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the best restaurants in prague

19 of the Best Restaurants in Prague

Are you guys looking to indulge your inner foodie at some of the best restaurants in Prague?

Located in the heart of Central Europe, Prague is famous around the world for being the “City of a Hundred Spires” and for its winding streets that are easy to lose yourself in. And what occupies those winding streets? Hundreds of pivovars, pivnices, hostinecs, hospudkas, and restauraces. These are all Czech words for, you guessed it, restaurants.

With this many options to choose from, how do you know which ones are truly the best restaurants in Prague? Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

We’ve lived in Prague for almost three years and have eaten at hundreds of restaurants during that time, so we fancy ourselves well versed when it comes to great places to eat yummy food in Prague!

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There is a wide variety of places to eat in Prague and there’s something for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. We’ve put together a list of some of the best restaurants in Prague across all different categories so you’re not left wandering around the streets, salivating at the window of every place you pass and getting caught in tourist trap after tourist trap.

Below you will find some of our favorites around Prague, no matter what you fancy. The selections range from classic Czech cuisine, Czech with a modern twist, to Vietnamese (of which there are a LOT in Prague), to hipster, to vegan. One thing they ALL have in common? They all serve up something delicious for just about any palate.

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The Best Restaurants in Prague

Restaurace Mincovna – Best Restaurants in Old Town Square Prague

Old Town Square, Prague (108) (26204907281)
PC: Richard Mortel from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia [CC BY 2.0]
Usually we would recommend staying away from restaurants in and around Old Town Square, as they tend to be pricey with mediocre food (the classic tourist trap) but Restaurance Mincovna is an exception – especially if you opt for their lunch menu.

Highly recommended by hostels around the city and located at Staroměstské náměstí 930/7 in Prague 1, Mincovna’s everyday dinner menu boasts several Czech classics, like svíčková and goulash, for expensive but not outrageous prices, and they are high-quality. The items on their lunch menu, though, are ridiculously well-priced for being located right in the heart of Old Town. Tip: Try the Šnyt. It’s beer poured in a special (extra foamy) way that can only be found in the Czech Republic.

Their delicious food, reasonable prices, and friendly service make this spot one of the best restaurants in Prague 1.

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Pivnice Štupartská – Best Restaurants in Old Town Square

Pivnice Stupartska Restaurant in Prague

Located just a few steps from Old Town Square at Štupartská 745/9 in Prague 1, this cozy restaurant will not disappoint.

With a number of Czech traditional meals on the menu, including a few vegetarian dishes, and Gambrinus beer straight from the tank, Pivnice Štupartská is a must-visit while you’re in Prague. One of our favorite dishes here is the chili goulash – a unique twist on a classic Czech meal. Their lunch menu is even better – listing meals for 150 Kč or less – a rare deal in the center of the city.

While this restaurant is pretty big, with ample seating both upstairs and downstairs, reservations are recommended just to be safe. After all, this is one of the best restaurants in Prague’s Old Town!

Restaurace Tiskárna – Czech Classics Near Wenceslas Square

Restaurance Tiskarna Svockova in Prague

Situated just a stone’s throw from Wenceslas Square at Jindřišská 940/22 in Prague 1, Restaurace Tiskárna’s menu is chock full of Czech classics – svíčková, cauliflower pancakes, and duck breast, oh my!

If you want tasty traditional food in a trendy atmosphere, it’s hard to go wrong with any of their dishes. If you’re traveling on a budget, though, be prepared to splurge a little – the main dishes on their dinner menu rarely go for less than 200 Kč. Their lunch menu, though, is just as good and sells for less, so if you’re pinching pennies (er, koruna), having lunch here might be your best bet.

For proximity to the center and high-quality food, this is one of the best restaurants in Prague.

Karlínská Pivnice – Traditional Czech Food with Modern Twist

Confit Duck at Karlínská Pivnice in Prague

For a traditional Czech pub with a bit of a modern flare, visit Karlínská Pivnice at Březinova 513/2 in Prague 8.

This cozy restaurant in Prague will deliver delicious Czech classics along with fresh Pilsner beer on tap. Since it’s a bit further out from the center, it’s a popular local hangout and you won’t find too many tourists here, so it will be a truly authentic dining experience.

