovy Vary

This beautiful town has long been renowned in Eastern and Central Europe for its hot springs and thermal baths. The secret is getting out to the rest of the world, however, and Karlovy Vary is seeing a steady increase of international tourism.

Come for Karlovy Vary’s hot springs, and stay for the incredible architecture and serene environment. Once you have walked all around town soaking in the ambiance, head up into the hills around town for some gentle hiking and some sweet views. Afterward finish your day with a relaxing soak.

To get the most out of your visit we recommend at least one day in Karlovy Vary. If you can stay overnight, even better! On your second day visit the Moser Glassworks museum to see fine glass made right in front of you. Afterward take a 25 minute bus ride to the tiny medieval town of Loket to marvel at its impressive castle.

Read about our visit for more things to do in Karlovy Vary.

Loket and Loket Castle Czech Republic

How to Get to Karlovy Vary from Prague

If you enjoy tours, there are some great ones heading to Karlovy Vary. Click the below button for an awesome day trip tour to Karlovy Vary.

Check Price

If you’re planning to go on your own we recommend taking a RegioJet (formerly known as Student Agency) bus. Tickets are under $7.00 each way and the bus ride is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

RegioJet is our preferred bus company in this region of Europe because they have big comfy seats, personal entertainment systems (movies, shows, games, and music), and complimentary hot drinks. Rejiojet is pretty much the best way to travel around the Czech Republic, aside from renting your own car, or taking a direct train.

Mariánské Lázně

marianske lazne in the czech republic

Charming Mariánské Lázně is one of the Czech Republic’s most romantic and picturesque towns. Frequented by J.W. von Goethe, Mark Twain and Bedřich Smetana in their lifetimes this town, which is located in the west of Czech Republic, is renowned for its mineral springs and its many picturesque viewpoints.

Located in the Karlovy Vary region of Czechia, Mariánské Lázně is well worth a day trip from Prague or from the neighboring (and way more famous) spa town of Karlovy Vary.

Although the town – and the region of Karlovy Vary – is best known for its health treatments, spas and mineral springs, Mariánské Lázně offers plenty of other activities during your stay, such as hiking and some cool exploration, both in the town and in the surrounding region. 

Getting to Mariánské Lázně from Prague 

The best way to get to this town is by train from Prague. Tickets for a round trip start at $ 20.00. Direct trains leave every odd hour from the main train station. Super easy, super convenient! 

If tours are your thing you can also book this one to explore both Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně in one trip.

Velká Amerika (Big America Quarry)

Velká Amerika (Big America Quarry), a perfect and super close trip from Prague

Velká Amerika, which translates Big America and is also called the Czech Grand Canyon, is an abandoned limestone quarry located 30 kilometers southwest of Prague. The quarry is a popular summer escape location for Pražáci (people who live in Prague), and on warm sunny weekends, you’ll find crowds flocking to the location to swim and soak in the sun’s rays.

In addition to Velká Amerika, there are a few other quarries in the surrounding area, including Malá Amerika (Little America) and Mexiko (Mexico). All are within a short hike and can be found by following the yellow and white trail markers.

It’s worth noting that the quarry is privately owned and activities like swimming or fishing are forbidden and could result in heavy fines.

How to Get to Velká Amerika from Prague

In Prague take the Metro B  (Yellow) Line to the to the Zličín Station. From there take the 311 Bus to Mořina and walk for approximately one mile, following the yellow and white trail markers, to the quarry.

Click here for Google Directions.


Old Town Square in Olomouc Prague, another great day trip

The Moravian city of Olomouc is quite off the beaten path for most foreign travelers. This university town isn’t one of the top destinations in the Czech Republic, but it is very much worth visiting. For one, the region of Moravia is known for having some of the most friendly people in the country. Additionally, this city is home to a student population of over 25,000, which lends to a young, relaxed, and inclusive vibe.

But it’s not all about the vibe. There are plenty of things to see and do in Olomouc, including some historical architecture, funky fountains, impressive monuments (most notably the Holy Trinity Column and the Astronomical Clock), amazing modern art, fantastic wine, and plenty of lovely cafes to just sit back, relax, and get a taste of what life in Olomouc is like. We fell in love with Olomouc within hours of arriving, and highly recommend it as an excellent day trip from Prague.

Interested in visiting Olomouc? Here is our guide to the best things to do and see in Olomouc Czech Republic.