With a variety of smaller beer snacks and a regular menu full of hearty main dishes for good prices, you can’t go wrong. And if you’re visiting Prague on a Sunday, be sure to check out their Sunday specialty: confit duck with cabbage and parsley. With a great atmosphere, delicious food, and quick service, this is sure to be one of your favorite places to eat in Prague.

Terasa U Prince – Stunning Views of Prague

View from Terasa U Prince Restaurant in Prague

Perched on the rooftop of 5-star Hotel U Prince at Staroměstské náměstí 29, Terasa U Prince boasts one of the best views of Old Town Square from a restaurant in Prague. Due to the location, this restaurant is quite expensive, but if you’re looking for a spectacular panoramic view of the city center, it can be worth it.

While Terasa U Prince offers a wide variety of pastas, main dishes and desserts ranging from Czech to French to Italian origin, the food can be not quite as impressive as the view. Even so, this can be a great place to enjoy a romantic restaurant experience and watch the sunset.

In the end, you’re paying for the view more than the food – so if you’re looking for a good view right smack in the center, this is the best restaurant in Prague for you!

Mr. Hotdog – Best Hotdogs and Hipster Atmosphere in Prague

Mr Hotdog in Prague

Mr. Hotdog is easily one of the most unique and one of the best restaurants in Prague. Located just off the beaten path in Prague 7 at Kamenická 24, Mr. Hotdog is worth the trip and is an expat favorite.

The menu is teeming with American classics – a wide variety of specialty hot dogs, sliders, onion rings, and fries. If you’re feeling adventurous and extra hungry, we’d recommend the Dumpster Fries. As for the drinks, Mr. Hotdog only carries the delicious, local Vinohradská beer and sometimes a seasonal rotating tap – last time we were there it was a hoppy milkshake IPA – but they also offer a variety of margaritas and homemade lemonades.

Be sure to show up with an empty stomach because you will want to try everything on the menu!

Paprika – Best Hummus and Falafel in Prague

Paprika - best hummus in Prague

Located in the Vinohrady neighborhood at Rumunská 8/16 in Prague 2, Paprika Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar has a wide selection of options from build-your-own sandwiches to hummus tapas to combos to share, all for reasonable prices for such a trendy place to eat in Prague.

Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly with most of their ingredients imported from Israel, this cozy bistro offers a truly authentic dining experience. Combine that with the seating arrangement: 10 spaces consisting of long tables where customers can share their meals with the friendly strangers already seated, and you’ll feel right at home. Just beware – with such a small space available for dine-in customers, it’s better to make reservations first or get takeaway and head to the nearby Náměstí I. P. Pavlova to enjoy it outdoors on a sunny day!

The Tavern – Best Burgers & Expat Vibe in Prague

The Tavern Restaurant in Prague

Another popular expat hangout right next to Riegrovy Sady at Chopinova 1521/26 in Prague 2, The Tavern’s specialty is burgers.

With friendly English-speaking staff and high-quality meat (and a nice selection of vegetarian patties, for those who so choose) this place is always packed, so be sure to make a reservation. They also offer a variety of modern cocktails and some specialty Czech beer.

Pro tip: if you order fries, you’ll also want to order their “Tav sauce” – their homemade dipping sauce that is to die for. While the menu can be a bit pricier than your traditional Czech pub, it’s so worth it.

If you’re in town and craving a burger and expat vibes, The Tavern is the best restaurant in Prague for you!

The Tavern also has an awesome sister restaurant called U Kerelu just a few blocks away that serves up even more amazing American food and awesome vibes.

Eska Restaurant & Bakery

Grilled Cabbage at Eska Restaurant in Prague

Eska Restaurant & Bakery is located off the beaten path in one of Prague’s up-and-coming neighborhoods – Karlín.

At Pernerova 49 in Prague 8, you’ll find this modern restaurant and bakery teeming with people, especially during the evening. They provide a truly extraordinary dining experience – they serve brunch on weekends, lunch, and a dinner menu that is subject to change based on what they bring in from the markets each day. The bakery also offers fresh bread along with coffee and pastries.