How to Get to Olomouc from Prague

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Olomouc from Prague is by train. The journey is a super easy 2-2.5 hour train ride from Prague. Trains run from the main train station in Prague to Olomouc one to two times an hour. The price of a ticket starts at 220 kc one way.

Train tickets to Olomouc from Prague can be purchased in advance here.

South Moravia Wine Region

Visiting South Moravia Czech Republic - Mikulov

If you think the Czech Republic is all about beer, think again. Czech wine is a thing, and it’s exceptional. If you don’t believe us just take a trip down to South Moravia and consume a bunch of yummy Czech wine. You’ll be hooked, we promise.

South Moravia, which is located in the southeast of the country, is the undisputed leader of Czech wine production. Representing 96% of registered vineyards, the South Moravia wine-growing region is around the 49th parallel; the same as the Champagne region in France.

Visit our article on the region to find out much more about Czech wine and South Moravia.

How to Get to South Moravia from Prague

The best way to get from Prague to South Moravia is via Brno. Brno is the cultural center of Southern Moravia and the second-largest city in the Czech Republic. From Prague, you can take a regional train from Prague Main Station (Praha hlavní nádraží) to Brno Main Station (Brno hlavní nádraží). The trip takes about 2.5 hours and a return ticket costs around €40.00. You can buy tickets online or at the station.

Alternatively, you can travel from Prague to Brno by bus. Buses leave regularly from Prague Florenc Bus Terminal (Prague ÚAN Florenc) and arrive within 2.5-3 hours at the Brno Hotel Grand. Depending on the time of day, a return ticket usually costs around €20.00. We recommend booking your tickets online in advance.

Once you arrive in Brno, you have several options to reach your destination.

Brno to South Moravia

The town of Mikulov is part of the Mikulov subregion in South Moravia and is about 43 km from Brno. To reach South Moravia from Brno, you have the option to travel to Mikulov by train, taxi or night bus.

Trains leave hourly from Brno Main Station and a single ticket costs about €5.00. Unfortunately, there is no direct connection to Mikulov, so a short transfer must be made in Břeclav before the final stop at Mikulov na Morave. The journey takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Your other option is the LEO Express bus, which leaves from Brno Zvonařka Bus Terminal (Brno ÚAN Zvonařka) every morning at 6:50 am. A single ticket costs about €4.00 and the trip takes 40 minutes. This is a convenient option if you are connecting your trip to South Moravia with a short stay in Brno.

Terezín Concentration Camp

Terezin concentration camp gate

Long before WWII, the town of Terezín was a holiday destination. It later became known for its military fortress which was called Theresienstadt.

During World War II, Terezín was converted into a concentration camp and ghetto. Today the former concentration camp, which was in operation from 1941-1945, can be visited to learn about events that occurred there.

For more information about visiting take a look at our guide to visiting the Terezín Concentration Camp on a day trip from Prague.

How to Get to Terezín from Prague

You can reach Terezín by bus, train, or private tour from Prague within an hour.

Buses depart from Prague’s Nádraží Holešovice station nearly every hour from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm. There are two train stops for Terezín. The first stop is closest to the Terezín Concentration Camp (Terezín, U Památníku) and the second stop is in the center of town (Terezín). Terezín Concentration Camp is about a 15 minute walk to the town square.

Trains leave Hlavní Nádraží, Prague’s main train station, every 1-2 hours from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm.

If you’re looking for the easiest and most informative way to visit, we recommend considering an organized tour. This 5-Hour Small Group or Private Tour of Terezín includes pick up from your hotel, transportation, entrance to museums, and a guided tour.

For a less expensive option, you can also choose this package which includes transportation from Prague and entrance fees only for Terezín.


Zdar in vysocina during the fall on a day trip from Prague

The rolling hills of Vysočina, which means highlands in Czech, are dotted with forests and ponds; peppered with charming towns and verdant fields of grass and wheat.

Scattered into the rustic and rolling landscape of Vysočina lay relics of the past. Countless castles, churches, walled towns, and towers have withstood the tests of time, and serve as reminders of centuries long gone. Much of Vysočina’s past is either preserved or restored and stands proudly on display amid the trappings of modern society.

Vysočina is home to three UNESCO Heritage Sites. From the historic and tragic Jewish Quarter in Třebíč, the star-shaped pilgrimage church in Žďár, to the sprawling old town center of Telč, these Heritage Sites are time capsules into various points of the past.

trips from Prague - Telc in Vysocina

The best way to explore the history and beauty of the region is to chart a course combining three destinations.

The cities of Telč, Třebíč, and Žďár all make excellent day trips from Prague, and can be melded into an epic road trip if you have access to a car.

There aren’t very many place in the world where you can visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites in one day. So you should probably (definitely) take advantage of that while you are visiting the Czech Republic.

We, of course, recommend you spend as much time as you can in each location. But if all you have is a single day in your itinerary to explore the region, do it anyway.

If you enjoy tours, there are some great ones heading to Vysočina. Click the below button for an awesome day trip tour to Vysočina.

Check Price

So there you have it guys, that’s our guide to the best day trips from Prague. We will be updating this with more trips as we discover them, but rest assured there is a LOT more to explore in the Czech Republic.


thing to do in dreden - Walk around the old town

The German city of Dresden is a mere 2 hour bus ride from Prague, making it an excellent destination for day trippers. This often overlooked city is a testament to human resiliency. Almost 80% of the Old Town was rebuilt following intense bombing towards the end of World War 2. 

Dresden’s Old Town is small but stunning, and if you enjoy the architecture in Prague you will absolutely marvel at Dresden’s Gothic spires. Dresden’s “New Town” is a bit like a mini Berlin, and offers shopping options and interesting exploration as well. 

A single-day trip from Prague to Dresden is very easily doable, and inexpensive, but we would recommend an overnight trip to get the full Dresden experience. For more on this sweet city (which truly did charm us) read our article on things to do in Dresden

Bohemian Uplands

snow in the Bohemian uplands in the czech republic

Central Bohemian Uplands, or České Středohoří in Czech are located a short drive from Prague. They offer beauty and a quick escape from the hustle and crowds of city life.

The region is home to small mountains and steppes filled with quaint villages, affording many picturesque and easily accessible vista views. Its proximity to the city makes it a wonderful option for people looking to take a quick day trip out of Prague.

We visited this region in the winter and had a great time catching snow-capped views of ancient volcanic mountains, and rustic villages tucked into valleys. The mountains in the Central Bohemian Uplands are rather small, with the highest “peak” barely scraping 1,000 meters. What they lack in size they make up for in charm.

Winter Day trips from Prague - Central Bohemian Uplands

Check out Offroadsafari who offer an EXCELLENT and convenient trip out to the Bohemian Uplands. Spend a day traversing out to volcanic mountains. Sample cheese at a local goat farm. Pan a river for precious stones. You can do all of that with these guys.

Offroad offers exceptional door-to-door service, and the tour can be structured around almost any physical level and ability. If you want to sweat and hike you can do so. If you are interested in a far more mellow experience Offroadsafari will cater to your abilities and wishes.

All of the above make the Central Bohemian Uplands quite a sweet option for a day trip from Prague. When you visit the City of 100 Spires makes sure not to miss out!

Hiking In and Near Prague

a couple looking out on karlstejn castle in Prague

Do you want to explore the Czech countryside but feel like you don’t have time for a full on trip? There are some awesome hikes you can take that are close to Prague. Some of them are so close they fall within the city limits!

Many of these hikes are easy to reach by public transport from Prague’s center. You can find yourself in the peaceful hills or fields near Prague in under an hour! Truly a great idea for a half-day trip from Prague for any and all nature lovers! 

Check out our article on awesome hiking near Prague to start planning your day hike near the city!

And there you have it folks. The most essential trips to take from Prague if you have the time to do so. We hope to have inspired you to take at least one of these trips. Let us know your thoughts below. As always happy travels, and we’ll see you on the road!

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  1. Best write up about day trips from Prague, and providing ‘how to get there” instructions a great idea. I’ve been to nearly all, the Bohemian Switzerland and Plzen still to be experienced, and can agree that these are certainly amazing, beautiful, and interesting places to go to.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Tim!
      It sounds like you might love the Czech Republic as much as we do. I hope you get to experience Bohemian Switzerland and Plzen soon and see the beauty each holds for yourself. 🙂

      1. well, it only took 2 years to actually get to Plzen and hike to Pravcicka Brana in the Bohemian Switzerland. Although in fairness, I did do the Northern Hikes tour last September as well, to do their Bastei Bridge and the Bohemian Switzerland Tour, where we rode a boat along the kamenice Gorge. That tour was fantastic and gave me that extra incentive to return and to stay a few nights in Hrensko so that I could have an easy, leisurely hike to Pravcicka Gate. Even managed to find the same restaurant where Northern Hikes took us for lunch, and did the same boat ride. It’s a full day of walking, about 17km in total, but never hurried and only one uphill climb to the gates… totally recommend. Also, I spent more time in Cesky Krumlov and I am still discovering new places and new ways to enjoy it. I can’t wait to get back!