The star of the show here, though, is the degustation dinner. Served after 5:30 pm, this dinner is different every day and is based on the fresh ingredients they have available. This eight-course tasting meal also comes with beverage pairings – usually wine or a cocktail.

With delectable dishes and an unbeatable dining experience, Eska is one of the best restaurants in Prague for fine dining. Just be sure to reserve your place at the dinner table!

Lokal – Czech Classic Dishes & Beer in Prague

Steak Tartar Lokal Restaurant in Prague

With 5 locations scattered all across Prague and even a location each in Plzen and Brno, any location of the Lokal restaurant chain you choose is one of the best restaurants in Prague.

Their beer is crisp and straight from the tank, while their dishes are homemade from fresh ingredients sourced from regional suppliers. In other words, a meal at any Lokal location is as fresh as you can get in Prague.

Their menu can change based on the ingredients they have available, but don’t fret – it’s hard to go wrong with any classic Czech dish here. And for such good quality, it is very well-priced – you won’t find a meal over 355 Kč.

If you’re staying in the center, the best location to visit will be at Dlouhá 33 in Prague 1. This is truly one of the best places to eat in Prague, so make a reservation and enjoy!

Pastva – Best Vegan Restaurant in Prague

Pastva Vegan Restaurant in Prague

Vegan travelers might think it’s difficult to find vegan food in Prague, what with all the fried cheese and goulash hype. But never fear because Pastva is here!

Located at Nádražní 54/102 in Prague 5, Pastva’s menu is all vegan with choices ranging from burgers to ramen to lasagna and even “bacon” fries. This modern restaurant and cafe also serves a wide selection of coffee, wine, beer, and cider along with an ever-changing assortment of delightful vegan desserts.

Even if you’re not vegan and you’re just looking for a delicious, healthier meal, Pastva is the place for you!

Want more options? Click here for the best vegan food in Prague.

Satsang – Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Prague

Satsang Vegetarian Restaurant in Prague

For all you vegetarians out there, Satsang is located in Prague 10 at Krymská 24.

Everything here is vegetarian and they even include loads of vegan options. Open for dinner every day and for brunch Friday through Sunday, they boast a long and varied menu, so you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

Satsang uses only locally sourced ingredients, so you’ll always know your food is as fresh as can be. For dinner, you’ll be able to choose from pad thai, two different curries, fresh pasta and other seasonal favorites.

As for beverages, many customers are sold by their bottomless mimosa or bottomless coffee options at brunch. They also offer a wide variety of coffees, homemade lemonades, authentic wines, and a rotating beer menu that changes each week. The beer is sourced from small local breweries only – so you’ll get to try something new and different. All this makes for a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Field Restaurant – Michelin Star in Prague

Field Michelin Star Restaurant in Prague

If you’re looking for a fancier experience, try the Michelin star restaurant Field which is located at U Milosrdných 12 in Prague 1.

You should know that the dress code is smart casual and if you’re traveling with kids, this restaurant is not suited for children under 6 years old.

For the full experience, you’ll want to check out the ten-course degustation menu and consider combining it with one of the wine or non-alcoholic drink pairing options. If you feel like less of a commitment or you’re here on a weekday, check out their lunch degustation menu or just their à la carte menu.

The chef here is known for being fond of strong flavors and adding distinctive twists to well-known dishes, so if this sounds tempting then be sure to make a reservation. Beware, though – this option is not for the budget traveler, as the ten-course menu goes for 3500 Kč.

La Degustation – Michelin Star in Prague

La Degustation Michelin Star Restaurant in Prague

Another Michelin star restaurant located at Haštalská 18 in Prague 1, La Degustation offers an eight-course degustation tasting menu that changes daily.

They pride themselves on dishes originating from traditional Czech cuisine and consider the seasonal relationships of each of their ingredients when creating their menu. They also offer wine and juice pairings with their menu. At a price that is slightly less than our other Michelin star restaurant the menu 8 course menu (without drink pairings) runs 3450 Kč.

With its upscale, polished atmosphere and creative, exquisite concoctions, this is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Prague. Just a note: they are not open on Mondays and they only accept reservations after 3 pm.

Remember Vietnam – Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Prague

For those of you who don’t know, Prague is home to a large Vietnamese community, so naturally Prague is one of the best cities to find great Vietnamese food! With small Vietnamese restaurants around every corner, it’s hard to know which ones are actually worth visiting.