  2. Excellent list guys, I visited most of them last year and agree they are all worth more than a day. Loket particularly felt cosy and quaint, with such a beautiful castle and some interesting folklore. Walking through the woods is excellent too, even saw some deer there. Little disappointed I visited Kutna Hora over Karlstejn, as it felt a little underwhelming (aside from the Ossuary which is very striking). I’ve already decided I need to visit Bohemian Switzerland next time based on your other post. Where’s next after Czech Republic?

    1. Hey David! Yes, we were taken with Loket. What a nice little town. Sounds like you had a great experience there. I understand that Kunta Hora might not be for everyone. To me, the town was worth seeing as well as the Ossuary because it was nice and quiet. I thought the church was pretty and there were some nice views of the countryside. However, you’re right, the Ossuary is the highlight. 🙂

      Thrilled you are planing on visiting Bohemian Switzerland. You won’t be disappointed!

      We left Prague about a week ago to start exploring the Balkans. We’ve are currently in Ljubljana, Slovenia and will head to Croatia next!

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    Thank you for a lot of information. I´ve never heard of Bohemian Switzerland, but because of your recommendation I have booked a trip with Northern Hikes and I can hardly wait to go now. Thank you.

    1. You are most welcome! I’m really happy to hear that you are doing a trip to Bohemian Switzerland with Northern Hikes. They are amazing and you’ll have a fantastic time. Let us know how the trip goes! 🙂

  4. Great post! I’ll be heading to both Prague and Kutná Hora for the first time in a couple of months. Can’t wait! Great pictures. 🙂

      1. Terezin is really nice, and the history of the city is really valuable. I would recommend this trip to anyone who loves history and particularly that of WWII, although it is a sad memory.

  5. Goodness, I was planning a couple of days there but think we would need to spend longer in order to even scratch the surface of what Prague has to offer. Thank you for such a detailed and informative post.

    1. Tania, we love hearing this! And we agree. There is sooooo much to see in Prague and the Czech Republic. We’ve spent over a year here and are still discovering fantastic things. 🙂

  6. We are visiting at the end of May and looking so forward to it!! The info you have provided is fantastic especially the ways to get there the bus line and cost is very helpful for first time visitors! We kind of want to do things on our own as opposed to going with a tour group, and knowing how to get there is going to help alot! Thank you i will keep looking for new info until we leave.

  7. Great suggestions! My daughter is going to study abroad in Prague for 5 months and we plan to visit her in March for a week. I also kind of wanted to take a quick day trip to Poland and/or Germany. Any recommendations?

  8. We will be in Prague theast week of November. Any suggestions on where to stay? We are definitely going to take at least one day trip inaddituon to visiting Terezin.

    1. Hi Cali! Really great to hear you’ll be visiting Prague. I’m sure you’ll love it!
      We have loads of suggestions on where to stay for every budget. Here are some links to articles that you may find helpful:
      – Best Hostels in Prague: https://www.justapack.com/top-five-hostels-in-prague/
      – Best Hotels in Prague: https://www.justapack.com/best-hotels-prague-budget/
      – Best Holiday Apartments in Prague: https://www.justapack.com/holiday-apartments-in-prague/

      Hope you have a wonderful time! 😀

  9. Cesky Krumlov is by far my favorite on this list. And then maybe Kutna Hora, and I love hikes in Bohemian Paradise, but you missed that one. Velke Americke used to be full of swimmers, but last year it was closed for safety, I’m not sure if it’s re-opened again or if they plan to re-open it.