Remember Vietnam is located at Biskupská 1753/5 in Prague 1 and offers a large menu – 14 pages, to be exact – of authentic Vietnamese dishes, including rice, noodles, all kinds of meat, and a large selection of desserts. They also serve traditional Vietnamese coffee if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up.

Be sure to check out their daily lunch menu, as well, as it’s longer than most lunch menus around and is very well-priced, especially for its location.


Cafefin Restaurant & Cafe in Prague

Cafefin is another great spot for Vietnamese food located at Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 1407/4 in Prague 2, this cozy little coffee shop serves great coffee, wine, some breakfast options, and a few different varieties of the classic Vietnamese sandwich – banh mi.

Their trendy atmosphere and beautiful presentation of the food and beverages make this a must-visit if you’re around JZP square during your visit. After snacking and getting your caffeine fix for the day, head over to the take-out Vietnamese bistro next door: Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan for a heartier meal of pho, spring rolls, and other Vietnamese classics. This might very well be the best Vietnamese in Prague outside of the SAPA Vietnamese market.

With friendly staff and quick service for a good price, these two are favorites of residents of the Jiřího z Poděbrad area.

Alforno Focacceria Italiana – Best Italian Restaurant in Prague

Alforno Foccaceria Italian Restaurant in Prague

For the Italian food lovers, Alforno Focacceria Italiana place is perfect. Located close to the center at Petrské náměstí 4 in Prague 1, this is one of Prague’s more romantic restaurants – a great spot for date night to enjoy some nice pasta and wine. Or, grab a group of friends and tackle a meter-long pizza! And since the pizza is literally a meter long, the topping choices are endless: you can divide the pizza into 4 sections, so everyone’s cravings are satisfied.

The prices reflect the quality of the food and the atmosphere so it’s not necessarily cheap, but it’s good bang for your buck. For authentic Italian dishes, high-quality ingredients, and the rare quiet restaurant experience in the city, this is one of the best places to eat in Prague.

Kuře;dak – Best Fried Chicken in Prague

best fried chicken in prague - best restaurants in prague

Fried chicken lovers, rejoice! There is FINALLY an absolutely amazing fried chicken restaurant in Prague. After years of lusting for great fried chicken we found this hidden gem, just steps from JZP in the trendy and gorgeous Vinohrady neighborhood. 

Kuře;dak is a Korean fried chicken joint, and these guys know exactly how to fry up a chicken. Try the Chili 1/2 fried chicken if you want to know what heaven tastes like. Kuře;dak also serves up a delicious Kim-chi stew to warm you up on those cold grey winter days in Prague. 

We can not over-state the deliciousness of this place, so if you are into tender, juicy, yet crispy fried chicken do yourself a massive favor and head over to Kuře;dak. They are open for lunch, have a nicely priced lunch menu, and serve up their golden delicious fried goodness most days of the year.

The only thing wrong with Kuře;dak? no one seems to know about it. The beautiful old school Czech pub interior sits lonely and mostly empty through out the day, but once word gets out we don’t think these guys will be able to keep up with the volume of orders, because they are going to be absolutely flooded with people lusting for the delicious chicken!

Check out their IG for some more inspiration!

Madame Lyn – Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Prague

One last restaurant in Prague to fulfill your Asian food desires, Madame Lyn, at Šafaříkova 319/18 in Prague 2, was one of the first Vietnamese restaurants to be established in Prague back in 2013.

Serving authentic Vietnamese and Thai food, Madame Lyn’s menu consists of red curries, soups, grill items, wok, special vegetarian dishes, and a number of luscious desserts. They also serve over 20 varieties of wine and during the summer they open a beautiful garden of about 20 seats.

With friendly service and delicious authentic food, Madame Lyn continues to be one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Prague.

So there you have it folks – 19 of the best restaurants in Prague, no matter what kind of food you’re looking for.

If you get a chance to try even just one of these places to eat while you’re in Prague, you’re in for a treat. Hopefully our list has helped you narrow down your search for the gems among the hundreds of choices you’ll encounter on your visit. Choose one and get munching! Dobrá chuť!

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