  10. After spending a month in Prague last fall, we were very grateful for your transportation tips! We were able to navigate to the sites outside of the city without need for a guide or tour—a real plus for us! Though you didn’t mention it, we found Brno and the Macocha Abyss to be lovely, though an overnight would be best. Brno is home to Mendel’s pea experiment, and there is a genetics museum there. It was okay, but the museum right next door was fascinating. Brno is also home to the second largest catycomb in Europe, as well as the mummified capuchin monks. Regarding Kutna Hora, the first time we went, we didn’t realize there was anything more than the ossuary to see, but a short distance away (by taxi or train), there is a the beautiful St. Barbara’s Cathedral, and a silver mine you can tour. We found Kutna Hora charming and less touristy than Cesky Krumlov, which, while beautiful, was a bit underwhelming and clearly a town geared to tourism.

  11. Have you been to Punkva Caves near Blankso? It’s a bucket list trip item for me, and being so close, staying in Prague, it seems like a waste if I don’t get out there. However, when I try to figure out the best way to get there, it seems very confusing. Was hoping you could shed some light and/or share some advice?

    1. Hi Heather, it is a train ride from Brno to Blansko. Then from Blansko you take bus 226 to Skalni Mlyn. It is about 1,5 km walk from there following blue turist trail.

  12. Awesome Information…Thanks!

    Question: I’m traveling to Prague in November then making my way back to Paris via small towns before heading back to the states. I’m looking to go from Prague to Telc on the first leg of this. I’m not finding a lot of info on bus or train or other ground transport for this. No timetables or schedules. I’m thinking I may be far out for this information to be posted? Is it easy to book bus close to travel during this off-season? Are there transport options to do this trip leg via bus or will I have to set-up private car? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Hey Scott, glad you found the info to be helpful. I’d suggest checking https://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/vlakyautobusymhdvse/spojeni/ for bus options. It looks like there are some decent options from Prague to Telc (some direct, some with a connection to Jihlava which is the closest “city”). I can’t say for sure, because I’ve never taken public transport to Telc, but I’d suggest buying tickets at the bus station (Florenc) when you arrive in Prague to be safe. Good luck and I hope you have a fantastic trip! 🙂

      1. Thanks. I’m also looking at some day trips from Prague…does the bus schedule support this in the off-season (November)?

      2. You’re welcome. You can search the site above for November dates. Also you can check Regiojet (a private bus/train company), and https://www.cd.cz/en/ for trains. Enjoy! 🙂

      3. Sorry…one last question…I tried the initial bus link you provided and this worked great in showing options. The option I got had a long distance bus line which I could purchase connecting to a local line that I couldn’t purchase…I assume the local buses you can buy in person AND there are typically seats for purchase? Also in the off-season is it ok to wait to purchase all in person or do buses sellout in advance (I’m looking at November). I’d rather wait to purchase if these likely won’t sell out.

      4. No problem Scott. Unfortunately I can’t give you an exact answer. That’s why I suggested you buy the tickets in advance when you get to Prague at the bus station and not wait till the day of. I personally have never had issues buying tickets a day or so in advance, but I can’t say for sure. Good luck and hope you enjoy your journey!

  13. Hi Randi your blog is very informative. I have been planning to travel Prague in July for 7 days and from there to Zurich.
    What would be the best way to travel Zurich from Prague. We are staying very near to Charles Bridge.

    1. Hi Sanchita! Thank you. We are happy you liked our website. You can travel by train, bus, or plane from Prague to Zurich. It really depends on your budget and preferences. You can check Regiojet or GoEuro for bus options, https://www.cd.cz for train options, and google flights for flight options. Hope this is helpful and have a great time in Prague! 🙂

    2. Sanchita, just to add to what Randi was saying the most time effective mode of transportation, by far, is a flight. A train or bus will take you the majority of a day, so it depends on how much time you have for your travels!

  14. LOVED this post. We were in Prague last summer for a couple of days and it was definitely way too short. I look forward to visiting again soon and exploring more of the city, as well as many on your great list. When we left Prague on our way to Munich, we did stop at Pilsen and took a tour of the brewery. It was incredible. Learned a lot and different than here in the States. Thank you for the great list and the happy memories.

    1. Hey Samantha, so happy you had a good experience in Prague! Also, I totally agree about Pilsen and the brewery tour…super interesting experience. 🙂 We hope next time you visit you do get out and explore more of the country. It has a lot to offer beyond Prague. 🙂

  15. Hello. I can also recommend Krušné Hory. We’ve been here https://www.honourandgrace.com/ and it was sooo beautiful. Like the nature and everything.
    Love it.

  16. Awesome posts guys! We live in Prague and was wondering if there’s any day trips that we’ve missed out on and there are tons! =) Thanks for the post.

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